Listen people, there are like no Tak fics here

Listen people, there are like no Tak fics here. So if mine is bad and you want to read a Tak fic, you only have so many to choose from. I usually don't write stories, so this may not blow your mind but tell me what you think and review!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Tak; otherwise there would be more episodes

It was a sunny day in the Pupununu tribe and Tak was out practicing his magic. Jilbolba had told him to try and summon rain to the village, so with Tak's expertise it was raining frogs. And there's nothing Pupununu people do better then freak out, and they were certainly proving it now.

"TAK!" bellowed the Chief, " please stop the amphibians from pelting our heads so harshly."

"What?" he replied totally confused

"Stop the raining frogs!!"

"Oh, ok" he said as he tried to, but then the frogs just came down harder and the tribe screamed louder. Finally, Jilbolba stepped in and stopped the madness.

"Thank you Jilbolba, any longer and all the preparations would have been ruined, and the work for nothing!!" the chief said, removing a frog from his head.

"Preparations? For what-" but Tak was cut short

'OH! And the guests! We have many important people from tribes all over coming tomorrow!"

"Coming to what?" asked Tak

The chief simply starred at Tak, dumbstruck. Then he burst out laughing.

"You had me for a minute Tak! That's funny, 'coming to what' like you don't know!" by then the chief was hysterical.

"No, really. What's tomorrow?"

"Seriously?" the chief stopped laughing


"Uh-oh. Hey Jilbolba, Tak doesn't know what tomorrow is!!"

Jilbolba came over and started laughing, until he saw he was the only one. Then he looked at Tak.


"Should I?"

At his both the chief and Jilbolba walked away. Obviously if Tak didn't know now, they didn't want to be the one to tell him. They said goodbye and left poor Tak there wondering. Soon he decides to ask around the tribe to try and find out. First, he went to Keeko, he was pretty smart (in his own way) so he might know. Before he could even look, he heard Keeko calling him.

"Hey, tak! Ready for tomorrow? Pretty big night man!"

"Uh…yeah, sure. Uh, Keeko? About tomorrow what if- what if I can't make it?"

"Dude! Not again man, not like last year! You remember what happened when you forgot last year!"

"Oh, yeah. Bad." Okay, so he's forgotten before and apparently it is important.

'Oh, and dude don't forget about the leaves. Without them everything falls apart, man"

"Leaves. Got it." leaves?

"Okay man, see ya!" and with that Keeko toke his leave (no pun intended, well a little bit).

So, he can't tell anyone he doesn't know and if he forgets again, which he did, something bad will happen. Desperate, Tak looked for clues. The decorations looked pretty festive, and the food seemed to be for something very special, but that just convinced him of its importance more. He tried listening to the tribe talk about it, but all he got was that it's supposed to be

The most important one ever, and that everything must go perfect. And according to Zaria, it wasn't about her so she wasn't all that jazzed. WHAT COULD IT BE?

Cliffhanger! Right? Gets better, trust me. If you want to find out what it is, review and I'll tell ya! It will be good once I update. If you have any ideas you want me to put in, tell me cuz ideas are loved but are second only to reviews. Hope you liked it!!