Human Bub and Bob vs Dragon Bub and Bob

A humourous story I wrote about if Bub and Bob (in their dragon forms) and Bub and Bob (in their human forms) are not the same people. But 4 different people.

To save this story from getting confusing, Bub and Bob go by "Bubby" and "Bobby" in their human forms and "Bubblun" and "Bobblun" in their dragon forms. Why they go by different names depending on which form they're in. I don't know.

It was a beautiful day in the rainbow islands. And Bubby and Bobby (human Bub and Bob) were down in Insect Island fishing at the lake. When their peace was about to be shattered.

A raspy voice made the brothers turn round

"Well...well...if it isn't our human forms." Bubblun chuckled.

Bobblun pulled up his middle claw. "See this, Bubby and Bobby? I'm giving you two the finger. That's the way bubble dragons do it where I come from!"

"It's hard to believe that people think we're the same person, like we were ever ugly humans." Bubblun sneered.

"Oh no, it's our mean bubble dragon forms." Bobby groaned "What do you want? Taito along with everybody else ignores us enough as it is."

"I can see why! Your games suck! Rainbow Islands and Parasol stars were terrible games!" Bubblun shouted at them

"Not true!" Bubby replied "They were great classics!"

"Face it!" Bubblun grinned in laughter. "Everybody wants the bubble dragons instead! Bubble dragons are way cuter than little boys, Bubby and Bobby! How many games have you two been in? 3, 4, 5? And the recent Rainbow Islands games for the Nintendo DS and PSP, sucked terribly! And seeing as people believe we're the same two people. You're ruining us! We're destroying you and taking over, how Bubble Bobble was meant to me! Bubble dragons, and no humans whatsoever! Nobody wants you two! Bobblun! Prepare the bubble attack!"

At this Bubby and Bobby pulled out their magic parasols and blocked the bubble dragon's attacks. Bobby then shot a rainbow out of his hand, sending the bubble dragons flying and turning them into fruit.

"We did it!" Bubby cheered high-fiving his brother.

"Now that our bubble dragon forms are gone, Taito has to put our human forms in more games!" Bobby grinned.

"Yeah and you know something! The recent games of our bubble dragon forms sucked too! Not to mention Bust-a-move nowadays is just stale and repetitive!" Bubby replied. "I think Rainbow Islands deserves a remake done right!"

"I think I know how Taito will hire us again. I've been working on a puppy dog eyes look. And Taito always wanted cuteness!"

"Let's go see them about it!"

And that's my story.


Behind the scenes

Update: 18th July 2011, 3 years after this was written. Yeah, I know this isn't a great fanfic. This fanfic actually made it to a Youtube video called "Skie reads a really shitty bubble bobble fanfic." (which as of this update doesn't exist anymore) which didn't bother me so much, because as well as it being written as I was still starting out, it was actually meant to be bad. I basically thought it was a stupid idea, and it would be funny because it was retarded. It came to me because I despised the fact there was so much art for Bubble Bobble on deviantart, but there was nearly no art on the human forms on Bub and Bob. I hated the fact there was nearly no fan art for Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars. (Some of my favourite video games) I like Bubble Bobble too but don't the human forms of Bub and Bob deserve some fan art too? Weren't Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars just as fun too?

Seriously, almost no fan art of the human forms of Bub and Bob? That fucking sucks! Give their human forms more recognition!

Believe it or not there actually exists a game where Bub and Bob as their human and dragon forms exist as four seperate beings. Ever play Pop n pop for playstation 1?