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"Am i just a weapon to you?"

All mews attention suddenly snapped to focus on the angry girl, until just then they had been ignoring the girls i-deserve-a-raise argument and had been carrying on with their work, that was until the argument escalated.

"What, so all i am to you is your mutated little weapon? Don't you see me as anything else other than that?" She screamed, red faced to the point it look as though she would burst. "So i'm not even human in your eyes, or even considered a friend? My rights as a human and a worker don't apply here?! Well Ryou?!"

The person in question, who was on the receiving end of this assault, looked shocked, more than shocked, he was frozen on the spot, wide eyed not knowing what to do. The strawberry headed girl in front of him was still raging, her eyes were red but the tears still refused to spill.

All this over a stupid raise, the blonde teen could only stare and listen as she practically ripped into him. Ichigo, the fired up red head, was on a role, so much in fact that it was beginning to tear at her heart. She was scared, the whole day had been going fine until rush hour, all of her friends -with the exception of Mint- had been working non stop through out the whole day. As per usual in Cafe Mew Mew, plates were smashed, cups were cracked and the general clatter of other pieces of cutlery and dish wear could be heard, as the green haired girl Lettuce and her young blonde friend Pudding, would continuously drop plates. Worse still that Zakuro, a famous model working there, would scare half the customers with her attitude and Mint would never work at all, constantly asking for more tea. No, Ichigo had had enough!

That day when they were cleaning up, once again she had gone to her incredibly irritating boss to ask for a raise, and once again she received a big no. She really should have grasped onto the pattern by now, every time she had ever asked for a raise it was always the same answer, why would today be any different?

But as said before, Ichigo had had enough. Enough of the little comments he would make, that stupid smirk and his unbelievable attitude. She had put up long enough with being the only one who ever did any, proper, work and never getting any respect or recognition for it. She had reached her boiling point and she had burst.

"I clean, i wash up, i serve my customers AND Mint's, i clean up the plates that those two," she pointed angrily in the direction of Lettuce and Pudding. "Continuously break. So what if i'm never on time? At least i work, at least i put in the effort, oh and not to mention at the same time i have to fight evil aliens and their stupid chimera! But no, you couldn't seem to possibly care, you know i deserve it, your a slave driver. I'm always tired and always trying my best, but you just don't care!"

The tears that had been threatening to break loose finally cascaded down her flushed cheeks. Ryou didn't know what to do, he was used to seeing her angry, or crying, but he had never seen her like this before.

"You know what?" she cried. "I bet you couldn't last a week without me here, i quit Shirogane Ryou, i quit this stupid job and i couldn't care less how much you object."

Saying that she tore off her apron and fled the building, leaving a stunned audience in her wake. After a long moment of silence Mint turned angrily to her boss.

"What did you do?" she yelled, acting in a way she never usually did. "What did you say to push her over the edge?"

Ryou was still staring stunned at the door that Ichigo had left through, Mint's questions barely registering in his mind.

"Ichigo onee-chan quit? So she's not coming back na no da?" Pudding asked sadly to the older girls.

"Hai Pudding-chan," Lettuce said staring at the floor. "But maybe she'll change her mind."

Keichiiro shook his head sighing, wordlessly he left the room entering the kitchen. What had his young friend done now?

Back in the front of the cafe a sad silence filled the air as the mews wondered just what had gone on. It had turned from an every day argument, to a full blown explosion in a matter of minutes.

"Shirogane-san think over this," Zakuro said, walking by him to the changing rooms. "Ichigo may not be coming back this time."

"Onee-sama's right, what ever you said pushed her too her breaking point," Mint said in a scolding manner, she too walked past him to the changing rooms, although a little more moodily than her idol.

The other two followed them, deciding against saying anything, they left Ryou to his own thoughts as he stared vacantly at the door.

There was of course some functioning parts of his brain, those parts were noticing that he was alone, and remembering what they were just saying, and remembering what had just conspired.

Baka, baka, baka! Who knew one lousy comment would set her off? He thought bitterly. Oh boy this is gonna be something.

Ryou sighed and headed for his room, this was going to be a long and very stressful week. Well he'd have to get the girls to bring her back eventually, so maybe a week wouldn't be that bad.

Baka strawberry, she didn't have to take it so seriously.


The sky was bright, there wasn't a sign in the vast azure sky that the weather would turn bad, on the contrary the day seemed perfect. It was a contrast to the cliché grey skies and rain on a bad day.

Ichigo was coming up to the park, her hair was matted to her face and she was panting heavily, that was she would've been if it wasn't for her choking sobs.

She sat down heavily at the fountain and wiped her eyes furiously. She had endless free days that she could go on dates with her boyfriend, without work taking up her time she could do anything, she shouldn't be crying. But then, why was it cutting her so much, that one stupid comment he made. "H-he's such a jerk," she mumbled into her arm.

Ichigo lifted her head from her arms, slowly putting her legs back down from her chest. She turned, putting her arm to her side as she gazed into the clear water. So what if i'm always late, i work harder than all of them. It's not fair he treats me like that...I'm a human, i have every right to...to...t..

Ichigo slid down onto her side falling asleep on the edge of the fountain. No one noticed her there, no one noticed the small tears running slowly down her cheeks.

"I want a raise," she said folding her arms defiantly.

"No," he told her closing the door. She pushed it open following him out of the kitchen.

"Why not, i work hard, i do my shift and work over hours, and i clean up everyone else's messes," she huffed.

"Keep talking strawberry, i would've thought you'd see the pattern by now," he smirked. "You ask for a raise and i say no."

"Grr Ryou! It's not fair," she growled stomping her foot.

"How old are you? Five?" he asked watching her tantrum. "You're always late and you're always slacking off, why would i pay you more for doing that?"

Ichigo was fuming, you cold practically see the steam coming from her ears. Her eyebrow were almost touching, her hands were clenched into fist and her ears and tail were out.

"I'm always late because i'm fighting aliens all day, then getting worked till i drop! Not to mention i have school to go to and homework," she hissed, tail going on edge. "I barely get any sleep and you think i'm being lazy!? I don't get any rest because of what you put me through."

"Well you are our best weapon against them, you have to fight because the world's at risk," he said flatly. "I'm not going to pay you for doing what you're built for, so stop blaming me for you social problems."

Ichigo froze, her expression one of hurt and disbelief. "Am i just a weapon to you?" She asked, hearing her own voice breaking. I'm not a weapon, i'm a person! A human being you bak-agh!


"Wah! cough," Ichigo sat up shaking her head. "S-s-so c-cold, cough, ugh."

She stood up, ignoring the statue pouring water on top of her head, and groaned loudly. The water was freezing even on this warm day, it tasted strangely salty too, from her tears she realised wiping her eyes.

She got out soaking wet, noting dully she was still in her work uniform. It's ruined, oh well i'm not going to wear it again.

"I should go home and get dry," she said shivering. "That'll teach me to sleep on a fountain...brr."

Ichigo took hold of her dress and rung out as much of the water as she could, she couldn't help but feel miserable as she trudged back home. Her clothes weighed a ton and didn't seem to be drying out any time soon.

"It was hardly ten minutes and i'm already dreaming about it, how annoying," she said, then smiling brightly. "Well seeing Masaya will cheer me up."

She started to run home excitedly, she couldn't wait to tell him the good news. "We'll be able to hang out so much now, this is so great."


"Ichigo sweety! You're soaked," Sakura Momomiya gasped, running and getting her daughter a towel. "What happened?"

"Oh you know, just an accident at a fountain," Ichigo laughed drying off her hair. "I'll go take a shower now, eh heh."

"Be careful next time, oh and hand me your uniform so i can dry and fix it," she said smiling.

"Okay okaasan," Ichigo called from the stairs. It's not like i'll need it though.

Ichigo sighed happily as the warm water ran over her cold body, after this she would be on her way to meet her boyfriend at the train station.

"Maybe this wasn't such a bad day, what was that old saying?" she mused, humming in the shower. "Every cloud has a silver lining, or something."

She put her head up allowing the water to stream across her face and though her hair. Gotta look my best.

Clearing the water from her eyes she looked around the bathroom for her towel. "Eto, where'd i put it? Eh why'd i put it over there!"

Ichigo stared across the room to the towel that was just out of her reach, she sighed and began to step out of the shower, only the world had other plans. Ichigo slipped and fell forward grabbing onto the shower curtain.

The next thing she knew, she was on the floor towel in one hand with the curtain trailing over her head. "Oops, that hurt."

Taking care she stood up pulling the curtain with her, she hooked it back up and shook her head, glad no one was there to witness that. She did recall hearing her mother shout up though and laughed embarrassedly at her self as she pulled round her towel. "Heh heh, have to be more careful."

Ichigo started humming happily as she pulled on her clothes and fixed her hair in the mirror. As usual she had her ribbons on either side of her head holding up her pigtails, she carefully tied the bow at the back of her necklace, the special bell that Masaya had given her, and smiled brightly.

She was wearing a pink and white/grey plaid skirt, with a white vest top displaying a picture of a grey-ish lavender kitten, she also had on a pair of over-the-knee white socks.

Leaving the bathroom she ran down the stairs at a speed, and being the baka she is, tripped and fell the last few steps, landing with a thud.

"Ichi honey, are you alright?" her mother asked worriedly.

"Ah, i'm fine eh heh," she said rubbing the back of her head. "See you later okaasan."

She got up a ran through the door, half hearing her mother shouting out to have fun, as she sped down the pathway to her destination.

"Masaya-kun will be so happy to hear this," Ichigo squealed as turned a corner. Several people looked at her like she was mad as she ran full sprint past them. Ichigo had completely forgotten about a certain jerks comment and was now running giddily down the street leading to the station.

"Ah. Masaya-kun!" she called out, spotting a familiar brown head sitting at the clock. "I'm so sorry i'm late, i have some really great news."

"That sounds interesting, i wanted to talk to you about something too," he said smiling. "I've got an idea, lets go to that area next to the place we saw the red data animal display."

"Oh that place, it's near the cafe right? Yea we can have a picnic on that hill," Ichigo said, recalling the day she was turned into a mew, whether those memories were good or not she hadn't decided.

"Yea where you fell asleep," Masaya laughed, making her blush.

"It wasn't intentional," she mumbled quietly, cursing Ryou in her head.

After a few minutes of talking and traveling, they had made their way to that exact spot, grabbing a snack from a nearby shop on their way. They were now sitting under the tree eating and talking.

"So what was the good news you were going to tell me?" Masaya asked, swallowing the last of his sandwich.

"Well, i quit the cafe nya," she said taking a sip of her drink. "I had it with that jerk saying what ever he likes and picking on me, but at least now we'll be able to hang out more."

"Don't you think that was a little rash, i'm sure it couldn't be that bad," he said, his smiling dropping slightly.

"Mou i thought you'd be happy about this nya," she pouted. "Besides i couldn't stand it any longer, he picks on me so much."

"Well, uhm, you see that's why i wanted to talk to you," he told her, loosing his smile completely.

"What is it Masaya-kun?" Ichigo asked, finishing her lunch.

"Ichigo, i've been thinking a lot and noticing things too, it's uhm...well there's no easy way of saying it," he started, looking up to see her expression. She seemed confused, as usual she didn't understand.

"Ichigo we've been growing apart and well for our own benefit, i think we should take a break," he continued, watching her eyes to see how she took it.

"I...i don't understand," she said, dead panning. She truly didn't though, she had understood a thing.

"We should see other people Ichigo, I-we've been growing apart so i think it's best we separate," Masaya said carefully, his eyes weren't lying, which was what Ichigo had been searching them for as he spoke.

"Masaya-kun, doushite?" she asked in disbelief, her eyes still searching for something, anything to tell her it was joke. "I don't understand, why would you say that?"

"I'm sorry Ichigo," he said standing up.

Ichigo had tears in her eyes and her body was shaking as she took in what he just said. "Doushite? You just took me out, we were having fun...doushite Masaya-kun?"

"A last date," he whispered, not looking at the tears trailing across her cheeks. "I'm breaking up with you Ichigo, things just happened."

"D-demo..." Ichigo started, but her voice gave way to small sobs.

"Gomennasai Ichigo, but you won't be lonely for long," he smiled in an effort to be kind. "There's someone else who likes you and i think you like him too."

Saying that he left walking off away from her. She watched until she could no longer see him before bursting into tears, violent sobs raking her body and making her shake.

She could hear the faint tinkling of the bell around her neck as her body vibrated, taking hold of it she ripped it off and threw it as far away from her as she possibly could, screaming out a sob.

One single question kept resonating through her mind as she cried; Why? That's all she wanted to know, why he did it? Why their relationship hadn't worked? She though it was going perfect, so what went wrong?

Ichigo breathed in deeply, her breath shaky and uneven. Standing up she dusted her self off and started to walk back, she had to get out of there, she couldn't stay in that place any longer.

Wiping her eyes she started to take notice of where her feet were leading; right back to the cafe, the beginning of her troubles. She couldn't go in there now, it was closed and everyone had gone home, there wasn't any friends she could to about this there. She didn't much fancy the idea of talking to that jerk either, so why were her feet still taking her there?

She stopped at the door wondering whether or not to go in. If she went in Ryou might think she had come to ask for her job back -as if- and be all smug about it, but the door might be locked any way so she might as well go back home, besides even if she did go in Ryou would probably tease her for getting dumped.

Sighing miserably she walked back home, her heart shattering again as she left the one place she wanted to go to, not that she new that consciously.

What a fantastic day this had been, she thought bitterly.

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