Why Zero isn't A Girl

Chapter 1

'Cause He Wasn't Born That Way.


But fate is against him, so he ends up being shoved in skirts instead of pants.

Zero was not born a girl, he was born with you know, male equipment. Somehow, he ended up in a skirt anyways. Not that he was really feminine or anything, his mom was just a little crazy. God bless her soul, may she rest in peace the twisted woman. Really, who shoves their six year old son in a dress along with his twin and takes pictures?!

Zero's mom, of course.

Fates a bitch, you already know this.

This had continued for a number of years, up till Zero was nine and Touga walked in the door to find him dressed in a skirt. The man had screamed, and screamed. For a minute Zero had questioned whether or not his teacher should be the one in the skirt. It was a pretty unmanly, horrified shriek.

So the "dress up" had come to a stop, well until Touga was thoroughly gone and Zero's mom could stuff him in a corner with Ichiru.

But whatever, childhood traumas aside Zero never thought he'd have to dress like a girl again, you know since his parents had...died. We'll avoid that subject for now though.

The Hunter Association had actually decided that Touga should continue to educate Zero, excusing his slow change to a vampire. Touga was highly paranoid over this, and really didn't think he could be the best parent ever. Well, they'd also made him Zero's legal guardian.

Though the Hunter Association had one last demand, they would say Zero Kiriyu had been exectued that fateful night of the bite. As such Zero Kiriyu had to disappear, Touga had the right to disguise Zero anyway he wanted as long as it kept him hidden.

That's how Zero found himself back in a skirt at twelve with a groaning, freaked out Touga.

"Teacher?" Zero said from the other side of the room, flowing black skirt and t-shirt fitting him well and the long blond wig on his head making him truly look like a girl.

"Yes?" Touga groaned from his chair, the one he'd been sitting and whining in since Zero had completed the change from boy to girl.

"Stop being a wuss, and whats my name now?" Zero asked bland faced and impatient. Really, the man was not the one wearing the skirt. Zero much preferred pants.

Skirts were so airy, how could girls ever want to wear such a thing?

"Uh.." Touga said, thinking for a moment and then smirking evilly.

"How about Shirley?" Zero sent his teacher such a scathing look that even Touga was surprised he didn't spontaneously combust.

"Alice?" Zero considered, it did not meet his instant disaproval at least.

"It'll do, its not the most ridiculous name I've ever heard."

"We could call you Zena." Touga joked, Zero quickly exited the room, door slamming loudly behind him. Sitting in the small kitchen of his not to big but nice sized and not really clean apartment Touga brought his head down on the table, hard.

God, when did the world get so screwed up?

Authors Note:lol Hi, this is a really messed up probably OOC crack filled little boredom ficcy. I just had to write it though, the idea of Zero dressed as a girl WOULD NOT leave my poor little head. Hehe, so really this is not a serious fic at all and is more as a side piece of amusement than anything else. If I have somehow incensed you, well sorry, and bye.

Hehe...this is gonna be fun.