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If the Elric brothers thought their return home was going to be soon, they were sadly mistaken. What they originally thought was going to be a day or two quickly turned into a week.

In that time they began learning more about the situation they had been thrown into. This world's technology was far more advanced then their own, personal electronic machines that could hold thousands of files of information.

Simple and pure genius. Metal humanoid creations called "robots" that could perform services that would normally be hard if not impossible for humans with the ability to see a living creature's body heat. Incredible, even when they wanted to kill you.

Today in Knothole, there was going to something that would change it forever...

Chapter Three- Half Brother's Resolve

{In the conference hut}

"We need to send someone to investigate!"

"No! We need to Take care of this problem before it takes care of us!"

"You're BOTH wrong! I say-"

Ed huffed. He had been part of this discussion for over an hour, but all the arguments were getting to him...


Everybody stopped arguing to look over at Ed, who had slammed his hand on the table so hard, that it cracked. He took a deep breath.

"Now, Since we are all at a loss about what to do, Maybe we should go back over what exactly the problem is...Princess, would you do the honors?"

Sally nodded and cleared her throat. "As I've said before, we have gotten reports of something large and dangerous living in the Great Forest. Nobody knows exactly what it is, but whatever it is, it seems to vanish when someone spots it. The real mystery, which worries me, is the fact of it's size. Apparently it's easily 1/3 of the size of knothole, so it can't possibly be living in the forest undetected. What we need is for someone to go on a reconnaissance mission to find any clues about it."

"Thank you Sally. Now If I might say something, I am willing to go look around, but I will need someone to help guide me around."

There was some muttering between the Mobians in the room before,"I'll do it!" Everyone looked around to see Tails coming out of his hiding spot.

Sally shook her head,"No Tails, I can't let you do that. It's too dangerous."

"But Aunt Sally! I know the forest better than anybody!"

"Tails, I'm sorry but-" Sally started to say before getting interrupted by Ed.

"It sounds like a good idea to me."

Sally just dropped her jaw,"Edward! You can't possibly think that it would be safe for him! You're chasing after an unknown creature! What if something happened?"

Edward just shrugged in response."The way I see it, he can fly, he's light, he knows his way around, and if I somehow end up getting into trouble, he can get back here faster than anybody else, since Sonic is going to be gone until tonight."

Sally tried to come up with a response to that, but to no avail. She swallowed and gave up." Okay, fine. But he MUST NOT get involved in any dangerous situations. Agreed?"

The Alchemist looked down at the fox. "What do you say Tails? Do you think you can stay out of trouble?"

The Fox beamed at him. "Yeah! Don't worry Aunt Sally, I can do this!" Ed grinned and looked around the room to see what everyone else thought of the plan.

Just from the looks on their faces, it was pretty obvious that just about everybody there was either nervous, scared, or glad that the problem was going to be solved.

Ed grinned. "Okay, it looks like we've got a plan. Now, I'll get on the issue tomorrow morning. I need some time to get everything that I might need."

{Deep in the Great Forest}

"Where the hell am I!" Somebody yelled at the top of their lungs. As it turns out, the voice was coming from a teenaged boy wearing purple shorts an what seemed to be a tube top. However, his attire wasn't the oddest thing about him. He also had green hair that branched out in every direction, slightly reminiscent of a palm tree.

"He continued through the woods, ranting as he went.

"I can't believe this! First, I get sucked into this crazy world by some stupid light. Then I get captured by some egotistical tub of lard and his machines. But when I finally get away, I get lost a friggin Forest! GAAAAH!"

He turned and kicked the nearest tree, falling onto the forest floor. He lied there for a few minutes before he noticed something. The soil was damp. Thoughts ran through his mind.

"It hasn't rained in over a week, so if the dirt is wet... There must be a river nearby!" He got back up and took off at top speed looking for water. However, he didn't realize that with his current path, he was going to end up running into the one person that he had hoped to never see again.

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