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Bella and Edward knew each other in 1918. Friends but when they finally admitted they loved each other the influence hit. Edward and Bella are at different sides of the hospital and Carlisle changes Edward. But there's another vampire around he changes Bella and she's heartbroken.

Bella was by herself when human no family at all except Edward.Now she's wearing a ring and has a picture of a bronze haired boy in her head. How will she deal with forever alone when she's in love with someone she thinks has died?

Everyone wanted this story and so I'm writing it.

The Tears Shed and Another Love Triangle will be finished shortly.

Anyway this starts off with Bella looking back.

It's been years and she knows about her shielding.

As soon as she could control it she shielded her memories.

Her parents that changed her were Lillian and Damien Swan.

They kept Bellas name because it sounded normal.

Italics will be the memories she kept.

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Chicago 1918

"Bella?" I turned my head to look into his green eyes.

"Yes Edward." He looked torn as if someone was dying.

"Bella I... love you." We had stopped walking and just stood.

"What?" It was barley above a whisper.

"I love you and I think I've always have. I know you probably don't-" I stopped him.

"Why now?" I wanted to know. His life was falling apart and his father was sick; did he really mean it?

"Because life is short." He whispered.

"Too short." I agreed. I looked into his green eyes and smiled slightly.

"I love you." I whispered back. He smiled and his eyes smiled with him. I went on my tiptoes and kissed him.

I was suddenly pulled back from my memory and fell to the ground. I looked up and hissed at Damien.

"Damn it Bella! Why do you live on those stupid memories they mean nothing!" I hissed and stood up.

"They mean everything to me! If I didn't have them I would have let Marcus kill me!"

"Sometimes I wish I hadn't saved you from that disease!" Bastard me too.

"I wish that all the time! But Aro wouldn't let Marcus kill me! My gift would be so useful to them! So I'm stuck alone in hell forever!"

"Stop it! Both of you!" Lillian hissed I didn't even notice her. She pushed Damien at least ten feet away from me. That's her power telepathy.

"You are her father listen to her, Bella he also has a point since day one-"

"Since day one I've been alone and he wouldn't save him!" At this these times I wished I could cry.

"Bella we were too far-gone from him. I wasn't sure if I could restrain myself."

"Then why wouldn't you let me!" I hated him with my soul.

"I didn't know you had the self-control then princess!"

"Shut the hell up!"

"Enough!" Lillian yelled she never did that. "You both need to calm down."

"And she needs to let go!" I hissed and jumped across the kitchen table. I was stupid enough to forget Lillian.

"Enough Bella." She sat me down and looked at Damien.

"I need to speak with her." With that he glared and walked out.

"Bella" She put on her motherly voice.

"What?" I was like a snake today.

"Why do you hold on so tight?" I shook my head and showed her.


The kiss was light but held love. The love I'd felt since I'd met him.

"Bella" he pulled back and his eyes held something in them.


"I know I just know that I'm going to..." He trailed of reaching into his pocket.


"Spend forever with you." My heart stopped as I saw the box he held.

"Isabella Marie Swan I love you and I want to spend forever with you in my arms. Will you marry me?" I actually started to cry.

"Yes E-Edward I will." He slid the ring onto my ring finger and kissed me for the last time.

I stopped my last image and looked at my mother.

"He's the only one to love me, and that's one reason I don't let go."

"And the other?" I didn't want to answer this.

"I love him and I can't stop. It's like my heart never stopped beating! I feel human when I think of him! I love him Lillian I wish I had died then and there."

"No you don't." She scolded.

"Yes I do. It hurts to know that I can never see him more or less visit his grave." Damien wouldn't let me find out his last name. There were too many Edward's that died then.

"It was for your own good. He was trying to help you move on, he cares Bella."

"Right! The day he actually shows me some emotion besides hatred! Is the day I join the Volturi!"

"I can't agree with you can I! Bella I love you, you're my daughter but you act suicidal! Do you want Damien to kill you! Don't answer that. Why, why Bella?"

"I hate him!" I jumped up when Lillian's hold went down.

"I wish I would have died! I have no one! You have him and everyone has someone! Every clan we've met every nomad! Nomad Lillian and I have no one!" I shook my head.

"Edward was meant for me, but our damn kind had to be born and screw it up!" I used this anger to fire up my shield.

"Bella" She tried to put me back but couldn't.

"I have school Lillian. Remember you signed me up as a junior at Forks High School." She glowered and then her face softened.

"Damien!" He was there in seconds.

"Say good-bye to Bella." He walked up to me his face no longer angry. I let go of my shield and he stood in front of me.

"I forget what it feels like to be alone." He said.

"You have no idea how lucky you are!" I hissed lowly, no normal human would hear it.

"You were suppose to be here, it shows with your control and happiness. I'm bitter and control by anger not protection and I miss dead people." He didn't laugh at the joke but then again it was true.

"You need-"

"I need to go I have to go and act like an adolescent." I'm 17 on the outside inside; I'm almost 107. (2008 here people)

"Take the car." Lillian gave me the keys to the Audi cope. I nodded and left without a word. I had my schedule memorized already, so I just needed to act human.

While I looked for a parking space I looked at my ring my engagement ring. I would have to move it soon. During school it rested on my right hand.

As I passed the other students cars I realized how well my old red truck would have fit. I haven't seen it in years.

I kept looking and found one, it was next to a silver Volvo.I parked and sat back in my thoughts.

"And she needs to let go!" I didn't hate Damien or Lillian; I more or less envied them. They loved each other deeply and were complete with one another.

I didn't have that and as soon as I found it he died. I should have too but didn't. I played with my ring and decided I needed to go and be human.

I was about to get out of the car when I heard the trunk of the next car open. I saw someone looking threw the trunk of the Volvo, and I stood still.

I didn't feel like running into any humans this early in the morning. I waited and heard the trunk close.

As I turned back to the door I saw a glimpse of his face. There was one thing that caught my eye. His bronze hair.

I'm losing my mind, seriously. I would have laughed if this hadn't shocked me so much. It was the same, the same shade and pushed back in the same way.

I couldn't wait to go back home now. Lillian would laugh at this.

"Hey Lillian guess what I see dead people."

I seriously might have to forget just to keep my sanity.


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