I've been getting a lot of PMs from people wondering where my stories are

I've been getting a lot of PMs from people wondering where my stories are. The sad truth is that they have been deleted. Like many people here, I value the anonymous nature of the internet. Here I can allow the creative side of my personality flourish, not worrying about the constrictive binds of what my peers think, either personally or professionally. Unfortunately, I took this for granted. I have a stalker who has been harassing me both online and in the real world. To protect myself, I am removing as much of my internet identity as I can.

So I regret that Psyche is gone. But I wanted to let people know how the story was supposed to end. I won't get into all the details, because I don't really want to get into a convoluted explanation, but at least everyone will have the gist of the story.

Suze gets the demon to agree to spare her daughter and use Suze's dying body to open the portal. But before they go, she wants to make her choice in the game.

She chooses herself. She represents life, and everyone must make their own choices on the kind of life they wish to leave. There is no 'fate' where people are forced into pre-defined roles- there are only choices and consequences. She refuses to make those choices for anyone else. Each person must forge their own path and take responsibility for their actions.

Suze returns to her body so that it can be sacrificed. When her body dies, the portal will open and the demon will claim her soul as it exits her body. The gleeful demon instructs Paul to administer the killing blow, but he is horrified. Suze smiles and says it's all right, and asks him to watch over her daughter when she's gone.

Paul has a crisis of conscience and realizes that Suze was right, nobody forced him to act as he did. He saw himself as the villain and therefore acted as one, but it was always his choice. Instead of sacrificing Suze, he uses the demon's name (Psyche) and exorcizes the demon from Jesse.

(Then there was this part explaining the demon and tying it into the Psyche myth, but I'm just going to skip that here)

The demon is angry about Paul's betrayal, but points out that because Jesse was the representative of death, without the demon sustaining him, he is now dying. Paul admits that he understands that, but he also understands how to switch roles with Jesse. The demon shrieks that he wouldn't, while Suze looks on in confusion. With a final smile at Suze, Paul sacrifices himself so that Jesse will live. With his death, the portal opens and the demon is sucked away.

I hope that helps give some closure to the story; I'm incredibly humbled by the many fans Psyche has generated and thank you all so much!