Author's Note; a random not-quite-oneshot inspired by none other than that song everybody knows. was written on lack of sleep and when i should have been doing homework. cracky, and has no plot whatsoever. enjoy. (:

Disclaimer; i don't own either Naruto, nor the song, "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. arg. iz unfair.

Sasuke really should have planned this better. And maybe the words that had chosen to say, weren't the best choice. At all.

Especially regarding Naruto.

Because, despite the stupidity of it all, it was a completely Naruto-like thing to do.

It had started off alright enough, with a bit of awkward small-talk, a few tired insults, and finally with the raven standing nearly nose-to-nose with the blonde, so close he could hear the lyrics of the song, something about kissing girls. As Kiba would say, 'all up in his bidniz'.

Which effectively ended the conversation.

Naruto was quirking a brow, a small pout twisting his lips slighty, and making Sasuke think of a few things he'd like to do-- but said thoughts were squished into a tiny ball and thrown away (or really, as Sasuke would never admit, neatly catalogued and stored away for later purposes). Such was the mind of a Uchiha.

Back to the point.

Only a moment after dealing with his rampant imagination, the raven pulled Naruto's lone earbud out of his ear, earning him a squeak of protest. But before he could say anything, the Uchiha swiftly leaned in, and pressed his lips softly to the other's.

At first, the blonde didn't respond, but as Sasuke pulled lightly on his bottom lip, the shorter boy gave in, and put his hands on either side of the raven's head. The boys moved together in a way they weren't quite sure they knew how to, and ohgodyes it was wonderful. But, for once, Sasuke lost a little bit of his self-control, and broke away from Naruto.

"And how did you like that?" he asked smugly, smirking a bit at Naruto's slight panting. And, well, when the blonde smirked as well, Sasuke really should have silenced him then.

Naruto, however, slipped out of his tightening grip and skipped away a little, before facing the raven with a mischevious smile.

"I kissed a boy and I liked it..."

Sasuke face-palmed as Naruto laughed maniacally.