Epilogue: A Burning Ending

I do NOT own Lord of the Flies... This is just an English assignment that I had and my friends told me to add it to this site... enjoy!

Summary: What happened after the Naval Officer arrived? Did the boys go home, or did the savage beasts within the boys take over once again?

The intrepid Naval officer looked upon the boys in misconception; he was not aware of what would happen next. Suddenly, the fractious boys, lead by the incorrigible Jack, lashed out at the officer, knocking him to the sandy-hot earth like a putrid pack of hyenas. Everything became complete chaos as the young boys tackled, hog-tied, and trampled the poor, unsuspecting man. Their brittle hackneyed spears stabbed and penetrated his skin in a heinous way. Everything forgotten—Ralph and the manhunt, rescue, and the burning island behind them, they were unaware when Ralph began to retreat, turning his back on the tribe. He ran.

The toxic forest blazed around him. He had no idea where he could go for safety; death loomed in the distance. All hope of rescue and survival gone, his life transitory. His skin began to crawl when he heard the rancorous cry of the hunters. Once again, he was the gazelle being chased by the pride of starving lions. Running in a blind haze, he tripped over something, stumbling to the ground, his face smashing a hard, round surface. He felt a stabbing pain in his ankle and cried out agonizingly.

Suddenly, vulgar and blood-covered feet appeared in front of his eyes, the angle all-wrong. This is it he thought, my demise. It became deathly quiet as the figure approached. Ralph could practically feel the malice reverberating from the hunter's skin. He slowly rose to his feet, staggering momentarily, only to be fact-to-face with Jack Merridew. The two boys were gripped in a deadlock, neither moving, not even breathing.

Without warning, Jack took a slow and steady step forward, still in his trance of frenzy. Ralph peered into Jack's bewitched eyes. They were pugnacious, hateful, and full of bloodlust. Another step and Ralph continued to remain perfectly still. A low and steady hum loomed from above. As quickly as it begun, the stalemate over, the boys glanced into the blazing sky in bewilderment. The flames and sunshine reflected off of the Ju Stuka Dive Bomber, momentarily blinding them. Just then, something descended from the bomber. Never swaying so much as an inch from its path, the plane continued flying, the stoic pilot keeping his eyes locked ahead. Behind him lay the burning and whirling remains of the island.

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