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01 -- the trouble with funerals

The funeral was a more lavish affair than he thought necessary for the old geezer; half the people who were there apparently shocked and grief stricken about his death he never once recalled seeing, and he was the guys adopted son (as much as he hated to admit it). He'd been with the old army general since he was old enough to threaten the man for calling him by his first name, and most of these people were strangers or vague acquaintances. Tch. They were probably only here for the free food. He brushed past a couple of weeping women and sniffling old men and sneered as he took his seat in the very front of the gathering.

No, Kanda Yuu did not approve of the funeral arranged for his foster father.

Marie, his 'foster-brother' had taken over the planning after he discovered Kanda was content to have the body cremated in their own backyard.

"That's no way to treat a general's funeral, Kanda!" he had said, shaking his head, "He's going to get a proper army service from the Black Order division."

"He's dead now, it's not like it matters," Kanda had retorted, "I don't see the point in wasting time planning out something as stupid as a funeral."

Marie gave up on convincing Kanda of the significance of a proper funeral after more than one lost argument.

"Just promise you'll come, okay?"

"Tch. Whatever."

And so here Kanda sat, to placate Marie more than anything. He didn't care about the huge procession or the musicians or any of that shit.

That's not what the old geezer was about.

The day Tiedoll had died, Kanda was not surprised or heartbroken or pained. The general had been in poor health for a while, so the death had been expected (he was probably better off now; sitting in heaven gave him a better view of the world he so loved to paint). Kanda had accepted the news, gone to his room for a while and then came out perfectly composed.

Tch…that guy wouldn't have wanted all this sniveling.

God knew there were more than enough tears at this stupid event to make up for Kanda's lacking and more. A nearby teary sneeze brought Kanda back to the present, and set off a vein pulsing in his forehead. Why was he here again?

The angry nineteen year old crossed his arms and gritted his teeth, pointedly looking away from the crowd of mourning people. He seethed quietly, setting his trademark Glare on anyone who dared approach to query about his emotional health.

Thankfully, Marie was a better host, and people flocked to him as he consoled and explained and did whatever else it was families did at funerals.

Kanda rested his neck on the back of the chair and closed his eyes. Everything was serene for a few moments as he drowned out the disgusting noises. Thank god the general had taught him to meditate.

Stupid old man. You better be appreciating this.

Yes, for a while, everything was better than 'horrible', and Kanda was almost, somewhat, maybe just a little, soothed.

The chair beside him squeaked as someone took a seat, and Kanda twitched and cracked open an eye to glare at the person who had deemed themselves brave enough to come near him.

He didn't recognize the boy as being one of the guests; he would have definitely remembered this face.

The boy had shocking white-blonde hair, but it was so silvery in hue that if not for his soft, young features he would have looked like an old man. He had large gray eyes that displayed a mixture of pity and uneasiness, and even though it was the middle of summer, he wore a long white collared shirt and white gloves. The only thing marring his pretty face was a pale pink scar that ran down his left eye and cheek.

"Who the hell are you?"

To his credit the boy didn't blink at Kanda's rudeness, instead he smiled and replied:

"Hello Kanda-san, I'm Allen Walker, from the-" here the boy twitched visibly, "Black Order Division of the Officers Wives Club," he turned an interesting shade of red and the smile pasted on his face threatened to slip off.

Kanda blinked. Then smirked.

"…you're a girl?" The smirk widened ever so slightly as Allen started spazzing.

"N-No!" the supposed boy flailed his arms wildly, "No, ah, it's a long story. I'm filling in for a friend," he explained, darkening a shade or two.

"Whatever. Why the hell are you here? If it's about the funeral go talk to that bald guy over there-"

"Ah, actually, Kanda-san, Marie-san wanted me to talk to you."

"About what? He planned all of this. I don't know anything," Kanda hissed, annoyed at this interruption that was taking far too long for his liking. Allen sighed.

"I guess you don't know what the Officers Wives Club is, do you?" at Kanda's glare he continued, "It's also been called the Order Ladies. It's a group formed by the women who have lost friends or family in the war… kind of like a support group. They – we – come to funerals and help console the family."

Kanda's eyes narrowed. "Does it look like I need consoling?" he said through clenched teeth. What the hell was Marie thinking?!

"No," Allen admitted, "but Marie said that he was a bit worried about you anyway. So, I'm here to talk. How're you feeling?"

"Fantastic. How would you feel if you were dragged to an over elaborate funeral for your dead teacher?" he drawled, staring at the hole where the coffin would be placed shortly.

"Point taken. Wait, teacher? Wasn't he your…father?" Allen asked, looking from the note card in his hand to Kanda.

"Tch. Something like that. What does it matter now?"

"It matters, Kanda-san! Talking about how you feel helps get over things like this-"

"I'm already damn well over it!" Kanda yelled, a little louder than intended, "I don't need your fucking pity or emotional support! The old geezer died; so what?"

Allen didn't say anything after that. Kanda could feel the stares of a few people in the back of his skull, but he fixated his glare on Allen.

Go away. Go away. Go away.

The boy had a strange look on his face, one that Kanda decided he didn't like. Those gray eyes looked like they could see straight through him and read him like an open book. They flickered with understanding for a moment, before Allen reached over and placed a card in Kanda's hand.

"When you're ready," was all Allen said before leaving.

Kanda glared at the boy's back until he was out of sight, and then glared at the card in his hand.

Officers Wives Club –

Black Order Division

'The Order Ladies'

There was a name that had been scratched out, and a messy Allen Walker written above it, along with a phone number written in the same scrawl.


Later, Kanda would wonder why he didn't throw the stupid card out then and there, but there was something about Allen Walker…

…something decidedly…

annoying about him that made Kanda crumple the card up and shove it in his pocket.