When the chips are down.

Rated T for Teen just to be safe.

An argument between Jax and Carly leads to some serious thinking about her soul mate.

Jason hadn't heard from Carly in a few days, she was to "quite" for his liking. When was the last time that Carly had called even? It had to have been a couple days ago and even then she sounded like she was putting on a front facking about being happy with Jax and the kids. With out thinking twice Jason grabbed his coat and headed out of the "office."

As he speed toward Carly's he couldn't help but think of the worst case scenarios. It was part of his job, so there was always the threat that someone could have done something to her. The one thing that he hated about his job was the constant threat of the people he loved could be in danger.

As he went to knock on the door he realized that it was ajar and the lights were off. Quietly he pulled out his gun, ready to use it if he had to. The hall was clear but that didn't reassure him at all. When he checked the kitchen he could vagly hear soft sobs coming through the side of the bathroom door.

"Carly? Are you okay?" Even though he knew she was alive it was still hard for him to hide the concern in his voice. He went to open the door but to his surprise the door was locked. He banged on the door again hoping that she would open up so he could see with his eyes that she was alright.

When the door finally opened Jason could feel his mouth drop open in shock as Carly came into the light. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were still wet with tears. Her makeup that was a trade-mark seemed to have miraculously stayed in place.

"Whats wrong Carly? Did something happen with you and Jaxs?" He had his answer when she looked down at the floor instead of looking at him.

"Where are the boys." It was the most logical quetion that he could ask. All he really wanted was for her to talk, even if it was a few sentences.

"There with the baby-sitter." Carly's voice was broken, a dead voice that seemed to sting at Jason's heart.

"What was the fight about this time?" His voice was neutral but Carly knew he was exsaperated. Jax and Carly hadn't really talk in the last few days and Carly really was wondering what he was doing here in the first place. As far as she knew she hadn't called him because she thought he was mad at her.

"Just the usual. Jax feed up with the fact that i can't let you out of my life. The fact that sonny and i seem to have a history that we can't explain. He's sick of how everything in my life has some tie to my old life" Jason was surprised as he saw a tear fall.

"He knows that you will always be tied to Sonny. You have kids together and Sonny will always have guards on you." Jason was careful in the way that he says things. When he looked at Carly he noticed that the fire that she always had was out. In a way she looked dead on the inside.

"I just don't know if i can keep things like this." Here voice was small. Everything seemed to be closing in on her world. The only thing that was constant ever was her boys and Jason. How many times could she count on Jason to be there?

"Carly, you know that i will always be here if you need me." Even though the words were normal carly could almost feel her self smile at the thought.

"I know, i just want you to know that i love you jas, i always will."

"I know Carly, i know" he took her into a hug and let her cry on his shoulder. Finally once the tears were done he pulled her away and looked at her.

"The guys in your life may come and go but know this. I will always be by your side if you need me." it was a simple promise that it seemed that he was the only one who would make it. How many more times could he allow someone to mess with the heart that he knew would always belong to him.

Carly just sat there with Jason and talked. No matter what happens in her life the one that will be constant is her best friend and the true love of her life. He may not love her in the same way but he will always love her.

He left an hour later after she promised to call him in the morining to tell him if things got better between the two. After they said good-bye Carly knew that some day Jason would find the women of his dreams and when that day came she would step down and let him have his happyness. after all she'd put him through he deserived someone to love him the way that she would never get the chance to.

Jason shock his head as he steped outside the door. He vowed to one day he would be able to tell her that he still loved her. But for right now being her best friend and soul mate was enough. No one could ever deine that Jason Morgan and Carly Jaxs were soul mates. They just never acted on it in the right way.