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Summary: All of Mikan's friends have teamed up to come up with a good plan to get Mikan out of the clutches of the elementary principal. But WHO will be her knight in shining armor this time??? And lets just hope that they aren't too late...

Chapter 7: Her Knight in Shining Armor? Part 2

"Ken....If you get us lost...I swear I'll kill you...Because this is SO not the time to be lost." Ryu warned his brother when he saw signs of him hesitating in split halls. Ken stayed silent but nervousness was evident on his face.

"Ken...I agree with your bro on this....At this rate we might just be too late...Does ANYBODY here have a knowledge alice??? Even a navigation alice will do." Mia asked the crowd that was running right behind her. She didn't like how there was no answer to the question. Ryu snarled something under his breathe that only Ken caught on to. Ken, as a result, began to show signs of panicing. Sure he was cold and emotionless, but when it came to his brother's temper, it was the end of the world for him. Last time he had went over board with Ryu...Lets just say that the results weren't pretty at all.

"I don't have either but I have a brief idea of where they are." Hotaru said in her usual tone.

"Well why didn't you tell us earlier then?" Mike asked Hotaru with a frown. She glared at him and aimed the baka bazooka.

"Shut up when somebody is trying to explain you baka." Hotaru said in a dangerous tone. Mike rolled his eyes at this.

"Now if I remember correctly, the punishment rooms are located in the elementary division's basements. However, Mikan is probably locked up in a cell right now. This means she is currently at the Hana Hime Shrine. You remember that place right Natsume? The Aoi rescue mission." Hotaru told them all. Natsume kept on his emotionless face at the mention of his younger sister. He hadn't seen him ever since she had left for his father five years ago. The academy still hadn't let him contact them yet.

"Well apparently, most of us have no clue where that is so would you mind leading isntead of Ken Imai-san?" Allen asked politely. Without an arguement, Hotaru ran in front of Ken and headed for the Hana Hime Shrine. Sure Hotaru was bad at atheletics, but after the swimming incident that caused Mikan to laugh at her, she trained a lot physically. She was even able to keep up with Natsume when it came to running.

"Hey Allen." Mia called for the boy as they were following the inventor.


"Both Imai and I...had this...Strange feeling before we left the room...." Mia began. Allen looked at her in a funny expression. Mia frowned at the boy's reaction.

"You're really being unhelpful right now. Did you know that?" Mia asked him. Allen shrugged and run ahead, leaving her to her own thoughts.

After a few minutes of running ("Can we rest? I think I'll die if I run more...." Sumire complained. "Well sorry Shouda but I'll kill you before that happens if you keep complaining." Ryu threatened. "Ok...I'll shut up now..." Sumire groaned. "What is that I hear?" Ryu asked her. "Nothing." Sumire was silent for the rest of the way after this incident.), they finally arrived only to be greeted by guards.

"Who are you and what business do you have with Hii-sama?" the two girls asked in an army like voice. of course the guards would be girls as well. The principal would never let a boy protect her grounds. Hotaru stepped up in front of them again after catching her breathe.

"Imai Hotaru. I demand that you take us to Hii-Sama and the other higher ups." Hotaru said. The two froze at the sound of Hotaru's name. They couldn't decide on either to let her in or not. She was Hii-Sama's favorite girl but then again, they were told to not let anybody in. But then again, in front of them were tons of dangerous people like Hyuuga Natsume and Ibaragi Nobara that could easily kill them within a second...However, their honor and pride would be hurt if they let them in without a fight. To add on to them, Hii-Sama would be disappointed. Since this was Hotaru Imai though, Hii-Sama would've been happy. this was a challenging decision for the two girls. Plus who couldn't resist tons of hot looking boys in one spot?

"Lets make a deal then, I promise to give both of you a set of photos containing pictures of every single boy you see here." Hotaru told them. The boys twitched at Hotaru's offer ("Since when did she get OUR pictures too?!" Kukai shouted in disbelief. "Since you guys were hot looking from the beginning and therefore Hotaru knew you guys would be big as well." Ruka told him in pity. He understood how he felt. That was the exact response he had when Hotaru had done this to him first.). However, it obviously seemed to satisfy the girls.

"Please enjoy your stay here Imai-san!" The two shouted in unison and made way for the group.

Knowing that they had wasted a lot more time than expected to persuade the guards, they picked up the pace. Natsume was running in the lead this time. He quickly turned at a corner and opened a mysterious looking door that led to a staircase that went down into the cell rooms.

"Ok...Now HOW are we going to find the higher ups? Or even Mikan at that?" Sayumi questioned the group. There was a moment of silence.

"I suggest that we split just like we did last time we came here." Ruka suggested. Hotaru shook her head to that suggestion.

"No, even if we would find them sooner, we wouldn't have enough convincing power...Or just raw power at that. Let me remind you that this is the HIGHER UPS we are talking about. They are possibly stronger than all of us put together." Hotaru argued.

"Ne Hotaru-Chan, don't you have any people finding type of invention?" Anna asked innocently with a big smile.

"Ah...Right..." Hotaru said as she took out a labtop out of absolutely nowhere.

"Couldn't she have done that from the BEGINNING?" Ryu asked annoyedly. Hotaru gave him a quick death glare, beginning a very short eye fight, and continued on with the labtop.

"Ok, I spotted her. Follow that robot in front of you." Hotaru ordered. There was a robot in front of them that had already begun to move forward at a fast pace. It looked like Penguin from a while back except it had an antenna that was blinking on top of its head. The group ran after Penguin and soon arrived in front of a huge door.

"How come we never saw this here before?" Youichi asked in amazement. Last time they had come, no such door had been here. Or thats what they thought. It was possible that they just hadn't gone deep enough to encounter it. Allen took a deep breath.

"Are you guys ready?" most nodded in response, giving him the cue to open the door. Once they opened the door, the sudden bright light blinded them for a few seconds. When they were able to see much more clearly again, the spotted a group of older looking people looking straight at them. One of them being Mikan's uncle of course.

"You guys...What are you..." Narumi asked his students in shock. He knew that they would've probably attempted to save Mikan, but he didn't really expect this to happen. He wasn't expecting them here. What was more of a shocker to him was that the two groups, old friends and new friends, were actually working together. That was a miracle considering how bad their relationship was with each the last time he saw them together. Mia stepped in front of the rest of the group and eyed them dangerously.

"We...would like it very much if you guys kindly RELEASED our friend that you guys are torturing." Mia told them in the calmest voice possible.

"Do you REALLY think we'll let her go even if you ask us like that?" Persona said with an evil smirk. By now, most of them were thinking just about the same thing: he was SO going down after all this was over.

"Well, sure she killed a regular..." Suki began.

"Dangerous ability." her boyfriend corrected her.

"DANGEROUS ABILITY student. But she did that in PURE SELF DEFENSE. I mean that Ayume or Fuyumi or whatever girl looked as if she was ready to murder Mikan! Plus she provoked her..." Suki continued.

"Forced her." Jin corrected her again.

"FORCED HER, into her mission mode which comes out ONLY when somebody is trying to attack her with a harmful intent...Or if we just feed her that pill Mike always carries around with him. Plus who would like to see dead more? Mikan or Rumi?" Suki asked.

"Ayumi." Jin corrected her once again with a sigh. Suki gave him a small nervous laugh, but to cheer him up, she kissed him on the cheeks.

"Well, we'd like to see neither of them dead but it didn't happen now did it?" a very old looking man told Suki.

"Well I'm very sorry to say, but ONE of them was bound to die for sure. And it just HAPPENED to be the WEAKER and more COWARDLY one out of the two. By the looks of it, the dead girl was practically asking Mikan to kill her. And you all probably know already that Mikan cannot control herself while in that mode. She isn't even consious." Sayumi said in a desperate tone.

"Don't waste your breath explaining to somebody who is this stubborn Sayu. Now..." Ryu told the girl and looked back at their "Current enemies".

"Lookie here, if you don't let Mikan go right now, I swear that we'll kill every last one of you... We're not even bluffing right now. Lets take a look at some of our alices now shall we? Fire, ice, electricity, destruction, phermone, nature, wind, manipulation..And thats not even all of it." Ryu said with a grin that got bigger with the mention of each dangerous alice. He believed that nobody in their right mind would attack them if they knew that they had these alices, even these old jerks.

"Now, now. Isn't this getting interesting. Mikan no Hana seems to have a lot of supporters." Hime-Sama said in an amused tone. Hotaru stepped up this time.

"Hime-Sama, I know that you like her a lot too. So why don't you just let her off this time?" Hotaru asked her in the most respectful way. Persona laughed at this, which earned him her glares.

Allen was just looking around the room looking for something...or somebody.

"Anybody care to explain why the ESP isn't present in such a huge and important meeing?" Allen questioned them in a suspecting voice. Nobody spoke until the high school principal began to laugh a bit. The group looked at him with confused expressions.

"It seems you JUST noticed." Hime-Sama said, trying to hold back her laughter.

"Ok..What the heck is this..Are we missing something?" Natsume asked them in a purely annoyed tone.

"Watch the temper HYUUGA." Persona warned his former student. Natsume ignored him and looked at the two principals, wanting an answer.

"It seems that when we took our eyes off for Mikan a bit, she used one of her alices on him. So he is currently out cold at the moment. And if you know us, none of us are on his side." Narumi said with a smile. Everybody's jaws dropped. And they would leave her alone for doign THAT? Practically, this was worse than killing a dangerous ability student was it not?

"'She is still in an anti alice cell right now but we've already let her off the hook. Plus only the ESP was against the idea of letting her go so everything is fine...For now'...Is that right?" Allen said with a small, but shocked, smile. He had read the mind of Mikan's uncle when he got impatient of waiting for unstraightforward answers.

"Getting impatient now aren't we?" her uncle asked with a small smile that was barely noticeable.

"Wait..Then how about Persona...?" Natsume asked, still trying to process the entire situation in his head right now.

"He has been on our side since Mikan left. He felt that he had to be on our side after looking at 'his' daughter. Right 'Rei'?" the high school principal said looking at Persona without a change in his expression.

"Hai." was the simple answer Persona gave them.

"Wait...So....No action?" Tsuabasa asked all of a sudden. Everybody looked at him, after a while some of the higher ups laughed at him.

"If you want action you can always go on a mission. Plus why would we want to harm Mikan when the ESP is out cold? Afterall...She is our only hope for our war with the AAO soon." Hii-Sama said getting suddenly serious as she mentioned the AAO. All the happy faces suddenly turned grim. However the idiotic ones like Kukai and Ryu still had no clue what had just happened.

"So...What will you do then when the ESP wakes up?" Nobara asked shyly from behind Tsubasa. Misaki was a bit jealous about that but she gave in because she knew Nobara wasn't trying to do anything to her boyfriend. Rather if Tsubasa probably would've been the one who'd flirt with her.

"Ah..About that...Mikan actually put him into a coma of some sort. So when he wakes up isn't completely for sure yet." Narumi explained. Nobara looked at him wide eyed. Did that mean the dangerous ability students were now free from missions?

"Well not YET my dear 'Ice Princess of the Dangerous Ability Class'." another higher up, the one that Allen had met after the death scene, told Nobara.

So...he had the mind reading alice then...?Allen thought.

"On the contrary, I have the knowledge alice which allows me to know many things. But its only limtied to a few things..." he answered Allen out loud then looked at the others again.

"As I said...Mikan is our only hope...If she beats the AAO...Yes the dangerous ability students will be able to stop taking missions. They will also be able to partake in events they weren't allowed long ago. However, as I mentioned jsut now...Thats an 'if' situation." the man began to explain again. Everybody stayed quiet to let him speak. He sighed then look up at the ceiling.

"Thats because....The AAO's current leader....He has taken control of Yuka..And the only person who can stop Yuka...Is Mikan...This....The battle between daughter and mother...will be what decides it all...And if Mikan suceeds...Yuka will be free from the leader's alice...And also...." and he didn't continue the rest of the sentence...The tension of the room continued to rise...

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