Himeka (Hitsuhina/Me): Konichiwa Minna

Himeka (Hitsuhina/Me): Konichiwa Minna! Watashiwa Hitsuhina desu My old account got too boring so I decided to create a new one 3.

Mikan: This is your first fanfiction right Hi-chan?

Himeka: Well my first GAKUEN ALICE fan fiction yeah XD.

Mikan: Can't wait to hear it :3.

Himeka: Shucks… I'm serious…I suck so bad in righting these things XP.

Mikan: You're being too modest again D:

Himeka: Blah…You agree right?? Natsu?? Hotaru??

Natusme and Hotaru: Hn.

Mikan: No fair! Their answer was too obvious! Ne Ruka-pyon?

Ruka: Aa.

Himeka: So was his and yours…Anyways…

All: Enjoy!

Summary: Mikan leaves without saying a word…When she comes back, she brings new friends… What is this?? More rivals?? Natsume also has a girlfriend…Hotaru and Ruka going out?! And why is the AAO circling around Mikan so much? The principle of the elementary division didn't send Mikan to Alice Academy for training reasons?! First Gakuen Alice fanfiction. NxM, OCsxNxM, RxH, etc….

Chapter 1: Proluge

Mikan walked into the class right before the bell rang. Luckily, Jin wasn't here yet to get her into trouble again. However, that was the only good thing for our brunette. Koko read her mind the moment she walked in and gasped. He was wordless due to the shock he received. He then looked at Mikan doubtfully and hopefully, wanting a sure answer. Mikan gave him a small, sad smile. She knew how much of a big mouth he was so she covered his mouth and then whispered in his ears. The boy with the super hearing alice couldn't hear her because Mikan had temporarily put up a nullification alice barrier. Gasps could be heard from the room, many students misunderstood it and thought that the two were in some type of special relationship.

After whispering, she looked at Koko again and sat in her seat after receiving a nod from him. Everybody crowded around Koko and began asking him questions about what had happened just now. Koko tried his best to not answer and gave a quick glimpse at Mikan. She gave him a smile to thank him. Natsume and Ruka, it seemed, were keeping the crowds away from her without her knowing. How very dense of her. Hotaru, however, approached Mikan, and Natsume didn't bother resisting against the cold inventor. To add on, he knew that she could possibly get the answers out of her for him.

"Oi baka, what did you tell Koko? Better yet, what were you thinking? What did Koko hear?" Hotaru asked with her usual emotionless expression. Mikan looked at Hotaru for a while then at the ground. She refused to tell are anything. Hotaru knew that if she wouldn't listen when she asked nicely, she had to use force. Much to her dismay, Jin came in when she was about to shoot Mikan with her newest and best version of the baka bazooka. Everybody scurried to their seats knowing how Jin would react to disobedience and the painful math class began…

After class ended, Mikan quickly disappeared before anybody got the chance to ask her about anything. Sadly, it looked like she took Koko along with her. Natsume just growled at this while Hotaru began inventing a new invention that could find them in a second. Natsume and Ruka tried their best to ignore everybody and their little 'rumors' and left. It was lunch time but both of them didn't feel the need to eat. They were both walking around the school until somebody's hand suddenly dragged them away.

"Hey what the hell is your prob…Imai?" Natsume asked. As he turned back, he saw the serious, worried expression of the inventor. She laid her finger near her lips signaling him to shut up. She also showed him her baka bazooka, as if she was threatening him. Then she peeked around the corner and watched the scene. Ruka and Natsume, both curious, did the same. Mikan was talking to Koko. The trio leaned closer to hear the conversation.

"So when are you going to come back?" the mind reader asked the brunette. He was too concentrated on her mind to notice that three new people – minds – have entered the scene.

"I'm not sure." Mikan answered him as she shook her head. After a few seconds, he gave out a big sigh and looked into her hazel eyes. It was full of grief and pain.

"In the end, he is the one deciding everything, huh." Koko finally said. Mikan nodded slowly, but sadly. By now, Hotaru, Ruka, and Natsume had confused, yet worried faces. To add on to this, they knew there was something wrong with their Mikan, but didn't know what. Mikan looked at Koko and suddenly grabbed his hand. Ruka, Natsume, and Koko both flinched, but Koko only flinched because it surprised him. However, Natsume and Ruka had an entirely different reason.

"Please, please, PLEASE promise me. You won't tell anybody no matter what. Especially, Hotaru, Ruka, and Natsume. You're free to tell them anything, after this is all over, but until then…" Mikan begged Koko in a desperate tone. Her hazel eyes began to water – she was going to cry. Koko gulped and this and thought for a while.

"Including the class and the sempais huh."

Mikan nodded

"You're not going to say why?"

Mikan shook her head again. Koko gave out another sigh and sat down on the ground cross legged. He then looked up at the sad brunette. He "wore" his usual happy grin again.

"Ok. I won't ask you anything else. My lips are sealed." Koko told her. Mikan gave him her trademark angelic smile. Ruka blushed thousands shades of red and Natsume did his best to keep his cool and not let his hormones get out of control. The two began to walk towards them after finishing the conversation. The threesome knew that they had to hide but how? Natsume was about to drag the two to a bush, but…too late.

"Natsume? Ruka-pyon? Hotaru? What are you guys…" Mikan whispered after seeing the three. Ruka was near panicking mode. Koko stayed silent, just to be on the safe side. Hotaru got ready to take her baka gun out, but Natsume laid his hands on hers to prevent her from doing so. Mikan thought about the possibility of them hearing their conversation but decided to doubt that. Mikan and Natsume looked into each other's eyes. He then lit his finger with his fire alice.

"Tell us. What. Is. Going. On." Natsume questioned with his dangerous tone. It looked like threatening to everybody except Mikan though. Mikan didn't say anything, she just stayed quiet. This was beginning piss Natsume off. He wanted to throw a fire ball at her, but he just couldn't find himself having the courage to do so. Somebody suddenly spoke out.

"Natsume, stop playing around and let's get you started." Everybody looked back. In the shadows, Persona stepped out. He began to walk towards his favorite kuro neko. Natsume looked at Mikan then at Persona. He grinded his teeth together in frustration. Something fishy was definitely going on. Persona came in a too bad of a timing. To add on, Mikan wasn't surprised by his sudden appearance like she would've been. Yes… Something definitely was going on. He calmly looked at Mikan and glared at Persona. He looked at the brunette one last time and then left with his sensei.

--Next Day--


Hotaru looked at the door full of hope, but with her emotionless expression still on.


She tried to listen closely to a particular sound and drowned out all other noise.


Her eyes became desperate.


She was shocked to see that he still didn't hear the sound


She was surprised…

Mikan always came in this time exactly. She waited for a few more minutes and gave up when the bell rang. Classes began, but Mikan was still no where in sight. Anna and Nonoka had checked her room before coming into the class, but nobody was there. Plus they could have sworn that the room was too empty. The teachers didn't seem to care much about her absence either. It seemed like that they knew Mikan wasn't going to be here. Narumi wasn't his happy-go-lucky self today to add on to the other things. Koko also put on a sad, pained face. To make everything worse, Natsume wasn't back from his mission yet…Not that she cared though.

"Um…Narumi-sensei? Do you know what happened to Sakura-san?" Yuu asked bravely. Koko and Narumi winced at the sound of her name. Hotaru notice this and took out two baka bazookas and aimed it at the two. Then she released the button.


"Ouch! Imai-san, that wasn't nice of you." Narumi said in his usual joking tone, after he was hit by the bazooka. Koko dodged it because he had read her mind ahead of time. But come to think of it…Was Hotaru EVER nice to Narumi? Hotaru reloaded the ammo and aimed at the two again. Koko got ready to dodge and Narumi tried to calm her down.

"Answer me gay sensei, baka mind reader. What happened to the baka?" Hotaru asked in her expressionless tone. Something was going on. She tried her best to ignore it, but her patience got the better of her. At the sound of her name, Narumi and Koko both looked down at the ground. Hotaru got ready to press the button.

"She…Koko, you tell them. I give you permission to say it now." Narumi said in a sad tone. He couldn't say it. Whatever it was, was hurting him deep down. Koko stayed quiet for a while. The class concentrated on him and waited him to say something. Just when Hotaru was ready to shoot, Koko began to talk.

"Mikan will be….leaving this school…" Koko said. Everybody quickly crowded around him and began to ask him questions. Hotaru and Ruka didn't budge. They didn't get it. Mikan? Leaving? It had to be a lie. Why would the idiot leave all of a sudden? She couldn't have possibly lost her alice or something.

"We don't know when she'll come back. More than a year? For sure. Three years at best? Yes. Will she ever come back? We don't know. We might never see her again…" Narumi explained to the shocked and confused crowd of students. As he was talking, the class was thrown into chaos. However, the class quieted down after hearing the last part. They all looked at him in disbelief. Ruka imagined this to be one horrible nightmare. He believed that he would wake up and see the brunette smiling her angelic smile at him. Hotaru, who never showed any type of emotions what so ever, panicked.

"Narumi-sensei, why did she leave?" Sumire asked for the class. She felt she should ask as Mikan's 'rival'. They all sat quietly, waiting for a reasonable answer. Narumi said nothing and looked at Koko who was trying to avoid his gaze. Then at the same time, they sighed.

"We don't know either. Mikan said she doesn't know exactly either, but she knew kind of…The only thing we know is that she'll be leaving to Alice Academy." Narumi said as he looked at Koko. Whispers arose again and the class got noisy. She left just because. This was stupid and annoying.

"Not really. It's not like she wanted to go." Koko said after reading Hotaru's mind. They all stared at Koko wanting some more explanations. Koko gave them a nervous laugh and rubbed the back of his head.

"Do you really thinkg that she'd leave her friends?" Koko asked as his serious expression returned to his face again, and then there was silence. Hotaru snapped out of her 'trance'. That was true…Mikan wouldn't leave just like that. She then looked at Narumi.

"Oi, baka-sensei, when is she leaving?" Hotaru questioned him. Koko and Narumi's face darkened. Everybody knew that this wasn't a good sign, but Hotaru wanted to believe in her hope. Then Koko muttered something barely audible. However, everybody managed to make out what he said.

"In five minutes…"

"That baka mind reader… He should have told us earlier." Hotaru said in an annoyed tone. She couldn't keep her cool face. She was riding in her duck hover boat with Ruka right behind her. Everybody else was far behind because they were running.

"Well you should be happy. Koko wasn't supposed to tell until she left." Ruka told her, "I just feel bad for Natsume." Ruka added and looked at the direction of the northern forest. Natsume's mission was taking place over there.

"Not really it's the baka's fault for not being here." Hotaru told him. Just then, the academy's entrance came into sight. There was a long white limo that Mikan was upposed to leave with. There were bodyguard looking people packing some luggage into the car's trunk. They finally arrived in front of the entrance. Mikan looked back to see two of her best friends. She gave them a nervous, small smile. Hotaru took out her baka gun and aimed, but didn't shoot.

"Baka…baka, baka, baka…" Hotaru said leaning her head on Mikan and punching her lightly. In front on Mikan, she turned into a helpless little girl who could be broken easily. Ruka just stood there, speechless. He couldn't find anything to say or do. Then the trunk closed. The three flinched then looked at each other.

"Mikan sama…We're going to leave in one minute." One of the men in black suit said. Mikan sighed then looked at the two with sad eyes. She then searched through her packet and gave Hotaru around twenty pieces of paper

"This is…?" Hotaru asked as she took the papers from her. She held up a finger then smiled brightly.

"It's a secret ok? You can open yours and give the other ones to the kids in the class. Their names are on the envelope." Mikan explained to her. The Mikan looked at Ruka. Hid didn't move. She looked down with a forced smile then was about to enter the car but… the entire B class finally came into sight. She didn't want to say goodbye and looked at Koko for a thought conversation. She the looked away with tears streaming down her cheeks, and got in the limo. The car started its engine. The class began to run faster just so that they could get to her in time. Too late… the car began to leave. The class finally arrived at the scene and began to scream for her name.

In the car, Mikan tried her best to drown out all the noise. Just then, a familiar voice called for her. She turned back. There he was. Natsume. For some reason, she couldn't stop the tears from coming down. Her plain tears soon turned into a weep. She quickly opened the window and faced Natsume who was trying to run to the car to catch a glimpse of her.

"G…gomen Natsume!" Mikan cried. Natsum'es eyes widened. Was Mikan crying because of him?

"You better hurry back…Mikan!" Natsume yelled back trying to be cool as possible Mikan's eyes widened at the sound of her name. She immediately smiled.

"OK!" and with that, the limo disappeared out of sight. Natsume stopped running and tried to catch his breathe. He looked at the place where Mikan had disappeared. He then felt something dripping down from his eyes…This was the first time that he did such a thing…But he knew something…

She was gone.

AN: Well this is my first Gakuen Alice fanfiction. I have always liked the concept of Mikan leaving for a few years (or maybe forever or few days /) Hope you liked it. Oh and I thought of her leaving with Persona somewhere for training purposes, but…I decided to make her go to another alice school. –smile- Yay for Gakuen Alice! –Cheers- Anyways please Read and Review and criticism that are constructive is welcome. However, NO FLAMING PLEASE.