Disclaimer: I do not own Tangerine

Disclaimer: I do not own Tangerine.

Wow. You can get very tired of saying that, very soon.

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Hey I'm Joey, This Is My Life

Journal Entry 4, Wednesday, September 27

Today is the day I received my nickname, Charlie the Tuna.

After soccer practice, I picked up my bag and started following Paul off the field. Then, Victor asked Paul, "Hey, Fisher Man, why's this boy always following you around?"

I looked straight ahead, not listening to what Victor said. Suddenly, Victor tapped me on the shoulder with a Super Big Gulp from 7-Eleven. "Yo! Why are you following Fisher Man around all this time?"

Thoughts whirled in my mind and I couldn't decide what to say, or how to act.

Victor tapped me on the shoulder and repeated what he just said. He added, "You his boyfriend or something?"

I lost my cool and, angrily, turned back to him and said, "No. I'm not." I could feel my face burning, turning red.

"Fisher Man," Victor asked Paul, "you can't take two steps without this boy following you. What's up with that? Is he some kinda fish, maybe? Does he hope you're gonna catch him?"

Jeez, at least Paul could defend me. I'm his friend! He didn't do anything, though. He just stood there, nodding and encouraging Victor and the other guys. If I could have three wishes, one would be that I could breathe fire, so I could burn those idiots to ashes.

"Sorry, Charlie!" Yelled Tino. Huh? No one's name here is Charlie. What did I miss? What was he talking about?

"Yeah! Yeah, that's the dude. Sorry, Charlie! Charlie the Tuna. He's always trying to get caught. He's always handing around trying to get on that hook, right?" Victor poked me. I think I'm gonna get bruises. "Is that you? Are you Charlie the Tuna?"

The boys started laughing wildly. Paul said, "Just chill out." I couldn't chill. I took it all in and I was so angry. And hurt.

"… don't want tunas with good taste, Charlie. They want tunas that taste good!" I was thinking so hard I missed part of it. Victor and the guys were laughing like hyenas and slapping hands. "Do you understand the difference, my man?"

I stared straight ahead; my jaws clenched, my face red, flaming with anger and embarrassment. We, Paul and I, reached the curb, waiting for Paul's mom's car.

When the car picked us up, I just sat, ignored everything, and sulked.

I couldn't believe it. I earned a new nickname, Charlie the Tuna, and that was only because I kept following Paul around. I'm his friend and he never defended me when the other guys were teasing me. Victor, Tino, and those guys are losers. And I'm starting to think Paul is one, too.