Spoilers: 3x02: Butterfly Effect

An: So Heroes premiered tonight...this is hardly the place for a rant, so I won't, but I will say this story was my therapy. For Ben, who came up with this idea making me laugh so hard.

The flawless face of his brother shifted as the illusion disappeared, and Nathan pulled away.

"Nathan…I'm from the future."

Before another word was uttered the door opened again and there stood…


"It can't be," future Peter exclaimed.

"Peter? Is that really you?" Nathan asked, his mind still reeling.

"Yes, but I'm from the future," the second Peter replied.

"What? How can you be?" future Peter threw in.

"A more distant future than the one you come from, Peter," number two went on. "I'm here to tell you…your plan was stupid."

Before a reply could be made the door opened again and in walked a fine looking man in black.

Who also happened to be Peter.

"Who the heck are you?!" Both Peter's exclaimed at the newcomer.

"I'm from a few months further in the future than you," he said, motioning toward future Peter numbero dos. "Peter…haven't you learned? Coming back from the future was a bad plan to begin with!"

"You came back from the future to tell him he was stupid for coming back from the future?" Nathan interjected. All three younger Petrelli siblings turned and glared at him.

"I've got a better plan," said Peter three.

Then the door opened again…

A short while later

Nathan sat on his hospital bed missing the blissful peace of pain medication. The loud murmur of too many people talking at once felt like drills going into his temple.

Of course maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that every single one of the people talking were Peter!

"I can't believe you thought it would work," said Peter ten to Peter one.

"At least he didn't try the archery plan," retorted Peter thirteen.

"Oh yes he did, right before YOU tried the dog thing," said Peter twenty-one.

Nathan turned his attention to Peter sixteen who had entered quietly and not made quite the fuss his predecessors had. He was also inexplicably covered in something that smelled faintly like grandma Petrelli's famous pasta salad.

"What happened to you?" the only Nathan questioned.

"Don't ask," that Peter replied with a shudder.

Nathan turned his attention to the white haired man at his side; his very own mental manifestation of his deepest fears in the form of Mr. David Lindermen.

"This is to crazy for me," said the hallucination.