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AN (sparkly): Something I just wanted to write. It twists things my way – in favor of Sparky of course! Set right after Sanctuary. Written in a rush but Enjoy!

A Thing for Diplomats

By: sparklyshimmer2010

"What happened back on Proculus? Major Sheppard was not very forthcoming when I asked, and I am very curious."

"Yes, who wouldn't be, with an actual ancient?" Elizabeth smiled at Teyla, who was standing across the desk. "According to his report he showed up and the Wraith were there, Chaya appeared, disappeared, and then the energy weapon destroyed the Wraith. Turns out 'Chaya' is also Athar."

Teyla sat down in the chair. "She hides as Chaya among the people?"

"Yes. Protecting her people, only her people I should add, is her punishment for when she interfered before."

So she may not offer us sanctuary there after all."

"No." Elizabeth sighed.

"He made it safely to the planet then? Talked to her and came back is all?"

Elizabeth paused. "Well that's what the Major's report says, but I can't help the feeling he left something out."

"It must not have been important."

Right, Elizabeth thought bitterly. So was it something personal he didn't want to share? Something about him and Chaya? She didn't dislike the woman – she had been telling the truth when she said she had sensed nothing but a spiritual woman. It was just…Chaya and John had something. That much was obvious. A silent jealousy raged inside, surprising her when she had first heard about Chaya and John from Rodney.

While he heart panged on the inside, outside she said normally, "No of course not, and it's not really my place to ask."

"You know," Teyla began carefully, "I do not think Major Sheppard was dreadfully heartbroken to let her go."

"Hmmm," Elizabeth made a noncommittal noise, wondering where Teyla was going with this. She wasn't that transparent to the Athosian was she?

"We are all friends, are we not?"

"Yes of course!"

The smaller woman leaned forwards a little with a small smile. "Then I would like to say that I think the Colonel…has a 'thing'? for diplomats."

Elizabeth's eyes widened but she didn't say anything, instead silently looked at Teyla. The woman was always honest.

"Earlier, before Major Sheppard's and Chaya's 'picnic', he said it was for ambassadorial diplomatic reasons, as she was apparently acting as a diplomat."

"Oh," Elizabeth mumbled, averting her eyes downward in thinly veiled disappointment. "And you're a diplomat too, for the Athosians."

Teyla started. She supposed she was a diplomat then, but she knew she and Major Sheppard were only friends and she knew he knew that too.

"I meant you, Doctor."

Elizabeth's eyes rose up again in honest surprise.

"You think so?"

Teyla nodded. "And do not worry. While he is not acting on his feelings, I believe it is only a matter of time. He likes you the most."

She grinned and walked out of the office.