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"English speak"
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Kyuubi or other animal speak
'Any thought in any language'
'Kyuubi or other animal thoughts'

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Hermione sighed as she woke the tossing and turning Harry and the sleeping Ron in the other bed. Harry gasped as he opened his eyes, "well finally you're awake, Ron is as silent as stone, and you need to tell us what your nightmare was about this time before we wake Naruto." Hermione said and Harry nodded before sitting up to wake Ron, after awhile, the red head awoke and quickly covered his chest with his blanket with a slight blush as Hermione rolled her eyes.

"So tell us Harry, what was that dream of your about?" Hermione asked him.

"Well… I was this caretaker that went up into a house. He went in through the halls and saw a mini snake that sounded suspiciously like Voldemort and…" Ron shuddered and Harry sighed, "will you stop being such a baby Ron, it's not like the name's taboo or anything." He said and the red head shrugged with a sigh.

"Okay. After he got their he looked through the cracks in the door and there was Peter Pettigrew and someone I don't know who he was, he had medium long black hair and dark eyes, they were talking about… I don't exactly know, but it was scary. After that, the mini snake made an order and another bigger snake that was Vold(Ron shuddered) You-Know-Who's pet snake, and it attacked the caretaker and than you woke me Hermione." He finished with a nod.

"Okay… you should probably tell Dumbledore Harry. I'm sure he may have the answer. Now, I'll wake Naruto while you two get dressed." The two nodded at Hermione's words as she left the room.

She sighed and knocked on the door, she heard mumbling in Naruto's other language and sighed and walked in.

"go away Hebi-teme, no, no, not that, i'm sorry Hina-chan." she heard him say, though she couldn't understand a word of it. She saw the blonde tossing and turning and clutching his right arm as if it was in pain and she rushed to his side, "Naruto! Naruto wake up!" he sat bolt right up and they smashed foreheads. "owe Naruto! That hurt!" she cried from her place on the floor while glaring at the blonde who sighed and helped her up.

"What were you dreaming about Naruto?" she asked dusting off her pants while looking at him expectantly.

He looked away with ashamed, sad and scared eyes. She was about to tell him it was okay and he didn't have to tell her when he sighed, "I-I was standing there, right when he showed up, he was going to kill her, I couldn't move. Than… I was the one who killed her, despite trying to resist the movements." He said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

She couldn't help it, to see someone in so much pain, it stabbed at her heart like a knife and she wrapped her arms around him and said, "it's okay, Naruto. You weren't the one to do anything, don't let emotions steer you away from real life; it was a nightmare… not reality or an unaccomplished dream. It was a nightmare." She said soothingly as he pulled away and smiled at her.

"Thanks Hermione-chan, I needed that." He said with a grin as he took a step back. She blushed at his antics despite herself and smiled back at him.

"so, I'm just curios though, who were the people in your dream?" she asked him.

"my girlfriend and the snake teme." he muttered darkly.

"Oh, okay then. You should get ready, we'll be leaving shortly for the quiditch cup, so hurry." And with that she left the room. He sighed and gathered up some clothes and got dressed and put on his Hitei-ate with a grin as he left through the door to his room that was scattered with books and notes and even a few new language books of the basics to Chinese, German, Latin, and even Spanish.

He sighed as he got to the living room where Fred tossed him a slice of toast while the others were finishing theirs. He had the strangest feelings that this was a prank of some sort as he took the first bite.

Fred and George held their breath and silently counted down. Three…two…one… but all they heard was a small sound of something exploding and opened their eyes to see Naruto eating the toast and Ron the one with a black face full of smoke.

They jaw dropped, "hey! How'd you do that, I gave you the one with the smoke bomb, not Ron?!" Fred demanded.

"Simple replacement's not as hard as you think, especially since I knew you'd try something like this." Naruto said with a sigh, as Ron got red in the face from it.

"Why'd you do it to me? Why not one of them?!" Ron demanded pointing at the twins as Naruto shrugged making Ron huff and look away.

"well, anyway, where are Bill, Charley and Per-Percy?" Fred said failing to contain his twelfth yawn that hour since he awoke.

"well… since they'll be apparating, they can stay sleeping for awhile now can't they?" Mrs. Weasley said to them.

"so they're stil in bed?" Fred and George grumbled pulling some more toast out and eating it. They swallowed and looked up, "Why can't we apparate too?" they asked in unison.

"cause you two have not passed the test yet." Mrs. Weasley snapped. She looked around the kitchen, "and where in the world have those girls run off to?" she asked. She stood up again.

"they're getting ready still." Naruto said. He knew that too, they said it to him when they were walking before they left through the door again. Mrs. Weasley sighed and walked out and they heard her walking up the stairs.

"so you need to take a test to apparate somewhere?" Harry asked.

"Oh yes, of course." Mr. Weasley said tucking the cup tickets into his pocket safely in his jean pocket. "The Department of Transportation had to fine a few for apparating without a license. It's not easy to do it, apparation. And if it's not done properly, it can lead to the nastiest results, theirs a pair that went an Splinched themselves in the group I'm talking of." He said to them.

Everyone but Harry and Hermione winced, "Err… 'Splinched?" Harry asked.

"cut themselves in two pieces and left one behind." Naruto said looking up from the book he'd pulled out from who knows where. "So, they were stuck, couldn't move if they wanted to. Must've had to wait for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad to sort it all out. It also must've meant a fair amount of paper work too. And if muggles would've spotted the body parts left behind… must've been plenty." He said continuing to read about whatever it was he was reading as the two girls and Mrs. Weasley came in.

They all looked at him skeptically. "How'd you know all that?" Mr. Weasley asked him carefully.

"This book is all about the ministry." He held out the book. "Besides, it's not that hard for me to know how much paper work there was, must've been plenty." He said. "So… was I right about the whole muggles finding the body parts?" he asked.

Mr. Weasley nodded. Harry suddenly got the image of a pair of legs or an eyeball on the pavement of privet drive, all alone and abandoned. "Are they okay?" he asked.

"Oh yes, yes they are." Mr. Weasley said, "got a nasty fine though. I don't think they'll be trying it again anytime soon. Most wizards don't bother with apparation. All prefer brooms- safer but slower." He added with a nod.

"I still don't get why we have to be u-up so early." Ginny said yawning while rubbing her eyes tiredly

"We've got quit a walk ahead of us." He glanced at Naruto, he was looking wide awake and smiling as he was also reading a different book and had the other one on the table. "You're not tired Naruto?" he asked.

"Oh, I was, not anymore, I just have to wait for my energy to come back is all." Naruto said before yawning abit, "okay maybe I'm a little tired." He said rubbing his left eyes with his hand.

"Did you say walk, we're walking to the quiditch cup?" Hermione asked.

"no, that's miles of miles away, we're only walking a little ways but we must do it carefully and slowly. A band of wizards attract attention, we must travel as carefully as we can, especially on an occasion as large as the World Cu—" he was cut off.

"George and Fred Weasley!" Mrs. Weasley shrieked making them all jump.

"what?" they asked in an innocent voice that fooled absolutely no one.

"what do you have in your pockets?" she demanded.

"n-nothing! Nothing at all/"

"Don't lie to me young men." She said tacking out her wand and pointing it at them, "accio' she said and a few Ton-Tongue Toffees and cream canaries along with many other prank equipmentcame out of their pockets.

"I thought I told you that you could not take them with us, what in bloody hell are you planning with these?" she demanded.

"we were, uh, going to try and prank Naruto and Percy." They said nervously.

"well we're going to have to destroy them, and what's left in your room." She said sternly.

"but we've spent the last six months making them, you can't do that!" Fred shouted at her.

"Six months! Six months!" she shrieked, "no wonder we haven't gotten any more O.W.L.s! if you don't study more I'll forbid you from ever making another prank item till you're both thirty seven, understood?" she said sternly as they paled and nodded quickly.

The twins quickly ran out the door, without another word to their mum, as Mrs. Weasley kissed Mr. Weasley on the cheek. "have a great time. I'll send the other boys around midday, okay?" Mr. Weasley nodded to his wife as he, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Naruto walked out after Fred and George.

It was a dark, cold night, with the moon still out. They only had it as light and only an orange tinge to the right could mark the break of dawn. Harry sped up and walked next to Mr. Weasley. "So, how do everyone get to the World Cup without the muggles noticing it?" he asked.

"it's a large organization problem," Mr. Weasley sighed out. "The problem is that about more then a hundred thousand wizards turn up at the cup. And of course, we haven't got the right amount of space for a large amount of wizards to accommodate to themselves. So we must find an abandoned moor or building and set up as many precautions as possible/ the whole ministry's been working on the problem for two months at the least. So for those who don't want to or can't for that matter, use apparation, use portkeys. They're objects that are used to transport large or small groups, or even just one wizard at a time to another prearranged location. You can do it at any place as long as you get to the right place at a time. Ours will be a the top of Stoatshead Hill, so that's where we're headed." Mr. Weasley explained.

They trudged down the dark path into the town near where they found Naruto at the beginning of summer. They walked down the dark, gloomy path towards said village, their silence broken only by the footstep of everyone but Naruto. He was so quiet that every now and then one would look back to make sure he was still there.

The sky lightened very, very slowly as they made their way through the village. Naruto sighed and jumped up to the roof tops and made his way a head as the others just gaped at the blonde's energy.

When they got out of the village Naruto was sitting in the grass looking at the stars in the darkness. He slowly stood as they continued walking. Harry's hands were so cold he couldn't even feel them anymore, as were the others. Mr. Weasley kept glancing at his watch as they walked.

They didn't even have the chance to talk as they began their climb of Stoatshead Hill, occasionally stumbling on hidden rabbit holes or tripping on think tuffs of dark grass, and Naruto even slipped on a few snake holes. Each breath they took were sharp in their chest and Harry and Hermione felt their legs about to seize up on them when, at last their feet hit almost leveled ground.

"whew. That was a nice work out." Naruto said whipping the sweat on his brow as the others came up behind him and gapped at his energy.

Mr. Weasley looked tat his watched and said, "well, we've made great time—we've got about twelve minutes… now! All we need is to find the portkey and-" he was cut off.

"over here Arthur!" a shout came, "we've found it!" the voice came again.

They walked over the hilltop and two silhouetted tall figures were against the starry dawn sky.

Mr. Weasley smiled and said, "Amos!" striding over to the man that had shouted. The rest followed.

Mr. Weasley shook hands with a ruddy-faced wizard with a scrubby brown beard and was holding up a moldy-looking boot in his other free hand.

"this is Amos Diggory everyone," Mr. Weasley said to them. "He works for the Department of the Regulations and Control of Magical Creatures. And this is his son, Cedric."

Cedric Diggory was and extremely handsome fellow that one. He was captain and seeker for Hufflepuff House Quiditch team at Hogwarts.

"Hi." Cedric said looking at them.

Everyone said 'hi' back except for the twins, who merely nodded to him. They were still quit upset that Cedric's team had beaten theirs in the first match the year before.

"Long walk Arthur?" Amos asked.

"not at all. We live just on the other end of that village at the bottom of the hill down the path. You?" he replied.

"we had to get up around three or two. Didn't we Ced?" Amos Diggory replied. "still… I'm not complaining, wouldn't miss the world cup for a sack of Galleons. But it looks like you got off easy." He looked at the seven teens in front of him. "all these your Arthur?" he asked.

"no, only the red heads, but the others are Hermione- one of Ron's friends, Harry- another of Ron's friends, and Naruto, he's the new exchange student at Hogwarts." Mr. Weasley replied to the man in front of him. "It must be nearly time?" he said looking at his watch again. "do you know whether or not we're waiting for anymore, Amos?" he asked.

"no, no we're not, everyone else is either already there or couldn't get tickets." Amos Diggory replied

"it's a minute off." Mr. Weasley said looking at his watch, "We'd better get ready…" he looked at them, "you just need to touch it, a finger will do." he said to them.

They stood in silence, waiting, Naruto knowing that this was what took him here in the first place, "three… two… one" it happened almost immediately; they felt a hook in their navel, it jerked irresistibly forward. Their feet left the solid ground; they could feel the others banging their shoulders into theirs; they were speeding in an unknown direction in a swirl of howling wind and changing colors; their body parts touching the boot were stuck to the old moldy boot as though they were medal and the boot was a magnate, then--

Their feet hit the ground, the teens, hold Naruto, fell over and into the ground with a mouth full of grass and dirt, the portkey hit the ground near Harry and Ron's heads with a loud thud.

Harry looked uo and saw the two adults and Cedric standing but looked really winded. He looked at the others on the ground as he disentangled himself from Ron and Hermione. Everyone was there but Naruto, then, all of a sudden, Naruto landed gracefully on the ground next to them. He tilted his head to the side and it cracked, it sounded painful, but if he was hurt he didn't show it, he didn't even look as though he went through a wind storm, he looked normal, like nothing had even happened a side from the cut on his left cheek.

"are you guys okay?" he asked helping Ginny and Hermione to their feet.

"yeah, thanks." Ginny said with Hermione.

"my pleasure." Naruto said with a grin as he wiped the blood off his cheek.

"what happened to your cheek?" Hermione asked.

"oh, I landed in that tree over there." Naruto replied pointing to the tree closest on the right.

"oh, okay than" Hermione said as a man came up and said, "guess you've had a long trip then?" they spu and saw two, tired looking men.

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