Chapter 10

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Damiens thoughts replayed threw my mind.

"Hurt my daughter AGAIN and you will be punished."


Have you ever felt the need to keep something a secret? That you felt like you had to keep something a secret no one could take it from you.

I feel like I just let the world in on a big secret. Now everyone knows...everyone saw what I've been seeing since my eyes first opened.


He was my life then...and now I don't know how to think. Edward-the man who I loved unconditionally was here. He was the man my dead heart had ached for...

He was the only person that could make my heart feel as though it could still beat. That was only from watching our past.

Now...just looking at him makes me anxious. Its's like I've been watching clips of him...from before. Now seeing him in front of me. It makes me feel weak. I love him?

"Bella?" Lillian knocked on the door and opened it slowly. I was laying on the bed I had bought before we moved here. I had wanted to keep up appearences just in case I wanted friends.

"Yes?" My voice seemed small. I shook my head and took a breath.

"You can't miss you second day of school Bella." She murmured. I stood up and started walking out my bedroom door.

"I'm not going too." Lillian and I were downstairs in seconds. I looked around and realized Damien wasn't around.

"He went hunting Bella." I nodded and grabbed my bag. When I turned around I noticed Lillians expression. It was pained.

"What?" I asked.

"He went hunting to let off some steam Bella. You have no idea...what those memories did to him..." she whispered. I glared.

"Where the hell does he get off? I've had to deal with this for 107 years!"

"Stop it Bella!" She yelled at me. I stopped talking.

"It's not the memories that hurt him Isabella!" Okay she was mad. "It hurt him to realize what he kept you from!" I just stared.

"It may be hard to believe. You may never understand but deep down Bella he thinks of you as a daughter and he loves you." She stopped and waited for me to say something.

"I think...that your right. It's hard to believe because of how he's treated me." She sighed.

"He wanted you to stop hurting yourself. He had wanted you to let go of the past because 'Edward' was dead. Well now that he knows that Edward is very much not dead. He doesn't know what to do. Damien hates Edward right now. Why? Well because...because of the doubts Edward has."

Doubts...what? God you have to be kidding me.

"He's doubting me." I whispered. "He's doubting...what is he doubting?" She said nothing and it reminded me of my memory. It reminded me of how my mother wouldn't tell me what was wrong with Edward before.

"Tell me." I growled. She growled back and spoke quickly.

"Damien saw you and Edward together and now it's blurry. Somethings stopping it and he knows it's not you." I stopped her.

"What if I said I was having doubts as well?" Her eyes widened.

"I'd need to make up your mind. I'd say as we know it depends on your choice." Then she turned and ran out of the room. I just stared at where she ran.

Okay no pressure.

No pressure at all...


Carlisle had nothing to say to me about Bellas memories. He said that so far they had decided to take Lillian, Damien and Bella to meet the wolves. The end.

No one seemed comfortable talking about what Bella had shown them; even Alice was hesitant to bring it up. I think they were waiting for me to say something.

I had nothing to say.

Alice was still blocking her thoughts from me for some odd reason. I didn't understand it. Right now I'm driving everyone to school and Emmett is trying to lighten the stressful mood with Jaspers help of course.

"So um do you think Carlisle would be pissed if I turned a squirell into a vampire?" Emmett asked. Rosalie just stared at him.

"Emmett are you an idiot. Of course he'd kill you!" I laughed at Emmetts thoughts.

I'm just trying to make Eddie here feel better. Ha look he's laughing! Oh crap it's probably at my thoughts.

"Stay outta my head!" I laughed more. Jasper and Alice smiled, and Rosalie hit Emmett. Then suddenly Alice started screaming.

"No no no!!" I stopped the car right in front of the school but no one got out. Jasper started shaking Alice.

"Alice darlin what's wrong?" He used his southern accent. It always calmed her down; just not today.

"No! This can't happen....she can''s not just her choice making this happen..." Suddenly her eyes open and she glared at me.

"You can't be serious Edward!" She screamed. Everyone stared. What...oh crap.

"Alice..." Rosalie looked at her and me. I opened the front door and got out of the car before she could yell at me more.

She had seen what I was considering.

She had seen me leaving Forks.

She had seen me leaving Bella.


My thoughts were raging as I waited for Edward's Volvo to pull up. I wanted...Lillian knew what Damien had seen and so far they were depending on Edward and I, but they also were giving me my choice.

I had wanted Edward from the start. Now I could have him...I could have him and maybe then I could have the world the way we wanted it. By the sound of it Edward and I could be in control...but did he want that? Did he want me?

No...he was doubting it...ugh this is so hard.

When his Volvo I heard Alice shrieking.

"No no no!!"

"Alice darlin what's wrong?" Aw Jaspers so sweet.

"No! This can't happen....she can''s not just her choice making this happen..." Suddenly she stopped talking. I just stared at the car. No one was speaking but no one was getting out of the car.

"You can't be serious Edward!" Alice screamed.

"Alice..." Rosalie spoke slowly. Suddenly Edward opened the door and stormed out of the car. When he noticed me he froze in his tracks.

He seemed sad...and then he shook his head. He started walking again to his first class. While he was walking away though I heard him mutter to himself.

"Can I really do that to her?"


"Alice whats wrong?" Jasper tried to calm me down as I glared at Edward as he walked out of the car. I growled.

"He can't do this." I opened my door and everyone followed me. I waited as Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett got out of the car.

"What is he going to do?" Rosalie asked.

"He's thinking about leaving her." There jaws dropped and I nodded. "I know...he can't do this!" Jasper wrapped his arms around me.

"Why would her do this?" Emmett asked I shook my head.

"He can't do this to'll ruin everything!" Jasper stroke my cheek.

"Alice." I looked at him. "You need to tell us the truth. What is Damien not telling Carlisle. What aren't you telling us?" he knew I was keeping something from them. They all did.

"Bella and Edward...together...our powerful." I started "so powerful...the Volturi couldn't do anything. They...together they can convince everyone not to listen to Aro..." I shook my head. It was hard to explain what I saw.

"So your saying...the take the Volturi?" Emmett asked trying to understand. I shook my head.

"Yes and no. Bella and Edward can show everyone that animal blood...that our way of life isn't weakness. They can show everyone that the Volturi way isn't the best." Rosalie nodded.

"Bella had said that they think of us as weak. That we may still survive but we of course aren't as powerful because we choice to live as human as possible. Your saying Bella and Edward can make them realize that none of that is true." I nodded.

"They can show everyone that and...well if my vision is correct the Volturi lose. Almost everyone is convinced in my vision even some of the guard somewhat considers it. This makes Edward and Bella have the upper hand and...they end up changing everything."

"The Volturi wouldn't stand for it." Jasper whispered.

"This is why Edward needs to realize Bella was meant for him. In this world and is old one she was always his."

I can't tell Edward about this. He'd think I was using his and Bellas emotions just so I could get the new world I wanted. That's not it at all.

I'm trying to save him. Aro knows Bella's here. He knows that by now Bella and Edward have discovered one another and still care for each other. He won't stand for it.

He's going to send someone. He's going to send someone to get them before they can get him.

Aro is paranoid.

Alice wants Edward and Bella to get together there own way.

Edward is thinking about leaving Bella...he's more or less scared for the future.

Bella didn't hear Alice because she was watching Edward expression.

Alice saw Bella if Edward were to leave. She was so upset she went on a rampage and killed people.

All because he left her again.