The Digital World

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Data scattered across the air, two men were the only ones that remained in the deleting area. Their bodies worn from battle, their armor shattered; becoming data and joining the other particles in the air. Sweat ran down their faces, cutting through the dirt and blood that coated them. Slowly one swayed before falling to the ground his chest heaving. Sky blue eyes shut tight before he opened them raising his shaky hands to remove the mask that concealed his face. Wavy hair fell into those same exhausted eyes. The mask shattered in his grasp the data sparkling in front of his eyes. Weakly he gazed up at the man who was still standing, though it seemed just barely; white feathers billowing in the wind, tearing from his battle worn wings. The man on the ground released a small laugh, blood escaping his mouth in the process.

"That… was one hell of a fight." He remarked raising a black gloved hand to wipe the blood away. "Wouldn't you agree, eh, Licht?"

The standing man, identified as this Licht, released a laugh as he removed the cracked helmet that rested on his head. Like the other mans mask it too shattered into data, Licht raising it to the sky scattering it into the air as if it was some sort of offering. Lips quirked up in a small smirk as he slowly sat besides his partner, looking at the deleting area as he spoke. "One hell of a fight, Fervor, one hell of a fight…"

They drifted into silence. Fervor's eyes slipped shut again as the soft wind blew against them. A soft sigh escaped him as slowly he allowed his eyes to open peering up at Licht. "We really did it… We really managed to do it…"

Licht released a simple 'mmhmm' in response as he looked at the lightening sky. Fervor gazed at him before licking dry lips turning his gaze too to the sky as he softly continued. "We really did win. That virus… We really managed to defeat him."

"The Digital World's safe now."

"Think… All those kids…"

"Yes, I'm sure their okay…" Licht replied softly allowing his eyes to drift shut, another small laugh escaping him. "My hands are shaking so much. I can barely hold the controller…"

"Same. My hands are so slippery from the sweat. I can't believe we actually managed to pull off a win." They laughed together. Their laughter seeming to brighten to battle worn land they rested in. A fox-like grin formed across Fervor's face as he peered at his comrade before down at himself. "Looks like it's the end for us though."

"It looks that way," Licht agreed smiling almost bitter-sweetly opening his eyes to gaze at his comrade before himself as well. His body slowly becoming fragments of data, just like Fervor. Starting at their feet and spreading upwards. "Looks like we're being deleted along with everything else. The worlds recreating itself; the Sovereigns doing no doubt…"

Fervor nodded resting a gloved hand on his forehead, green eyes shutting again. "Mmhmm… But in the end it was worth it. After all… If we hadn't beaten that creep…"

"Those kids would've stayed in those comas. The Digital World would have been destroyed or something. And a lot more horrible things would've happened." Licht completed gazing down at his hands sadly. "I guess… This is it for these guys. For Fervor of the Rising Sun and Licht of the Rising Moon."

"Heroes of The Digital World. Got a nice ring to it," Fervor commented grinning as he opened his eyes, peeking up at his friend. "Oi, Licht… Let's make a promise…"

"A promise?"

"Yeah… That once they fix this game up, after the Sovereigns let them that is... When the company releases it again… You and me, we'll meet up again. We'll find each other, what d'you think buddy? Sound like a promise?"

Licht was silent for a moment. As if considering the words. A grin however worked its way across his face as he raised his arm. His fingers curling into a fist, Fervor mimicking it. Their bodies were nearly gone. Fading away into the world around them…

"Yeah… It's a promise." They bumped fists, both grinning at each other as the last of their bodies disintegrated. Leaving nothing behind but specks of data in a broken battlefield…


The Digital World, a virtual-reality MMORPG that swept across the world. Two years ago it had been the cause of controversy. Children had been collapsing while playing it, some slipping into comas. Many stated (upon regaining consciousness) the last thing they remember was being attacked by a vicious angel…

The company that created the game, Gennai Inc., had claimed no responsibilities to any of the incidents. Many doubted they were even looking into the matter. Two years ago, after some incident within the game, production simply ceased. The game for those who had already owned it was shut down. Gennai Inc. claimed it was for revisions…

A year and a half later they re-released The Digital World, requiring everyone to begin again. 'A clean state' one of the reps called it. Since then its popularity had seemed to increase. The incidents of from nearly two years ago seemed to have added to people's curiosity to own the game…

Everyone seemed to play the game now. Everyone seemed to talk about it…

Except him.

He didn't understand games. He had never actually liked video games even as a child. He just could not see the point in them. Why play a game indoors when you could do something productive outside? In the real world? He just could not fathom the appeal of The Digital World

Which was why he was terribly perplexed when he saw a box labeled 'The Digital World' sitting in front of him. He stared at it before looking up at the blonde girl with the Cheshire-cat grin that stood to the side of him before back at the box. Slowly he picked it up, examining it with scrutiny before looking at his blonde friend again. "Why?"

"Because it's a really fun game!"

"I hate video games." He stated simply setting the box down before leaning back in his seat. "It's all fake anyways. What's the attraction?"

His blonde friend paused for a moment, her grin fading to an annoyed frown. He couldn't help but smirk seeing he may have stumped her. She crossed her arms over her chest her eyebrows knitted together. Suddenly her eyes lit up as she uncrossed her arms clapping her hands together. He jumped a good inch up in surprise.

"Think of it this way," the Cheshire-like grin had returned as she sat on the edge of his desk right besides the games box. "This way we have a way to talk to each other while I'm in Italy. And it won't have any long distance charges."

"I can't afford to pay the fees required for the game…" He countered but the grin did not falter.

"It's a birthday gift! I'm paying for it!"

"My birthday's not for a couple of months…" He attempted suddenly feeling like the world was closing in on him…

"It's an early birthday gift." She had thought of every loop hole…

"But Izumi… I hate games." Maybe the truth could work!

"Please? Try it for me?" Her lower lip stuck out, her eyes widening looking almost tearful. The puppy-dog look… He could never resist that. Groaning he threw his arms up into the air.

"Okay! I give! I'll try it!" She released a happy shout flinging her arms around his neck in a strange sort of hug. His face turned bright red as he yelped. The momentum of her hug tipping his chair over sending the two crashing to the ground, but the girl continued to hug him grinning and laughing. Scowling he poked her forehead, causing her to look up at him though her chin remained resting against his chest. He did his best to fight back the light blush on his face. "I'll try it. But if I don't like it, I'm going to return it. Got it?"

"Oh Kouichi, you'll love it," Izumi giggled hugging him again. "This is great! We can go on all sorts of adventures together!"

"Fake adventures," Kouichi reminded her though a small smile began to pull at the corners of his scowl. He sat up forcing her to get up as well. Sighing again he ran a hand threw his messy black hair his eyes gazing at the box that now sat above them. "Is it hard to play?"

Izumi made a thoughtful noise as she held her chin. Her legs tucked beneath her as she sat besides him. "Well… It's a bit tricky but once you get the hang of things its real easy!"

Sighing again Kouichi rubbed the back of his neck before rising to his feet. He had always been bad with technology. He could barely get his computer to work half the time. If this game was 'tricky' for other people it was going to be nearly impossible for him. But still… It meant a lot for her that he would at least attempt it. Plus not having to pay for it or for long distance bills to talk to her was a bonus. Blue eyes glanced down at her before he offered her his hand. She took it smiling happily still as he helped her stand up. "Okay, help me set it up."

It took nearly an hour to set up the game properly. Most of that was because of his mess ups. In the end Izumi had told him to sit in the corner and not touch anything while she finished. When she finally finished she called him over and informed him to sit down. The screen for The Digital World was on his computer screen. He took note of the two controllers that were hooked up, as well as two visor-like helmets. He tilted his head to one side before looking at her a bit perplexed. She giggled again tucking locks of her long blonde hair behind her ear. "What? I'm not letting you start off alone. These are the last things left for me to pack."

"So you're going to play the game with me..?"

"Yes dummy, honestly I thought you were on the Honor Roll." She giggled again as he scowled punching her lightly in the arm for the comment. The grin didn't fade as she looked at him. Her smile was contagious; he couldn't help but smile now as well. "I'll help you get set up and everything. Now put your visor on and pick up the controller."

He looked at her before sighing as he complied picking the headpiece up and slipping it on. A sudden whirling noise entered his ears. His eyes widened as the tinted room vanished a new image replacing his line of vision. Panicking he raised his hands to remove the helmet but felt two hands take hold of his wrists.

"Relax," Izumi's voice cut through the whirling. "It's just a game. Seriously chill…"

That was right. The game. Shaking his head he looked around. He was in a dark area, the only light seeming to come of his own body. Nervously he shifted trying to figure out what to do. As if on cue a women's voice echoed around him.

"What is your name?"

"My name… er its Kou-"

"She means what do you want your user name to be." Izumi jumped in quickly. Kouichi released a small 'ooo' before tilting his head to the side; the blondes' voice echoing in the dark area again. "What's wrong?"

"I donno what my user name should be… Izumi what should it be?"

"Its your choice Kouichi. Just don't pick one that's going to annoy you. Like… 'IAMTHEFLAMINGWAFFLEMONSTER'."

"… I donno that sounds kind of cool…"

"Kouichi!" A sharp pain emitted from his shoulder. Cringing he rubbed it, she had hit him… Hit him outside of the game…

He was already getting sucked into it…

Shaking his head again he thought for a moment before reaching out typing as if at a keyboard. The keys appeared below his fingers as he pressed them. He entered the name silently the women's booming voice echoing.

"So you're name is Lowe?"

He nodded as if the women could see him. Lowe… That was how he was to be known in this world. In this game. Smiling contently to himself he stretched the women's voice sounding again.

"What is your class?"

"My… class…? Izumi?"

A sigh echoed in the air before he heard his blonde friends' voice. "Classes are essentially like what your job will be in the game… Like… Your skills… Here hold on!"

Screens appeared around him. He jumped slightly though he knew they were images Izumi had pulled up on the computer. Still it was something frightening to him. Everything was so different in The Digital World

Idly he browsed through the screens tapping ones that sounded interesting and pushing away those that sounded boring. All had there pros as well as there cons. Frowning he tilted his head to the side again as he tapped at the screens. One caught his eye as he read through it:

Lancer- A warrior who fights with spears, staffs and other weapons of that nature. They have an average stats and speed. Lancers are skilled at magic at an above average level.

"Oi… Izumi, what's your class?"

"Me? I'm a sorcerer!"

He looked up before searching through the screens before finding what he was looking for.

Sorcerer – A higher-rank of the mage class. They are weak when it comes to attacks and defense. However, they do have the highest power when it comes to magic.

"So… Were you a mage in the beginning?"

"Yup. It really takes a lot to meet all the requirements in order to upgrade your class. So there aren't a lot of sorcerers in the game… But its okay, cause I'm mostly mistaken for a mage anyways!"

"Can all classes be leveled up…?"

"Some. It's a new addition to the game. So really only mage has been expanded along with a couple others; but I'm sure all the rest of the classes will be extended in the end."

Kouichi nodded silently before looking back at the Lancer class. Silently he reached out selecting it. The women's voice once again sounding.

"So you are a Lancer." Kouichi nodded simply wondering how many more questions she was going to ask. But instead the darkness began to fade away. His eyes widened as he looked around in confusion. The women's voice sounding one last time. "Welcome Lancer Lowe to The Digital World."

His eyes widened as the darkness faded away. He stood in a town with other people roaming around. His eyes darted from one place to another in shock at the realism to it. It was like… He was actually in a different world.

… So that was the appeal of the game…

"'Scuse me!" He turned his head before yelping nearly getting barreled over as another player ran by him, turning his head back shouting over his shoulder at Kouichi. "Sorry buddy!"

Kouichi blinked though he couldn't help but appreciate the sense of politeness. Though he was confused as to the hurry…

"Probably off to some dungeon. Some players get real excited about it or they wanna get to the Digi'Port before they forget the keywords." A familiar voice sounded behind him with a giggle. Kouichi spun around happy to hear such a familiar voice; but his jaw nearly dropped causing the girl in front of him to tilt her head. "What..?"

"Wh-What are you… You're nearly naked!"

"I'm clothed…" She blinked again looking down at herself. Kouichi wanted so badly but to disagree with her. Her hair was a lavender color up in a ponytail, two thick strands hanging in her face. A visor shielded her eyes from view four teal colored triangle markings on the corners of her face, two on her cheeks and two on the far edges of her forehead. Her outfit to him was far too revealing for his liking and he could feel his face heat up as he averted his eyes. The outfit was a lavender color as well, though more in the direction of pink to him. To him it was nothing more then a bra and short, short pants that clung to her. A belt of the matching color wrapped around her stomach and two more belts ran down from the 'bra' connecting it to the shorts and the shorts to her knee high matching boots. Her hands were gloved two crystals embedded into the back of the gloves, fairy wings sprouting out of the characters back. Her head remained tilted to the side her hands on her hips as she looked at him irritable. "What's wrong!? I like this costume Kouichi!"

"I-I'm afraid if I look you'll slap me…"

"I'll slap you if you keep acting like an idiot," the fairy stated with, he was sure, a glare.

"I-I thought you were a sorcerer. Shouldn't sorcerers wear… Y'know… More clothes…?"

"I am a sorcerer. I picked this outfit out myself," she stated smirking slightly. "After all Kaze here is like my alter ego. I can get away with this outfit here, but in real life my dad would so kill me."


"Its my user name." Izumi replied laughing again as she stretched. "Just like your username is Lowe, Kouichi. Get it?"

"… Kind of… So should I call you Kaze now?"

"You can if you want. I don't mind either way." She smiled still before tilting her head to the side giggling again. He blinked slightly before slowly realizing what must be funny…

"… Do I look stupid..?" She shook her head taking his hand. They walked a little ways, Izumi leading him until they stopped at a river. She pointed to the reflection Kouichi's eyes widening in response. He stared at the reflection in the water before raising a hand to his face. He wore a black mask that covered his mouth and nose. His eyes were a crimson color. Side-swept blonde hair fell into them, flaring out. The mask led into a sleeveless, tight black shirt that seemed to decide to stop just above his stomach… He wore black pants with belts wrapped around just above his knee and scuffed shoes. More and more heat rose to his face as he turned to look at Izumi who was, once again, giggling.

"Izumi I look ridiculous!" She continued to giggle covering her mouth with her hand as she shook her head.

"Calm down, calm down. It's just the default outfit for new Lancers. It's the items they start out with. You just need some items to touch it up! I'd offer you items, but I just have girls' items. I'll message one of my friends though to see if he has any items he can do without okay? Or we can see what the shops have." He grumbled slightly crossing his arms over his chest with an indignant 'hmph'. Izumi smiled a little taking his hand again pulling him down the street as they walked. He still felt red in the face looking around… Though no one else seemed to be looking at him. As they continued he felt more at ease looking at the other players and the area he was in.

There were several buildings. Some with users crowded inside them. Others were empty. Shop were set up, the strange creatures that ran them calling out sales. He blinked at that as they passed them before he looked around at the creatures that roamed the streets. He tugged at Izumi's hand drawing her attention to them. She seemed to understand the voiceless question, brushing one of the strands back with her free hand. "They're the NPC's in this game. They're called Digimon. Short for Digital Monsters. They run the shops and junk, and if you want you can raise them. But you also fight the bad ones…"

Kouichi nodded quietly as they continued to walk his eyes wide in awe. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Izumi looking at him a happy smile on her face as she nudged him in the side with her elbow. "So you like?"

"It's okay… For a game…" He mumbled though knew she knew that he was indeed amazed. He had to admit. There was this distinct attraction to The Digital World. He couldn't understand it still… But he was starting to see it himself. Smiling to himself he kept his hold on Izumi's hand no longer embarrassed by his newbish clothing. He felt her give his hand a gentle squeeze as they wandered down the busy town, Kouichi looking around still.

"This is File Island. It's not really an island, but it's what the server's name is. It's one of the towns users come to stock up on supplies for battles and just hang out." She pointed now to another area with users disappearing and reappearing in flashes of data. A large glowing sphere floated above the special area, golden rings circling around it. "That's a Digi'Port. It's how you get to all the battlefields, dungeons, and junk. You need keywords to get to them, of course. But that's mostly how you get around."

Kouichi nodded taking in the information. Smiling still Izumi stopped beneath the glow-ball. A side ways '3' like smile suddenly appearing. It caused Kouichi to suddenly feel very uneasy… "Why not try a field? I promise we'll go someplace really easy! What d'you say?"

"I guess…" She released his hand jumping up and shouting out of happiness. Kouichi rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. "But Izumi, I don't even have a weapon."

"Sure you do, you just have to equip it silly."

"Oh… How do I do that..?"

"Press the start button. Go to 'My Inventory'. Go to the weapon section. You'll have a starter weapon. Press that and then equip." He did as he was told and a screen appeared in front of him. His eyes widened as a staff materialized in front of him. He took it hesitantly tilting his head to the side. It was just a simple bo-staff. But he thought… "You'll have to buy upgraded weapons. We'll buy you a spear if you want later."

He nodded again looking at her tilting his head slightly. "Where're we going then?"

"To an easy field for newbs of course my dear little newbie." He scowled under his mask crossing his arms over his chest again, holding the staff loosely in one hand. She giggled for what felt like the billionth time that day before stopping. A screen appearing in front of her as she looked through the content it held. Nodding to herself it disappeared that same sideways '3' smile appearing. "Alright. This is what you got to do. Raise your staff up in the air while standing under the Digi'Port. Then I want you to say this. 'Digi'Port Open! Field of Light!'"

"… Are you serious..?"

"Yes. Now do it newbie." He stared at her for a moment before sighing softly. After all Izumi did know more about this game then he did. He raised the bo-staff into the air repeating what she had told him. Despite how stupid it made him feel. "Digi'Port Open! Field of Light!"

The area they stood in suddenly twisted. Becoming distorted as it faded away. A blinding light surrounded him, forcing him to shield his eyes with his arms. He felt his body momentarily becoming nothing but pixels before reforming. Slowly he lowered his arms as his eyes widened. They were in a completely new territory. With wide red eyes he looked around. They were in, just like the name stated, a field full of wildfires. It was brightly lit, another thing the name had also stated. The sky was a crystal blue, only the occasional cloud dotting it. He gazed around curiously before turning his head. Izumi appeared besides him, smiling impishly still her fairy wings fluttering as she hovered in the air. "Are you ready my little newbie?"

"When will you stop calling me that?"
"When I get bored of it," she replied with a shrug. Kouichi rolled his eyes again before looking around.

"So… Where're these monsters we're suppose to fight?"

"Let's look for them," she smiled still hovering in the air. Her gloved hand took his as she tugged it. Together they ran through the field. Kouichi continuously looking around in amazement at the realness of it, he still couldn't believe it. He saw Izumi smiling out of the corner of his eye again, and he too smiled at it as they ran through the fields laughing and searching. It seemed like such a peaceful area he couldn't imagine there were really any monsters… digimon… lurking around…

He yelped as suddenly Izumi dived to the ground pulling him down with her. Wincing he rubbed his head turning to ask her what the problem was before feeling his face pale as he saw a monster standing only a yard away. It was a devil-like creature to him. Clothed in tight black leather it seemed, its right hand wrapped up in brown bandages. So this was one of the monsters they were supposed to face? He shook his head gripping the bo-staff with both hands as he turned his head opening his mouth to ask Izumi what to call this thing and their plan of action. But instead he saw his friend shaking her eyebrows near her hairline, her eyes wide as saucers no doubt beneath the visor. She stood slowly moving to stand between the creature and Kouichi whispering softly to herself, though Kouichi easily could hear her. "How..? Devimon's aren't supposed to be in this area… Only rookie-levels are supposed to be here… Something's not right…"

Devimon? So that's what the thing was called. Kouichi stood slowly as well frowning at Izumi's words. "What do you mean its not suppose to be here?"

"It… It's gotta be a glitch… We should get out of here and quick Kouichi…" She was still shaking as she reached out holding his hand. "Look. To warp out of here jus-"

Izumi didn't have a chance to finish as the Devimon shot forward. A cry of surprise escaped Kouichi as Izumi pushed him out of the way of the claw before she shot up into the air kicking the devil in the side of the head. Kouichi stumbled to his feet backing away from the digimon. He tried to think, but he had never even had any experience fighting in the game. Devimon swatted Izumi away like a fly. He shouted out to her as she hit the ground harshly, running to her only to narrowly avoid another swipe of Devimon's claw. He fell back raising his staff to block an attack from Devimon, rolling out of the way of another one. He felt his heart racing as he looked over towards his friend who was still lying motionless. No doubt stunned by the attack. He had to lead the digimon away from her… Or at least until she regained her senses. Then she could get out of there. The only thing he knew now was one simple fact. He had to protect Izumi…

He was hit by the Devimon's claw, it sent him flying through the flowered field. Groaning he tried to get up again but froze as he saw the Devimon looming over him. His life points were low. Another attack was coming. There was no way he could avoid it… He was going too die…

"Breezy Sanctuary!" The attack was halted as a flurry of wind erupted around Kouichi; forming a protective cocoon of sorts. He looked to the side where Izumi was once again in the sky the gems on her gloves glowing. Her eyebrows knitted in concentration as she kept her hands crossed at the wrists. Growling the Devimon swiped at her, Izumi easily avoiding. Helplessly Kouichi watched his friend battle from within the shield she had created to keep him safe. But it was obvious that she couldn't attack as long as the cocoon was active. He gripped the bo-staff looking up at the fairy as she avoided another attack.

"Izumi! Kaze! Whatever! Drop the barrier! At this rate you'll get killed!"

"I'm a stronger level!" She shot back ducking out of the way of another attack. "I can't take this guy on. You have to get out of here! Press the start button and it'll give you the option to warp out of here! Do it! I'll follow!"

Kouichi nodded immediately doing as she instructed. He selected the warp out button but nothing happened. He felt a trickle of sweat run down his face as he looked up at Izumi. Panic gripping his voice. "I can't!"

"What do you mean you can't!?" She screamed turning her head to look at him giving the Devimon the opportunity to nail her. Crying out the fairy-garbed warrior crashed into the ground the wind cocoon vanishing. Kouichi reacted without thinking running forward and swinging his staff at the Devimon. It turned its attention on him, Kouichi ducking and rolling to the side to avoid a blow that created a crater. The sky around them was darkening, distorting. Thunder echoed through the air as Kouichi continued to narrowly avoid attacks.

"Healing Wind!" His life points replenished as Izumi shouted the attack. Kouichi shouted thanks to her before blocking with his staff gritting his teeth as he tried to hold of the digimon.

"Any plans!?"

"None," his friend shouted back as she raised her hands sending another wind-based spell at the Devimon. "We can't warp out, and we're barely doing any damage!"

"So what do we do!?" He jumped out of the way from the attack once again striking with his staff though it barely did a thing.

"Right now run and try not to die!" Her hand grabbed hold of his. Petals flew from their flowers as Izumi's fairy wings flapped propelling the two into the air. Kouichi held onto her hands for dear life glancing back at the Devimon who was hot on pursuit.

"Izumi… I think he's faster!"

"Shut up I know!"

"What are we gonna do!?"

"I told you I don't know!" She snapped swerving to the side to avoid a blast of red light. Panic too gripped her voice, she sounded ready to burst into tears. Kouichi looked back again his heart ramming into his chest.

This was just a game! Just a game! Why was he getting so freaked out!? It wasn't like if they died here they would die in real life…

But… If that was the case, why was he so terrified? Was it because of how real the creature looked? Or how real the attacks felt..?

Red, hot light hit him square in the back. Eyes widening he felt his grip on Izumi's hands break. She screamed his name as he hurtled towards the ground black spots clouding his vision. He saw her flying towards him with an outstretched hand. He reached for it before the world around him faded to black.

This was the end…


He couldn't move. What had happened..? That was right… He had first entered The Digital World, with the encouragement of his best friend Izumi, or Kaze as she was called in the game. She had decided to take him to an easy leveled field in order to help him get the hang of the game. But a digimon named Devimon had been there. It wasn't supposed to be there, but it was regardless. That was right. He hadn't been able to warp out of the area. They had been forced to fight it. He had been hit, he had crashed. That was right… That's what had happened. His head was pounding as he tried to move but found himself unable too still. Everything was so heavy. Was this really it? Had he really been killed? He couldn't believe it. Had Izumi managed to escape? Was she alright? Or had she been killed too?

"Kouichi!? Kouichi can you hear me!?" Izumi… Her voice reached his ears as he finally managed to open his eyes. They were still in the Field of Light. The stormy clouds were gone. He was lying on his back in the field of flowers, Izumi knelt to his side. Tears racing down her face from beneath the visor. He blinked clearing his vision as he tried to sit up, only to be knocked down by her hug. "Oh thank god! You're okay!"

"Wh-What happened? I thought…"

"We were saved," she murmured as she kept him in a tight embrace. Kouichi felt her tears against his shoulder. Sighing softly he raised his arms wrapping them tightly around her, stroking her hair gently.

"I'm okay, I'm okay," he soothed softly. "I'm fine Izumi. See? Besides, remember, its just a game."

"I-I know that," she choked out releasing him finally, tilting her visor to rest on top of her head as she wiped her tears away. Sniffing loudly as she choked back another sob. "Bu-But…"

"I am glad to see you are both unharmed." A gentle voice sounded. Kouichi turned his head suddenly becoming aware of the two new players. One was knelt to his right, the other stood behind the knelt one, keeping a watchful eye. The one who had spoken was female, a smile decorating her face, as opposed to the scowl that was on her male companion's. She was wearing a sleeveless white dress. Her hair was a golden color sweeping to her waist, a star-like crest resting on her forehead. A white glove reached to her elbow on her right arm, while a golden bracelet wrapped around the opposite left wrist. White angelic wings were folded behind her, a quiver full of pure-ivory colored arrows and a feather-like bow sat to her left. Just behind her was the male player. Pale blonde hair neatly swept to his chin, crimson colored eyes narrowed at Kouichi and Izumi. He was wearing white pants and a matching white shirt. Silver chest armor, however, rested over the shirt. Matching armor wrapped around his shins and forearms. Black belts wrapped around his upper legs and arms. His boots looked more like metal-clawed feet, his gloved hand resting on the hilt of one of the two sword hilts that rested on his side… Or at least Kouichi assumed them to be hilts… Despite not seeing any blades attached to them. Blinking Kouichi rubbed his head again looking from Izumi to their two obvious saviors.

"Are you alright?" The women spoke a frown on her face. Kouichi looked at her before giving a simple nod.

"Yeah… What… Happened?"

"Lobo and I were investigating a virus in this area when we saw you and your friend being attacked." The women responded gesturing to the man with her gloved hand. "We quickly stepped in to assist you both."

"Oh… Th-Thank you!" He tried to give a courteous bow, his head giving another painful throb. The women laughed a little covering her mouth with one hand.

"Oh it was no problem. It is our job after all!"

"Thank Hikari." The man snorted with an ice-cold voice. He looked away from them a scowl still on his face. "She was the one who insisted we step in."

"Don't let Lobo attempt to fool you into believing he's heartless." The female, Hikari, responded. The man, Lobo, immediately opened his mouth in annoyance but she continued ignoring him. "He was the one who rushed to catch you… Oh! I never got your name!"
"Oh! I-I'm Kou-"

"This is Lowe," Izumi cut in smiling happily as she returned her visor to rest over her eyes. "And I'm Kaze. Thank you so much for helping us Hikari-san, Lobo-san."

"As Hikari mentioned, it's our job," snorted Lobo as he continued to eye them with sharp crimson eyes. "Why didn't you two get out of here when you realized you stood no chance?"

"We couldn't…"

"What do you mean you 'couldn't'?"

"Just that… I tried at the very start but I couldn't warp out." Kouichi supplied frowning slightly at the interrogation. He felt suddenly like they were being accused of something horrible. The angel-like user raised her gloved hand again turning her head to look at Lobo.

"Now, now, Lobo, no need for an interrogation. Can you both warp out now Lowe-kun? Kaze-chan?"

"Lowe why don't you try? If so I'll meet you in File Island by the Digi'Port. Okay?" Kouichi looked at Izumi with a small frown. He turned his gaze on the two other players before back at Izumi. She continued smiling pleasantly and he knew quite simply that Izumi would not accept no for an answer. He nodded quietly holding his staff as he selected the warp out option. Light blinded his vision the same sensation as before engulfing him. This time he shut his eyes, when he felt himself land he opened them slowly. He was standing in File Island again, right besides the Digi'Port. Blinking he scratched his head looking around again. It really had been some strange glitch…

He waited off to the side of the Digi'Port for Izumi, idly toying with his staff as he shifted anxiously from foot to foot. What was taking her so long? She had said she would follow him. Had those two players held her up? Had that guy, Lobo, accused her of something? Maybe Izumi had been unable of warping out. But that seemed odd seeing as he could easily warp out. Frowning he looked at the glowing sphere. Watching the people warp in and out of File Island. But still no Izumi. He felt more and more anxious with each passing moment as he toyed continuously with the bo-staff.

He shouldn't be nervous. Izumi was probably fine. Besides, she was sitting just next to him. Outside of the game. He had to keep reminding himself, this was all just a game. Just a game. Just a game.

Izumi's character finally appeared, followed by the appearance of the two players from the field. He stepped towards them but stopped watching as Izumi politely bowed saying something that Kouichi couldn't hear. Smiling she turned fluttering over to him. Over her shoulder he saw the Lobo player continue to scowl saying something to the Hikari player. She nodded in response turning to the Digi'Port vanishing shortly there after. Leaving Lobo by himself, his gaze locked on them. Shaking his head he turned to look at Izumi frowning worriedly.

"What took you so long?"

"Sorry, sorry, we were just talking." She smiled sheepishly glancing back at Lobo before him. "Let's log out. That's enough excitement for your first time."

He stared at her quirking an eyebrow up but nodded logging out from The Digital World.


This might be the WEIRDEST fanfic I've ever created in my mind… But I like it sooo much :3 it's the result of my love for .hack being reignited, and my love for digimon. I know it's probably confusing though. I'll try to answer any questions readers ask! Whether it's down here or in the story!

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