It had been the second time I betrayed them. I was obsessed and I knew it, but why? Why did he have such control over me? Why did I want to capture him and just hide him away?

Maybe it was because he had such control, how he could manipulate me, harm me in ways no one else could. Not Starfire, not Beast Boy, not Raven or Cyborg. No, just you Slade.

The others were my friends. But you, that masked man, had a tight hold on me. You were strangling me with your power. Again, I was at your feet. But it was different from the other times.

You had me struggling for air, and I was afraid of what you could do. You changed me. I'd never be who I was before.

You always had me in his hold.

"Robin, Robin, Robin." He spoke. His voice was like wet silk. It was smooth, but at the same time, uncomfortable against the skin. "You will never learn, will you?" He asked, his black and gray mask glinting in the dim lighting of the warehouse. Something was off. Robin knew it. He could feel it. "You will always be a toy to me, Robin. And now, I will prove to you that you will never escape me."

Robin, leader of the Teen Titans, stood before his worst enemy. Slade. The very name made the teen's blood boil. He wanted to prove he could beat the villain. The raven-haired teen slid into a fighting stance, ready to attack. "I don't belong to you, Slade!" Robin cried out, letting out a battle cry as he charged. Slade sidestepped a punch before grabbing Robin's wrist. He held tightly onto it, threatening to snap it. Slade threw a merciless punch of his own, his metal gloved hand connecting with Robin's face. A trail of blood followed after Robin as he stumbled backwards. Robin wiped the blood from his bleeding lip, glaring from behind his mask.

"Raaaah!" Robin hollered, not missing a step as he shot at Slade. The man was not perturbed by the smaller teen's strikes. He dodged easily, infuriating Robin. "Is this all you have, Robin?" Slade taunted, backhanding the teen away. "Hit me!" Slade ordered, egging Robin on. Like always, Robin shot at Slade blindly. Robin was not a bad leader; on the contrary, he was excellent. Robin could make strategies at the drop of a hat. But when it came to Slade, his strategies, his common sense, disappeared. Robin's only goal was to defeat the man, meaning his mind could not hold room for thinking straight.

Robin landed a kick, though it did little good. Slade slid only a few inches as he road the kick out. He grabbed Robin's leg before smashing the teen into the cement floor. There was a loud crack, sending Robin into instant agony. He cried out as blood poured from his skull. Slade let go of Robin's leg, knowing the teen was not going to get up so easily after that. The masked leader winced, his eyes closed tightly as he held the back of his head, trying to stop the blood from seeping out. Slade made his approach, slowly walking towards Robin.

Slade always won. He always beat me. And yet, I came back for more. I always wanted to see him, even if it was out of hate.

Slade took hold of Robin by the front of his vibrant red-colored costume, lifting the boy off the ground. "Sad, isn't it, Robin? All your training, all your weapons...mean nothing," Slade said, making it seem so simple. "You can't fight it, can you, Robin? You know that I will always win, not matter what you do," Slade chuckled. Robin managed a glare. Slade dropped him to the floor in a heap. Robin inwardly sighed. He knew how Slade acted. No matter how many times Slade pummeled him, Robin was left alive to fight another day. Slade used him as entertainment.

His semi-relaxed feeling ebbed away when he saw that Slade hadn't left; on the contrary, Slade was hovering over him, watching him. Slade kneeled down next to Robin, placing his hand on the side of Robin's face and taking a hold of the edge of Robin's mask. The teen's eyes widened. He shot his hands to the mask, holding it on. He could not let Slade know who he was. It put everyone he knew as "Richard" in danger.

Slade gave the mask a yank, managing to peel it off. Robin instantly covered his face, not allowing Slade to see. It was the first time he'd had his mask off in front of an enemy. He had never even shown his team his face before. It couldn't have been worse timing when he heard his communicator. "Robin! Dude, where are you?!" Beast Boy's voice sounded from the communicator. Slade smirked, taking it from Robin's belt. Continuing to smirk behind his mask, he opened it. "Come and find him," Slade spoke.

"Slade?!" Beast Boy's scream came from the communicator. "If you dare hurt Robin, I--," Starfire was cut off mid-rant as Slade closed the communicator. Robin cursed bitterly to himself. They were going to get involved. "Now, I think we should get started, right, Robin?" Slade asked darkly. Robin did not like the sound of Slade's voice. He couldn't place it, but it sent chills down his spine.

Slade took out a knife. Robin felt his breath hitch in his throat. Was this really it? Was it the time Slade finally ended their battles, leaving Robin dead? Slade gripped the collar of Robin's costume. Robin closed his eyes, already feeling his neck being slit. But that wasn't what happened. Though, upon realizing it, he would have preferred dying. Slade was cutting away his clothing.

And yet, when you touched me, when you felt me, I wasn't afraid. When you hurt me, I didn't cry; I felt alive.

At that moment, despite his blood loss, Robin was thinking very clearly. He went through his thoughts, slowly picking apart everything that had happened in the last few minutes. His mind came to a screeching halt when realization dawned on him. Robin removed his hands from his face. He could have cared less about his indentity. He grabbed Slade's hand, holding it as still as possible. The blade Slade held had sliced the costume in two, right down to Robin's navel, while Robin had been musing.

"Blue?" Slade asked, noticing Robin's true eye color. "Stop," Robin hissed, trying his best to be threatening. Slade chuckled at the teen's reaction. He saw that Robin was really afraid. With his free hand, Slade backhanded Robin, knocking the maskless teen for a loop. Slade grabbed both of Robin's hands, tying them to a nearby pole and situating them above Robin's head. When Robin came back from his temporary dizziness, it was too late. He was already restrained. "Let me go!" Robin cried out.

When I had the chance to speak the truth, why did my tongue tie itself in knots?

Slade didn't make a snide comment that time. Instead, Slade flat-out ignored the boy as he cut the rest of the costume off Robin's body. Robin tried his hardest to think straight, but fear blocked any rational thought. He wanted to scream and thrash; he wanted to beg, but what little dignity he had left stopped him. His only wish was that his team would find him. Yet, at the same time, he prayed they wouldn't. Defeated and at Slade's mercy, he never wanted them to see him as he was. It was humiliating, and he'd never live it down.

Robin flinched when he felt Slade start cutting away his boxers. Robin's resolve was shattering. He was afraid; he didn't even hide it anymore. But he bit back his pleas. He refused to give Slade that satisfaction. Slade smirked when he finally had the fabric away from Robin's form. The teen instinctively closed his legs as best he could, fearing what he knew was coming. Slade forced Robin's legs apart.

"Let go of me," Robin growled, struggling to seem strong. "What would the fun be in that, Robin?" Slade asked in his usual calm, taunting voice. Slade fidgeted with his pants before releasing his erection. Any calmness Robin had forced himself to feel, any resolve he'd had, vanished. The thought finally hit him, 'I'm going to be raped.'

Why was I afraid to admit I might have liked it? Why was I afraid that I might have wanted more?

"Let me go!" Robin screamed, starting to thrash about. It was too late for escape. Slade grabbed Robin's hips tightly; his grip left bruises. He pressed against Robin's entrance. "No!" Robin hollered, his eyes filled with fear and hatred all at once. Slade guided himself so the tip was in the right spot, and then he thrust forward.

Robin screamed. He screamed like he had never screamed before. Robin felt Slade inside of him, violating him; he felt blood on his inner thighs. Slade didn't give even the slightest pause for Robin to at least adjust. He started thrusting like a dog in heat. Robin clenched his eyes shut, biting back screams as the man moved deep inside of him. "H-How does it feel, Robin?" Slade panted in the teen's ear. "Do you like knowing that I can do this to you?" Slade taunted. Robin turned his head away from Slade. The man above Robin scowled slightly, pulling almost completely out before slamming in. "AH!" Robin screamed, throwing his head back in agony. "S-Stop," Robin begged, finally breaking. Slade went faster, loving the feeling of violating the teen.

Feeling you close hurt so much, but...Not feeling you was killing me. The pain was just an illusion I used as an excuse.

Robin didn't hide it any longer. Between the pain and screams were moans. Tears slipped from his crystal blue eyes as he crumbled under the man. It lasted for what seemed like an eternity to Robin. Slade moving in and out of him, gripping at his hips, and taunting him, all of it was too much for Robin to bear. But, as with all things, it came to an end. Slade forced himself inside as deep as he could go and came, filling Robin with his seed. Robin winced, hissing in pain at the feeling.

So, as I cried, I was smiling on the inside, knowing we were close. I knew we had something, though it was slowly killing me more each time I looked in the mirror.

Slade pulled out from Robin's abused hole, blood and come alike falling on the cold cement floor. "I hope to do this again." Slade said; it was his way of saying goodbye after he hurt Robin, after he always won, after he took something more from Robin.

I didn't know why I always went to you, why I always followed your orders. Maybe it was because I had wanted your trust. Maybe I had wanted a friend. Maybe, I just couldn't admit that you meant something to me. As I lay bleeding from you betrayal, I felt my heart flutter. I felt anything I might have had with you burn me. And for some reason...

I didn't want it any other way.

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