Kin pushed the door open and walked into the apartment. She was sopping wet due to the nasty snowstorm that had slapped the area the entire day. To add to her misfortune, she had drawn gate duty, so she was stuck at one of Konoha's gates the entire day in the freezing rain. Then prehaps to get her back for her past, Karma decided to give Tenten ,who had drawn next shift, broncitis leaving Kin to pull double duty.

"If I ever see another cloud in the sky it'll be too soon..." She growled to herself as she dried her long ebony hair. Slipping out of her clingy, wet clothes, she walked up the stairs to her bedroom opened the door before falling face-first down onto the bed. She sighed into the warm comforter and faintly heard the front door open and close but she paiad it no mind. Sher currently had only one thing on her mind; Relaxing after a hellish day.


Naruto glanced around the room and found a trail of wet footprints heading from the front door, to the bathroom, up the stair and into the bedroom. He'd heard from Neji that Tenten had to miss work and that Kin had made up for her shift. So it was a near certainty that she would be in both a foul mood and even worse exausted.

That means no cuddling! He pouted silently as he hung up his wet coat. As he made his way over to the kitchen he got an idea of sorts. After all he'd just gotten off a D-Rank helping out and picked a few things up. So why not? Making an abrupt turn he entered the bedroom


Kin didn't pay any attention when Naruto walked into the room. She made no move when he sat down on the bed beside her. She did however open one eye when he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Hey Kanojo." She fought her own smile when he gave her one of his trademark grins. "I'm sorry, honey. No fun tonight. Today was like hell and I'm exausted."

Naruto's smile didn't drop for an instant as he ran a hand through her silk-like hair, moving it to reveal her pale back. "So I heard..." He moved so he was sitting on his shins over top her and gripped her shoulders before flowing a small amount of chakra into his palms as he rotated them. Kin sighed in obvious enjoyment, and his grin became a smirk as he continued his minstrations.

Kin closed her eyes as knots she didn't even know were there were systematicly targeted and removed. "Oh my God...Oh...Lower..." She breathed raggedly as he continued to work his magic on her back.

Naruto smiled to himself as he complied to her wishes. It was actually quite a turn on for him, He'd always had a thing for pleasing women. Maybe when he finally retired he'd open up a hot spring. Sensing no other knots he released the chakra frow and ran his fingers up her spine as he got up off her and pulled her into his lap. "What do you think of that Kin-hime?" Naruto asked softly nipping at her warm flesh.

"I think you've just descovered a new form of foreplay." She turned with a wolfish grin and pinned his back to the bed. Her dark hair fell around them like a curtain blocking the stormy weather. She glanced down at his tent and smirked. "I suppose you want a reward, Koibito?" She asked with a slutry stare.

Naruto smiled back with an equally lustful stare and slammed her lips into his. Before all cohereant thought left him. He had one final thought:

Mission accomplished.