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I'm Not Gay!


Edward Cullen laid on his bed looking up at the white ceiling finding it somewhat interesting at the moment. He was enjoying the peace and quietness he was getting and he would be damned if anyone ruined it. He put his hands behind his head and tore his gaze from the ceiling to the open window to his left. He was currently safe from the sunlight that pored into his room. Edward stuck out his left hand so it was in the suns rays. He watched closely as his hand started to shimmer like a bunch of silver confetti was attached to his arm. He pulled his arm away from the sun and looked down at it in disgust. This was the reason why he never went out when it was sunny outside. He would look like a walking disco ball, all he would need next were for people to fallow him around with a stereo. He sighed in annoyance at his misfortune, he loved being a vampire, but some of the things that came along with it just weren't fair. He sighed... life isn't fair.

"Edward come down stairs now!" Came the musical voice of his younger sister Alice

Edward grunted and rolled off the bed, and fell onto the floor.

'Just when I was getting some much needed time to myself' he thought

"In a couple of minutes!" He yelled back

"No, now!" She yelled

Edward grumbled something incoherent and pushed himself off from the floor and opened his bedroom door with so much force, you would think the door was going to fly off the hinges. He looked at himself in the hallway mirror to make sure he looked presentable for the day and ran down the stairs. When he reached the bottom he found a note taped down to one of the stairs with his name on it. The script was very neatly written and it could only belong to one person. His mother. He leaned down and took the letter off the wooden stair and read it out loud.


Come into your fathers office as soon as we see this. We ALL need to talk to you about something. -- Love, Esme

Edward scratched his head in confusion, but he proceeded to his father -Carlisle's- office. When he finally reached the thick mahogany wooden door, he lightly tapped it with his knuckle a couple of times.

"Edward?" A very masculine voice came from inside the door, Edward immediately recognised the voice to belong to his brother Emmett.

"Yea, can I come in?" He asked


Edward pushed the door open and was met with the whole family sitting on the large leather couch -excluding Carlisle who was sitting at his large wooden desk with his hands folded neatly in front of him- staring at him.

"Please, Edward. Take a seat" Carlisle's soothing voice said pointing to the large leather chair placed in the middle of the room.

Edward complied and sat down the the leather seat, and noticed how there was a bright light shining in his face making it hard for him to see anything.

"What did you guys need to talk to me about?" Edward choked out after a couple moments of awkward silence.

"Well" Carlisle began, "Everyone in this family is a little worried about you Edward"

"What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine" Edward said trying to look confused, but with the light in his face that was impossible.

"Well, Edward we are concerned with you because everyone in the family has found a mate and someone to love. You on the other hand have no one, not only that, but you never show any interest in woman. You are 108 years old and you have never had a relationship before, that can only mean one thing. I'm not the only one who thinks that either, so it has brought us to the conclusion that you are well a... homosexual"

Edward just sat there frozen stiff in his seat, as his eyes went as wide as saucers. He couldn't believe the words that just came out of his fathers mouth. His family thinks he is... GAY?



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