I do not own Casper

I do not own Casper. I only own Samantha a.k.a. Sam.

New Character info:

Samantha Harvey

Age: 22 yrs old

School: just got out of art school

Occupation: Painter

Appearance: long brown hair, grey eye, 5'8" tall, has a healthy weight for her age and height, has a tattoo of black angel wings on her back, a tattoo of a key on her right wrist, a tattoo of a lock on her left wrist

Story start

Samantha Harvey sighed impatiently as she waited for her luggage to come to her on the conveyor belt. The airport around her was very busy today. "I should have just drove to the new house that dad got. I wonder how Kat is?" she thought as her luggage finally showed up. Samantha picked up her luggage and started heading to the exit of the airport. "Sam," a male voice yelled, and Samantha saw her father running towards her. "Hey dad," Sam said as her father, Dr. James Harvey pulled her into a hug. Dr. Harvey smiled at his eldest daughter and he said, "You have grown so much since I last saw you. How have you been?" Sam smiled and got out of her father's hug. "I've been good dad. How have you and Kat been?" she asked as the two of them started walking out of the airport.

"We are both great. This new house has brought us closer together, and I know that you are going to love living there," Dr. Harvey said as Sam put her luggage into the back of his car. Sam chuckled and said, "I'm only back in with you and Kat because I finished art school and now I have nowhere else to live. Anyways I might go find an apartment soon." Dr. Harvey scoffed and said, "You make me feel like an amazing father, when you don't want to come back and live with me." Sam rolled her eyes at his sarcasm and got into the car. Dr. Harvey got into the car and soon they were on the road to Whipstaff manor.

"Dad I love you to death, but I'm twenty-two years old and I think I should not live at home anymore. I mean I was fine living on my own at art school," Sam reasoned as she fiddled with the radio. Her dad sighed and gave a small smile. "Alright I understand, but at least live with Kat and me for a little while before you go get an apartment," Dr. Harvey said as he pulled into the driveway of Whipstaff manor. "Whipstaff sounds violent," Sam muttered as she saw the old sign of Whipstaff manor. Dr. Harvey heard her and he whispered, "You have no idea."

Sam did not hear what he whispered, because she was too focused on the house in front of her. "I totally have to sketch this later," she thought as Dr. Harvey parked the car. Sam got out of the car and she whistled at all of the unique details of the structure. "Same you're here," a young voice yelled and the sound of someone running towards her came to Sam's senses. She smiled when she saw her little sister Kat running towards her.

Kat hugged her older sister and Sam returned the hug. "Hey Kat I've missed you. How have you been?" Sam asked as her sister hugged her tighter. "I've missed you a lot too, and I've been good. School could be better, but that is how it always goes. How was art school?" Kat said as she finally let her sister free of the hug. "Oh it was so much fun. The people there were amazing and everyone was unique. The friends I made up there always made me laugh till I cried of joy. I miss them, but everyone has to graduate and branch away," Sam said with a goofy smile on her face.

"A little help here," Dr. Harvey yelled and Sam and Kat saw him struggling with carrying Sam's luggage. They laughed and went over and helped their father. Sam picked up the bag with her art supplies and her bag of clothes. Dr. Harvey picked up the other bag of Sam's stuff, and Kat held open the front door as they walked inside. Sam gasped when she saw the inside of the house. "This is amazing," she said as she set her luggage down and walked around the room taking in all of the details. "I told you she would love it," Kat whispered into her dad's ear. Dr. Harvey chuckled and Sam suddenly spun around and faced Kat and Dr. Harvey with a large smile on her face.

"Kat, will you show me what rooms are open for me to choose from?" Sam asked excited. Kat nodded and led her happy sister upstairs. Kat showed her where her room was, and then she showed Sam what rooms there were for her to choose from. Sam ended up picking a room with a pretty king size bed that had red sheets. He walls of the room were gold with black and red vines and flowers bordering the top of the walls. The furniture was black with red roses on them. There was also a simple yet old fashioned bathroom connected to her bedroom. Sam smiled and she walked back downstairs with Kat to get her luggage and put it in her room.

It did not take the two of them long to get all of her stuff into the room. "Glad that is done, but there are a few things that I need to tell you about Sam," Kat said as she sat down on Sam's bed. Sam gave her sister a curious look and sat down beside her ready to listen. Kat took a deep breath and said very quickly, "Please don't freak out but there are four ghosts in this house, and you will meet them any time now. I'm actually surprised that three of them are not here. One of them is very nice and his name is Casper. The other three are his uncles and they are not so nice. They will not hurt you, and their names are Stinky, Stretch, and Fatso. Please don't freak out when you meet them."

Sam took a moment to register all that her little sister had just said and she laughed. "There are ghosts in this house, cool I've always wanted to see and talk to ghosts," Sam said. Kat was in shock by her sister's reaction, but she quickly smiled and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot that you are more obsessed with this type of thing than dad is." Sam grabbed a pillow and hit her sister with it. "Shut up you normal person. You are just jealous of my uniqueness. Now then when can I meet these four ghosts?" Sam asked as she stood up from the bed. "Promise you won't scream?" Kat asked as she stood up as well. "Do I look like the helpless victim that screams in horror movies?" Sam asked in a bored tone. Kat shook her head and whispered, "No, you look like what would make the victim scream in a horror movie." Sam hit her sister on the arm and glared. "You are so funny Kat," Sam said as she stuck her tongue out at her sister. "Very mature Sam," Kat said.

"Call this ghost already," Sam said impatiently. "Fine you can come out now Casper," Kat said and a small ghost flew out of Sam's new closet. "Hi my name is Casper. What's yours?" Casper said as he waved and smiled at Kat's older sister. "Wow this is awesome. My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam. Nice to meet you Casper, so can I stick my hand through you or will it not go through?" Sam said as she circled Casper curiously. "Um it will go through, but aren't you afraid of me?" Casper asked confused.

Sam laughed and she stuck her hand through Casper and quickly pulled it back. "Of course I'm not scared of you. The only thing that I've ever been afraid of was my dentist when I was seven years old. That guy scared me and one day he got too close to my face with his weird smiling face and I punched him. After that I'm not even afraid of dentists. I'm hungry, do you two want to show me where the kitchen is or I can just find it myself if you two want to hang out," Sam said with a goofy smile. "Downstairs and to your right," Casper said slightly confused. "Thanks," Sam said before running out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen.

"Your sister is very different," Casper said as he shook his head. "Yeah she takes a while to get use to but even now I'm still not use to her randomness," Kat said. Casper laughed and the two of them started walking slowly toward the kitchen.

Sam found the kitchen relatively easy, but in other words that means after looking through about six or seven doors. She smiled when she finally stepped into the kitchen. Sam walked over to the refrigerator and glared when she saw that there was no chocolate pudding. "I need to buy some chocolate pudding," she mumbled as she grabbed some turkey, mustard, and she shut the refrigerator. She grabbed the loaf of bread and got one piece of bread. She put some turkey and mustard on the bread, and then she folded the slice of bread in half. She put the turkey and mustard back into the refrigerator, and then she fixed a glass of water.

Sam walked around the house with her sandwich in one hand and the glass of water in the other. "Finally real food," she mumbled before biting into her sandwich. "Airplane food is not enough for anyone to survive on," Sam thought as she explored the house. She explored downstairs before heading back upstairs. By the time she finished walking upstairs her sandwich was gone, and her water was close to being gone. She took another sip of water and opened a door. Sam walked into the room and laughed when she saw three messy beds. "So this is the other ghosts' room," Sam thought as she peered around the room.

"Stretch, Stinky, and Fatso, awesome names," Sam said before drinking the last of her water. She yawned and stretched her arms above her head. A loud thud sounded downstairs and Sam looked out of the room. There was no one in the hallway. "Must be downstairs," she thought before smirking. She ran to the stairs, and slid down the railing. "Woo hoo," she yelled as she slid down the railing.

"What was that?" Sam heard some guy's voice ask. She smiled when she realized that this was a voice that she had not heard. "It must be a ghost," she thought as her smile grew bigger and she skipped to the kitchen. Sam paused outside the kitchen door when she heard another new voice. "Doc are you keeping something from us?" another guy's voice asked. This new voice held a sort of commanding tone to it.

Sam frowned as she heard that same voice yell, "Are you?" "No one yells at my dad," she whispered before pushing open the kitchen door and jumping into the room. "Hey do not yell at my dad," Sam yelled. She put her hands on her hips and stared at the three new ghosts floating around her dad.

The three ghosts were very different. One was very tall and thin with a big nose. Another ghost was a bit shorter than the tall one and he reminded Sam of a big marshmallow. "I want to poke him," Sam thought with a goofy smile. The last ghost was skinny but not as thin as the tall ghost. He also had buck-teeth. "Dude, I'm so sketching him," Sam thought as she stared at the ghost with buck-teeth.

The tall ghost glared at her and yelled at Dr. Harvey, "You brought another fleshy into my house." Dr. Harvey flinched at the loud volume. "I have a name, and I'd like you to use it or I'm going to call you pixie-stick. Also my name is Sam," Sam said with a smile on her face yet her eyes held a small glare. The tall ghost got in her face with his fists clenched at his sides. "Don't you dare call me that, you stupid bone-bag. My name is Stretch and you'll remain alive if you use it," the tall ghost now known as Stretch said. Sam laughed and poked Stretch's nose. "Well use my name and we'll both be fine and dandy," Sam said before jumping on top of the kitchen table and looking at the other ghosts.

"Hi my name is Sam, who are you two?" Sam asked waving. The two other ghosts gave her a strange look. "My name is Fatso," the marshmallow ghost said. "Nice to meet you," Sam said and then looked at the last ghost. "My name is Stinky," the last ghost said and Sam could smell his breath. "Wow it must have taken a while for his breath to get that crazy, but he seems nice so I don't care what his breath is like," Sam thought with a big smile. Stinky just gave a small smile back. Stretch glared and said, "I'm getting sick of all these fleshies."

Sam turned around and looked at him. "Don't say that Stretch or I serious will start calling you pixie-stick," Sam said chuckling when she saw his face turn red.