Why Zero isn't A Girl


I want to start off by apologizing, for the long time that I have been absent, but mostly I want to apologize for my inability to continue this story. I stopped reading and being involved with Vampire Knight years ago, and I also quit my account because of real life issues. I just stopped paying attention because as much as I enjoy writing fanfiction, it was just that a joy. When it stopped being enjoyable and instead added to depressing me during an already rough time I took a break. I thought it would be a short break but about three years have passed now and its time to simply accept that I won't be coming back.

I would like to continue writing fanfiction again some day but I will probably never write in the Vampire Knight fandom again. I simply have no great passion for it anymore, and it is unlikely to be rekindled. I encourage you all to enjoy what I did write of this story and here's a quick idea of where this eventually probably would have gone:

So basically Zero and Kaname would dance around each other, Yuki would continue her quest to make Zero the prettiest with dresses and all sorts of stuff (eventually he would end up in a dress of course.) Kaname and Zero would almost be together when *gasp* Ichiru and whats-her-name show up! (Told you it's been forever,lol) Then I think there was going to be a weird attempted murder by Ichiru that would turn into a weird hostage situation/wedding where Shizuka? Yeah I think that was her name would eternally bind Zero and Ichiru to her. They'd be the weirdest and most murderous threesome ever except Kaname and the other vampires would come in to save the day and some how it would be revealed Zero is just a very pretty boy. Kaname would have a five second sexuality crisis and then realize he does not give a crap. There would be gratuitous making out and groping of Zero/Kaname variety with everyone else fleeing in the opposite direction while Yuki celebrated. They'd then live happily ever after with Yuki being their best girl friend who continually encourages Zero to pick up cross dressing again.

Fluffy happy times, rainbows and blood. Fade to black, END.

But yeah that's about it. I would like to thank everyone who reviewed and added this series to their alerts, and let you all know that I love you and wish you all the best. I'm sorry that I cannot continue this story.:(