I do not own Casper

I do not own Casper. I only own Samantha a.k.a. Sam.

Story start

Once everyone was done with breakfast, Kat stood up and asked, "Can you give me a ride to school Sam?" Sam smiled and said, "Sure, but what mode of transportation do you want?" Kat smirked and said, "Let's ride in the Mustang with your favorite Japanese Rock music blasting." Sam smiled and attacked her little sister with a hug. "I knew you would become more adventurous someday," Sam said as they both started laughing.

"Japanese rock music," Stretch said a little intrigued. Sam smiled as an awesome idea came to her mind. "How about you come with me Stretch? You can listen to my favorite music. I think you might enjoy it," Sam said as she smiled at Stretch. Stretch shrugged and said, "Sure I'll go." Sam smiled and ran outside to her car after giving her dad a kiss on the cheek. Kat chuckled as she told her dad goodbye and followed her sister. "Have fun Stretch," Fatso and Stinky aid as Stretch floated out of the kitchen.

Stretch rolled his eyes at his brothers. Stretch saw Sam get into the car and turn it on. Loud Japanese rock music blasted from the speakers. Sam smiled and started dancing to the music while sitting in the driver's seat. Kat got in the passenger seat beside her, and Stretch got in the back. "This is awesome," Kat said with a large smile to her sister. Sam smiled and then looked back at Stretch. "It's not bad for fleshy music," Stretch said and Sam just laughed.

Sam pulled out of the driveway and drove to Kat's school. Sam smiled wider when she saw Stretch smirking and nodding his head to the music. "I knew he would like it," Sam thought. Stretch was very happy as Sam sped down the road and blasting her music. "There is no other fleshy like her in this town," he thought as Sam parked in front of the school.

Stretch, Kat, and Sam all laughed when they saw people giving them weird looks. Stretch was currently invisible so no one could see him. Sam turned the music volume down a bit and smiled at her little sister. "Have a good day, and remember if I ever do some embarrassing again, I'm not doing it to embarrass you, I'm just doing it to have fun and try to get you to have fun," Sam said. Kat smiled and hugged Sam. "I know, well bye Sam, bye Stretch," Kat said as she got out of the car.

Kat laughed when she walked into school and still saw people staring at her sister. "Sam is going to threaten to bite them or something if they keep staring," Kat thought as she walked to her locker.

Outside of the school, Sam had not left the school yet and people were still staring at her. Sam sighed and growled at the people staring at her. A few kids and their parents flinched or looked away frightened. Stretch laughed pretty loud when he saw this. His laugh made people even more freaked out. Sam stuck her head out the window and honked the car horn. "I told you guys yesterday to take a picture if you want to stare so much, but since no one has got a camera then stop staring or I will get out of this car and you do not want me to do that," Sam said with a glare.

Everyone quickly diverted their gaze away from Sam. Stretch laughed louder and Sam turned up the music volume and sped away from the school. Stretch floated from the back seat and up to the front passenger seat. Stretched smirked at Sam and said, "I think you will be great at scaring if you become a ghost, Sam." Sam smiled and said, "Thanks Stretch that means a lot to me. My type of scaring will probably be a lot different than what you, Stinky, and Fatso do though." Stretch nodded and Sam drove back to Whipstaff manor.

Stretch flew out of the car when Sam parked the car and turned it off. Stinky and Fatso quickly flew outside and started bombarding Stretch with questions. "What happened?" "Are you two together yet?" "Did you kiss her?" "Did she kiss back?" the two curious ghosts yelled out. Sam's cheeks turned blood red when she heard what Stinky and Fatso were asking Stretch. Stretch's cheeks were also bright red. Stretch gave Sam a quick glance, and he felt his chest leap when he saw that her cheeks were also red. "Maybe she does like me the way I like her," Stretch thought happily before smacking his loud-mouth brothers. "Can you two shut up? Sam and I just dropped the kid off to school and scared a few fleshies," Stretch said before giving Sam a look.

Sam nodded and walked over to the three ghosts. "That's correct boys, now lets go inside and watch a movie," Sam said and gave Stretch a wink. Stretch felt his chest leap when she winked. The three ghosts followed Sam into the house. Casper was nowhere in sight. "Go ahead and hang out in the living room, I'm going to go and see if dad wants to join us," Sam said with a smile before running to Dr. Harvey's office.

Dr. Harvey sighed when he heard someone running to his office. "Must be Sam," eh thought as he ran his hands through his hair with a smile. Sam stopped at her dad's office and knocked on the door. "Come in," Dr. Harvey said. Sam opened the door and smiled at her dad as she entered the room. "Hey dad, me and the guys were wondering if you wanted to watch a movie with us," Sam said with a goofy smile. Dr. Harvey sighed as he stood from his office chair and then he smiled. "Sounds a lot more interesting then what I was doing,' he said and Sam hugged him before pulling him to the living room. "Dad is joining us. Did you guys pick a movie yet?" Sam asked as she and Dr. Harvey entered the living room.

The ghostly trio shook their head and Sam laughed. "Fine then I'll pick the movie," she said and walked over to the movie shelf. Dr. Harvey sat down on the couch with the ghostly trio. Sam picked the movie, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", off of the shelf and put it in the VCR. She turned around and looked for a place to sit. "Man the couch is all filled up," she thought before smirking.

Sam smiled and sat down on the floor and leaned against the couch in front of the seat that Stretch was sitting on. Stretch slightly smiled when Sam sent him a warm smile. Fatso grabbed the remote and pressed play. Dr. Harvey chuckled when he saw what movie was playing. "Her favorite movie," he thought and the ghostly trio was very captured by the movie.

Throughout the movie, Sam had said every single line that Michelangelo said at the exact same time. Fatso, Stretch, and Stinky laughed through the majority of the movie. At one point, Sam had put her head on Stretch's lap and he did not make her move. It made butterflies appear in her stomach and she was very happy. Stretch was also very happy. It felt nice to have Sam near him.

Once the movie was done, everyone's stomachs growled. Sam laughed and said, "How about we order pizza?" everyone agreed and Dr. Harvey ordered the pizzas while Stretch absentmindedly ran his hand through Sam's hair. Stinky and Fatso smirked when they saw Sam laying her head on Stretch's lap again.

Dr. Harvey entered the room and said, "Well someone will have to go pick up the pizzas while someone else picks up Kat." Sam smiled and stood up. She started jumping up and down yelling, "I want to go get the pizzas." Her dad laughed and said, "Alright I'll go pick up Kat." "Yes," Sam cheered as she smiled. Stretch was too comfy on his spot on the couch to go with her. Sam gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'll be back quicker than you can quote all of what Raphael says in the movie," Sam said before running out of the house and getting in her car.

Stinky and Fatso cornered Stretch once both Dr. Harvey and Sam were gone. "Bro we can tell you like her, so when are you going to ask her out?" Fatso asked Stretch. Stretch sighed and said, "This is a lot harder than you think. I mean she is a fleshy. She will get older and if she dies old then she will be an old lady ghost, and I can't go out with some grandma. I want to ask her out, I really do, but it's just so complicated." Stinky and Fatso sighed as well. "Man this sucks," Stinky said. All three of them nodded, and they watched the movie over again to try and cheer them up.

Sam smiled victoriously as she exited the pizza place with four pizzas in her hands. She placed the pizzas on the passenger seat, and then she got in the driver's seat and buckled her seat belt. She started the car and drove down the road. Sam decided to take the road by the ocean home. This road was on a cliff and one wrong move and you would crash into the ocean below.

As Sam was driving down this road four small sea turtles started crossing the road in her lane. "It's the ninja turtles," Sam said excitedly. She laughed and went to slow down to allow the turtles to cross safely, but her car would not slow down. "Oh no, my brakes are dead," she said scared. Sam got in the other lane to pass the turtles and continue on home, but a car quickly appeared in that lane right in front of her. She quickly turned the wheel and she screamed as her car crashed into the cold ocean water.

Sam opened her eyes and tried to unbuckle her seatbelt as water started filling up her car, but it would not unbuckle. "Stupid thing, unbuckle already," she yelled as she kept pulling harder on the seatbelt. The water was up to her chest now as a few tears slid down her cheeks. "I don't want to become fish food," she yelled angrily as she started biting the seatbelt as she pulling on it. Before the water could completely cover her head, she took a deep breath and yelled, "Stretch." After that the cold water was all around her, and she could not escape its hold.

Back at Whipstaff manor, Dr. Harvey brought Kat home and Casper was with her. It seems that he had hidden in her book bag most of the school day. Stretch shook his head as he worried what was taking Sam so long. "Stretch," he heard his named yelled in the wind. The other ghosts heard it as well, and they paled when they recognized the voice to be Sam's voice. "Something bad has happened," Stretch said and the whole house grew quiet.

Sam slowly opened her eyes. She felt light as a feather, and she also felt very cold. "I feel weird," she thought as she sat up and looked at her hands and body. She gasped when she saw that she was translucent white and she no longer had legs. Instead she had a tail like the other ghosts. Her tattoos were on her wrists and back were still there and she smiled slightly. "Well at least I still have my awesome tattoos even in death," she said with a chuckle. She looked down at her body again and felt better when she saw that she was wearing her tank-top. Her shorts were no longer there but she didn't have to worry about anything showing because she was just a white tail like the guys in the lower half of her body.

She looked down at the ocean and yelled when she saw her beautiful Mustang sinking to the bottom. "No, why did you have to take my car? You could have just took my life and left my beautiful car alone, stupid ocean," Sam yelled angry at the big blue mass of water. She sighed and growled at the ocean before flying to Whipstaff manor.

Sam quietly entered the house and she knew that this was going to be hard for her dad and little sister to handle. The ghosts would probably be very happy that she was now a ghost. She took a deep breath before flying into the kitchen where everyone was. "Sorry but the pizzas didn't make it," Sam said and everyone looked at her when they heard her voice. Everyone gasped in shocked when they saw Sam as a ghost.

"No," Kat and Dr. Harvey yelled as they stood out of their seats. Casper just gave Sam a smile, even though he was a little sad that Sam would never be alive again. "Casper can we use the Lazarus?" Kat yelled with tears coming out of her eyes. Casper shook his head and said, "We don't have any more of the stuff to make it work." Kat cried and hugged Dr. Harvey.

The ghostly trio was stunned at seeing Sam as a ghost. However their stunned state quickly disappeared as they smiled at Sam. "Welcome to our life," Fatso said. Sam smiled a little bit and gave Stretch a loving smile before heading over to Kat and Dr. Harvey.

"Hey it's alright. I might be dead, but I'm still here. Sure I'll never be able to drive you around in the Mustang Kat, but I'll never leave you. Please cheer up you two, I'm dead and nothing will change that, but at least we still have each other," Sam said to calm down her dad and little sister.

Dr. Harvey gave his oldest daughter a loving smile and said, "You're right. Well since you killed the pizzas, I'm going to have to go get some more." Sam laughed and yelled, "It was the turtles' faults." Kat gave a small laugh and smile to Sam. "I guess you being a ghost don't change a thing," Kat said and Sam shook her head. "No it doesn't change anything at all," Sam said and then she saw Stretch motioning for her to follow him out of the kitchen.

Sam followed quietly and curiously behind Stretch up to the roof. "I know that this is a weird time to tell you this, but I can't get you out of my head. I think about you day and night Sam, and now that you are a ghost I think about you every second," Stretch said as they got on the roof. Sam blushed and smiled and said, "I think about you all the time too Stretch." Stretch smiled and grabbed Sam's hands in his. "Sam, will you be my girlfriend?" Stretch asked with a hopeful look in his eyes. Sam smiled and said, "Yes." The two hugged and Stretch pulled her into a mind-blowing kiss. Fatso and Stinky were spying on the two and they cheered loudly when Sam and Stretch kissed.

Things would never be the same at Whipstaff manor ever again, and to this day Sam has never stopped hating the ocean for taking her Mustang.