Persephone's POV

"Kore, get away from that cave immediately!" yelled a very frantic Demeter.

"Mother, my name is Persephone, not Kore. I'm almost a woman now."

"You are still my daughter." Said my very stubborn mother.

"Most of the time I wish I wasn't." I whispered.

"Don't say that! You are very lucky to have me as your mother. Imagine if you were born a mortal! Life for you would be terrible!"

"Mother I know, it just feels like you don't want to listen to what I'm- Mother, are you listening?"

Try as I might, I could never get my mother to listen to what I had to say. I feel like a prisoner, with mother always breathing down my back. She always makes sure I wear something that fits to her liking and chooses friends for me that she picked out. Sometimes I wish I could just runaway from this all and never come back.

"Kore, do get away from that cave, please!"

"Why mother? Why must I always be in you're sight and never near anything dark or unsafe?" I said, raising my voice.

"Hades." Was her reply.

"Mother, why are you afraid of him?" I said laughing and walked to the patio where my mother was lounging on.

"He is a monster. That is why he chose the Underworld as his kingdom."

"What makes you think he's a monster?" I asked.

"He lives amongst the dead!" My mother said overdramatically and almost fell off the small lounging couch.

I blinked.


My mother sighed in frustration. I smiled but was greeted by one of my "friends" and was escorted to a nearby pool in Mt. Olympus. Sometimes I wish I were mortal.