This is a different writing style for me completely. Each chapter will be an 'entry' or tape of Professor Gast, following him from an awkward new hire in Midgar to Nibelheim and eventually to the Icicle Area. Each entry will be drabble-y, but not in the true sense as most of them will definitely be above 100 words.

Of course I don't own anything but the plotline.


"Thank you, sir"

"Will you be videotaping this as well?"

"No, this is simply for personal use. In the event that I don't get the job, I can revise my interview strategy."

"Ha, ha, ho, ho, I can tell you're very precise. That's a very good quality for what we are looking for. May I have a copy of the tape?"

"…of course!"

"You seem surprised."

"No, I mean, I'm sure that you try to keep as many records as possible."

"On specific occasions. So Professor, your most recent area of research at the University was…the Cetra?"

"Yes, sir."

"And you are applying for this head of Research and Development for the grant money, correct?"

"Well, uh…not completely, sir…"

"Ho, ha, ha, be honest, please."

"Mostly; however, Shinra does offer many other opportunities that the Midgar University facilities, and finances, cannot provide."

"Very good! You're certainly qualified enough, and all of your references check out. Congratulations, Professor Gast. You're hired."

"Seriously!? I mean, thank you very much, sir. You won't be disappointed."

"Ha, ho, I'm sure I won't be. Now, if you'll just follow me. Yes right this way, we'll give you a quick tour of the facilities you'll be using for the next several years."

"Of course, sir!"