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ninja magic chronicles; book one

Chapter 1

Naruto was fighting Kakuzo,(a/n: don't know the guys name, he fought the first Hokage, and he has three hearts, or was it five, I don't know) when he finally hit him with his rasen shurikan, and was sent flying into a tree.

He landed on the ground with a moan and Ino and Choji rushed to his side "remind me never to do that again guys/cough/ it's not very fun" he said and coughed again but this time coughed up some blood.

"hey, you were great, I liked that jutsu by the way, it had a lot of power behind it, you're getting stronger, no wonder why Hinata-chan likes you" Ino said and Naruto got red in the face and she covered her mouth and said "oops, I didn't mean that, I just have suspicions, that's all"

"hey, I now she told you she does, I'm not stupid you know, but, if you don't tell her, I like her back" Naruto said blushing deeper as he groggily stood up and swayed and had to lean against a tree to keep balanced.

"maybe you shouldn't move around so mu- NARUTO" Ino shouted as he disappeared along with the tree "Choji, what happened, where'd he go, oh this can not be happening, not now, he just made Jounin too, we need to find him" Ino said with a tear in her eye.

"agreed, let's tell Kakashi-sensei, he should know what just happened" Choji said with sad eyes and walking to the two exhausted looking Jounin, Yamato and Kakashi.

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A girl with red hair and brown eyes was walking along side a boy with red hair as well arguing with him "you shouldn't get so excited, school just ended Ron" the girl stated.

"what ever Ginny, I know I'll have a chance with her, so you can't tell me I wont, that's final" Ron said angrily "and besides, why are you dating Dean anyway, he's in our grade"

"what ever yourself, I'm still a better quiditch player, so bug o-" she was cut off by a moan ahead of her, "what was that" she asked looking around, finding nothing she decided to go toward the sound "come on, I think I heard it from this direction" and she pulled her brother along.

When they found the source, they gasped and ran toward the thing "I think he's hurt, we need to get him back to the burrow" Ginny said checking his breathing with her hand "he's breathing, but it feels unstable, we should get him there as soon as possible" she said urgently.

"Ginny, he could easily be a enemy, and we don't know how he got in that state, why don't we call someone" Ron suggested getting a glare from his sister and sighed and went to help lift the blonde onto their shoulders and said "fine, but if we get in trouble, you're taking the blame"

"fine by me, as long as he lives I think I could manage" she replied with a smile. And they walked toward the burrow, dragging a strange blonde on their shoulders towards their home.

Molly Weasley was looking out the window when she saw her two youngest dragging a strange blonde haired kid that looked to be their age, and was also unconscious and looked badly hurt toward the house, and she got frantic and rushed out and asked "what in bloody hell is going on, what happened to the poor boy, and where did you find him"

"well, we were walking through the woods near the muggle village, when we found him, he was like this when we found him, and he was propped up against a tree" Ginny said nervously.

"okay, I'll contact Dumbledore, maybe he comes from a different school or something,he has a strange mark and clothes, they could be from a different school, he could be a muggle even, we should get him help also" Molly sadi with a worried look as she eyed the unfortunate blonde and added "and I'll call your father immediately" and she brought them through the house where they ran into Fred and George who followed and helped carry the boy to a spare room.

"so, where'd you find him" Fred asked as they lowered the boy on the bed.

"me and Ron found him in the forest by the village of muggles" Ginny said with a sympathetic glance at the kid "and he looks like he's in one of our age groups, probably fifteen, maybe even sixteen" she stated as her mother left and came back about twenty minutes later with a bucket of water and a towel.

"I called Albus, he'll be coming over tomorrow, ad your father should be here by dinner with a doctor to help the boy, but till than, I'm supposed to help him the best I can" she said walking over "Ginny, help me out a bit, help me wash off his face"

They washed his face off and he flinched slightly at the touch, but relaxed after a moment, "there, now, we should help the wounds on his arms, they have too much blood on the sleeves, especially his right one, help me get his jacket off dear" Molly said, they took off his jacket and he shivered slightly, but than he was still again, they gasped, his whole right arm was black and cut up, his left was cut up a bit too, but his right, wow, now that was an injury.

They started to wipe off some blood and sweat from his arms when he mumbled something in some different language and swatted them away with a hand. Surprised by this, they tried again and this time succeded and finished bandaging every little scratch on his arms and chest -much to Ginny's embarasment- and on his legs, which didn't have that much.