She Said Yes
By: Manna


They were together.

It was just the two of them, sitting on the grass at the top of Lyn's Hill. That was what he sometimes called it, at least, because he could think of no other name for it. Nobody but Lyn—and him, by extension—cared about its existence.

So it was only the sound of the wind and the contentedness in her eyes that kept them company. It was enough.

She sighed and leaned against him, a smile on her face that made his heart beat faster and caused his cheeks to burst into flame. He chided himself—he should be used to it by now!—but even though she had smiled at him and kissed him more times than he could count…it was just as amazing and just as fresh every single time.

Automatically, his grip tightened around her and she seemed to welcome it, snuggling into the warmth that his arms provided.

"I love you," she said as his lips brushed over the cool skin of her cheek.


"Yes?" She turned toward his face, her complexion rosy from the chilly wind that blew through the grass, and he let himself get lost at the very sight of her.

He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. She smiled again and stroked the side of his face; happiness bubbled in the pit of his stomach at her touch. Suddenly, words were forming, falling from his lips before he could stop them, though to be honest, he didn't really want to hold them back anymore.

"Marry me," he whispered.

"What?" Her eyes widened, and he swallowed nervously, almost unable to believe he had really said it… He had no ring, no house, nothing to offer her as a husband…

"Marry me…" His hands rubbed her back gently, coaxingly.

Her lips pressing eagerly against his gave him his answer.


Author Notes:

I've been dying to write a 'fic like this for about a year, now.

Title/idea based loosely off of Chris Cagel's song by the same name.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!