Spectrum of Trials Universe Book 1: Pink Shade of Fear

By: ScarletDeva

Summary: An old friend comes back to town and reveals a thought that changes everything.

An AU series. It diverges a few months after Kimberly Ann Hart leaves for gymnastics training in Florida. The Ninjetti period is extended. Some other liberties are taken with the timeline and the canon.

Some Important Changes in canon: The Rangers gain Powers from Dulcea. Ooze never destroys Zordon's tube. They do not meet Ninjor.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama/some-Romance.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Rangers but if I did, they'd be a whole lot more fleshed out and mature than they are now. So hah!

Rating: PG-13 for safety.

Dedicated to: Jen (Gamine), Chris (Aislin BlueStar), Issa (Issa-Alien Hybred), Kerry (Dootzbugg), Ally (Ally-Kamiya), Jeannine and Rach. These awesome people have been babying, prodding and kicking me through the process of this story. Thanks guys. Thanks to everyone else too. If I didn't mention you it was due to my severe condition of the Oliver Disease.

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