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"Bruised and Scarred" by Mayday Parade

It all goes back to the first kissIt was the one I thought I'd never missMaybe we were one of the lucky onesMaybe I'm just not quite strong enoughThis was supposed to be the easy partBut breaking down is what I found hardNow I'm wearing this smile that I don't believe inInside I feel like screamingShe gave me every reason to believe I'd found the oneBut my doubts somehow they sold me outI'm bruised and scarredSave me from this broken heartAll my love will slowly fade and fall apartSomeone please sing this lovesick melodyCall my name if you're afraidI'm just a kiss awayI'm finding out in the hardest wayThe consequence of every mistake I've ever madeBaby what's it like to be alone?(Baby, what's it like to be alone)I don't want to know, I don't want to knowShe gave me every reason to believe I'd found the oneBut my doubts somehow they sold me outI'm bruised and scarredSave me from this broken heartAll my love will slowly fade and fall apartSomeone please sing this lovesick melodyCall my name if you're afraidI'm just a kiss awaySo baby be honestIs this what you wanted?We lost what we startedAnd found out much more than we want to know(More than we want to know)About how we're letting go(About how we're letting go)So baby be honestIs this what you wanted?We lost what we startedAnd found out much more than we want to knowI'm bruised and scarredSave me from this broken heartAll my love will slowly fade and fall apartSomeone please sing this lovesick melodyCall my name if you're afraidI'm just a kiss away

"Kiba…" Naruto breathed out softly as he stared at the brunette.

Adrian was completely frozen as his bright eyes stared into Kiba's. The brunette seemed to be just as frozen. Pastor Chuck glanced between the two boys, a bit confused. "You know each other?" He asked softly, stepping up between them. "This is great." he smiled brightly. "I had a feeling you two may get along."

Kiba glanced at his new father before shaking his head. "No, Sir, this is…" He bit his lower lip. "The boy I told you about."

The group was quiet for a moment before Pastor Chuck released a breath. "You're that Adrian?" he asked softly, turning to the boy. "I was unaware…" He smiled faintly and moved toward Naruto, grasping the male's hand. "Come; let's give them some space to talk."

"B-But Adrian doesn't speak." Naruto said, unable to really fight the man as he was pulled away.

Adrian and Kiba were now left alone. They were quiet but neither could pull their eyes away. The chatter around them disappeared and it seemed they were lost in their own little world. Of silence. Green and brown mixed before finally, Kiba broke the silence.

"You look great." He mumbled softly.

Adrian seemed to snap out of it with those words. He blinked, the tears that were threatening to fall finally doing so. He didn't have much control over his actions at the moment. Kiba nearly jumped out of his pants when the smaller boy suddenly lunged at him.

Adrian quickly wrapped his arms around Kiba's neck and hugged him tightly. Kiba's arms instinctively wrapped around Adrian's waist and held him against his body. Kiba could feel the hot tears against his shoulder and hear the soft whimpers escaping Adrian's lips.

Brown eyes glanced around the room to see no one was really paying attention to them. Naruto was being preoccupied by Chuck but his blue eyes still glanced over at them. Kiba swallowed hard and wondered why the boy was hugging him. After what he did, he expected Adrian to hit him or something.

"Adrian…" Kiba whispered softly only to have the other male's arms wrap around him tighter.

"Never let me go…" Adrian whispered softly. His voice was cracked a bit and barely auditable from not being used for so long. But Kiba heard it. He heard it very clear. Not only the voice but the words.

His arms tightened around the boy's waist and he held him. "Never again…" He whispered back.

They stayed like that for quite a while. When Pastor Chuck stood up in front at his podium and asked everyone to sit down was when they finally pulled apart. They had no other choice. But Adrian grabbed Kiba's hand and pulled him over to where Nana Val was sitting with his parents. He passed Naruto on the way and grabbed his hand, pulling him along as well.

Instead of pews, there were padded chairs. So Adrian sat down with Kiba and Naruto on either side of him. Kiba ended up next to Nana Val who gave him a wide grin and a kiss on the cheek. Adrian's parents noticed Kiba and only smiled at each other.

Adrian had a feeling they already knew Kiba was there. But then, why would Kiba be so surprised to see him? It didn't exactly make sense. Nothing at this point made sense to Adrian. But he sat still and listened carefully to what Pastor Chuck has to say. For the most part, it was easy for him to follow along. He'd gone to church long enough to know the bible back and forth.

But Pastor Chuck was different. He interpreted it differently. And it surprised Adrian. For once in his life, there was no mention of going to hell for his sins or anything of that matter. There was talk of the Devil but it wasn't forced in his face. He… really liked it.

After an hour of giving Pastor Chuck his full attention, the sermon was over. Pasto Chuck stepped down from his podium and people stood from their seats. Chatter began while Adrian just sat there, his green eyes on the floor.

Nana Val got to her feet and grinned at Kiba, tugging on his hand. "It's so great to see you!" She exclaimed.

Kiba smiled and quickly gathered her in a hug. "It's great to see you too, Nana Val."

She squealed and hugged him tightly. "You called me, 'Nana'!".

Naruto watched them for a moment before leaning down to Adrian. "Adri?" He asked softly, gently placing his hand over Adrian's. "You ready to go?"

Adrian was still for a moment before he looked up at Naruto. He nodded his head and got to his feet, twisting his hand so his fingers linked with Naruto's. He smiled softly at the blonde before turning back to his family.

"Adrian?" Nana Val gently pushed Kiba out of her way so she could see her grandson. "I invited Kiba to Christmas eve dinner is that alright?" She asked him with a sweet smile.

Green eyed blinked and a faint blush came to his cheeks. He just nodded and turned back to Naruto. The blonde nodded at him and they left the aisle, preparing to leave. Kiba bit his lower lip as he watched the boy walk away, hand in hand with Naruto. They paused to speak to his parents before they left the building all together.

"Damn." Kiba hissed softly, plopping back down in his seat.

Nana Val blinked, glanced around, and then sat down beside him. "Kiba dear, I've been severely left in the dark. So, if you could… Would you explain to me what happened?"

The brunette glanced at her, his normally bright chocolate eyes quite dull. Val could see the difference in him. Just like she could in Adrian. They both were less… joyful. Their faces showed their pain even if they tried to hide it. She wondered if they could see it in each other.

"I… He hasn't talked to you about it?"

Val shook her head. "He hasn't spoken since… well it happened apparently. His mother called me in a panic and I barely understood a word she said." She placed a hand on his shoulder, feeling the tense muscles relax a bit. "Tell me what happened."

Kiba sighed and looked up, noticing his new father waving at him. "I… I have to go." He got to his feet.

Val sighed and got up as well. "Kiba… Adrian won't speak to me. Do you have any idea what that's like?" Her voice was desperate as she gripped the arm of his shirt. "I don't want to be mad at you for hurting my boy without knowing what happened."

Kiba's head lowered, his hair hiding his eyes. "Alright. I-I'll tell you what happened. Just not here, okay?"

"Okay." She smiled softly. "Let's go home then."

Kiba's head snapped up. "But Adrian's there."

Val blinked. "Oh, right. Um… where then?"

The brunette thought for a moment before sitting back down. "Here's fine I guess."

She smiled and sat down beside him. "Alright then. Should we just wait until the place had thinned out more?"

Kiba nodded and glanced at Pastor Chuck. The older man smiled at him, waving before turning away to speak to a few people. Kiba sat back in his chair, his head lowered as he tried to think straight. Seeing Adrian today was the last thing he ever expected. He thought he would never see him again. He still thought it was better that way.

But the past year had been very rough for him. Without Akamaru… it was so lonely. Plus he suffered from a broken heart that was his own fault. It wasn't until Pastor Chuck found him that things started to look up. He was eighteen now. Old enough to live on his own but Chuck took him in like his own son. And saved his life.

"Is… Adrian dating Naruto?" The question was out of Kiba's mouth before he could stop it. He didn't really want to know but then again he did want to know.

Val just blinked at his question before thinking it over. "Well, yes and no." Kiba turned to look at her, confused. "They're dating." She explained. "But they're not in love. I can tell. I think they're confusing their friendship love as real love. But that's just my opinion."

"But… They are together?"

"Yes." She breathed out.

Kiba's heart clenched tightly in his chest but he didn't say anything about it. He had to accept that Adrian had moved on. He'd expected as much anyway. "I see…" He took a deep breath and kept his chocolate eyes on the floor. "I left him…" He mumbled softly.

Val nodded, keeping her eyes on him. "I know that much. I just don't know why."

Kiba sighed softly and shifted his eyes to the ceiling. "His family was falling apart. Because of our relationship. I… I thought he'd be better off without me. Family is more important than me. I mean… His father kicked him out because of me. I didn't know what else to do…"

Val froze for a moment. "K-Kicked him out?" She sighed softly. "I thought I raised my son better than that."

"I didn't expect it… Neither did Adrian." Kiba's hand came up to his face, burying it in them. "You should have seen his face… He was so devastated."

"What happened next?" she asked softly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I was so cruel to him… They were lies but… he believed them." Kiba could feel tears at his eyes but he refused to cry. He'd cried enough. The pain of that day still haunted him but he didn't regret what he did. He really thought it was what was best for Adrian.

Val was tempted to ask what Kiba had said but thought it better to just let it be. "You did it because you love him."

The brunette nodded and let his hands fall from his face. "Everything I did was because I love him. I know now that maybe… it might have been a mistake but… Look at him now." A soft smile came to his lips. "He's made up with his parents, he has Naruto. Me leaving was best for him."

"Maybe." Val spoke softly. "But from what I heard from his mother… It really destroyed him, Kiba. I know you left because you thought it was best for him, and you know, at the time, perhaps it was. If you didn't leave him, he and his parents would have no relationship. But now, that all that is fixed and they understand how he is, he needs you." She smiled softly at him. "I know my grandson. He was happy with you. The kind of happy one can't find anywhere else."

"What are you saying?" Kiba shifted to look at her a bit better.

"I'm just saying don't lose hope yet. Things happen. Either way, you and Adrian need to have a talk."

Kiba nodded, knowing she was right. "Yea… We do. But he's not talking right? He said one thing to me though."

"He spoke to you?"

Kiba nodded. "Yes?"

Her eyes widened. "That may be the first thing he's said in over a year. What did he say?"

"Um, He told me to never leave him."

Val just stared at him for a moment. "Is that so?" She hummed softly, a smile coming to her lips. "Yes, you two really need to talk. Perhaps tomorrow at the dinner?" She got to her feet. "I need to get going. Still have a lot of cooking to do before tomorrow."

Kiba nodded and got to his feet. "Alright. I'll see you tomorrow then." He hugged her tightly with a smile.

"Don't be late." She winked at him before slipping her coat back on and walking away.

Kiba sighed softly, running a hand through his hair before walking over to his adoptive father, lost in thought.

It was so odd having seen Kiba for the first time in over a year. The last thing Adrian ever saw of the boy was his back. Seeing him at church was the last thing he ever expected. He never even considered the fact that he would ever see Kiba again. But he did constantly wonder what happened to him.

Adrian always wondered how Kiba was doing. If he was warm, if he was eating. It always bothered him. But it felt nice to know that Kiba had a family now. A family that accepted him and loved him. Kiba seemed happy and that made Adrian feel a little bit better.

The boy was lying on his bed on his stomach with an open photo album in front of him. Akamaru was curled up at his side, sleeping while Adrian looked through the pictures. They were all of him and his friends from before Kiba left. But as he looked through them he noticed how many of them were of him and Kiba.

Most of the pictures were taken by his mother at their home when his friends would come over. She loved taking pictures. He noticed a few were taken at some parks when he and his friends would hang out. He assumed Gaara took them since the boy always had a camera.

The pictures made a smile come to Adrian's face. Back then things were simple. Or so they seemed to be. They would just hang out and have fun together. Adrian saw how happy he looked in the pictures and wondered if he'd ever smile like that again. He was sure he would.

A knock sounded at his door and he looked up, glancing at his door. He slipped off his bed and went to his double doors, opening one. Nana Val stood there with a smile on her face. She'd been busy all day so he really didn't have a chance to talk to her.

"May I come in?"

He nodded and moved away from the door, leaving it open for her to enter through. He walked back over to his bed and picked up the photo album. He sat down in front of Akamaru who only peeked an eye open. He placed the album in his lap and looked up at his nana.

She smiled at him and entered the room, leaving the door open. She moved to sit down beside him and looked at the album. "What is that?"

His hands tightened around it before he handed it to her with a smile.

Val tilted her head at him before letting it rest in her lap and opened it. A smile came to her lips as she looked thought the pictures. "Aw, now this is sweet. There are even pictures from last Christmas." She flipped through the album, the smile staying on her lips. "There's a lot of you and Kiba. You two were so cute together."

Adrian bit his lower lip, tasting the metal through it, and averted his eyes to the floor. He hummed in agreement but didn't feel the normal clench of his heart. He wondered what that meant.

"You two looked good together today too." She said softly, her eyes still focused on the photos. "I think you two need to have a long talk about what happened now that time has pasted. I know I don't know what's happened exactly, but I know you both have suffered for it." She closed the album and looked at Adrian. "Darling, I know you're not truly happy with Naruto. I can see it."

Adrian nodded his head but didn't say anything. He was never sure how he felt about Naruto and he still didn't know. He was happy with Naruto but not like he was with Kiba and he knew that. He just didn't know what to do about it.

"I just want to see you happy." Val leaned over and gently kissed his temple. "And the last time I saw you truly happy was last Christmas." She got to her feet and smiled down at him. "It's getting late and we have a big day tomorrow. So get some sleep."

Adrian nodded and stood up, moving to hug her. She smiled and returned the hug. "Thank you…" He said softly.

Val's smiled grew and she tightened the hug before finally letting him go. "Sleep well, Love." She kissed his forehead before leaving the room, letting him be.

Adrian sighed softly and shut his door before going back to his bed, plopping down. He buried his head in his pillow and felt Akamaru nuzzle against him.

"I don't know what to do Aka…" He said softly, peeking out to look at the dog.

Akamaru pressed his nose against Adrian's shoulder, his tail wagging a bit. Adrian couldn't help but smile and reached over, petting the dog's head. It was Christmas time. It was a good time so he tried not to think about the past. He knew he'd see Kiba again at the Christmas Eve dinner and he wasn't sure what would happen.

He did need to talk to Kiba. He knew that. They couldn't just ignore each other. He didn't want to Ignore Kiba anyway. He needed to know why he left. And he would find out before he had to leave and go back to school. He was determined to find out why.

Adrian was busying himself with some last minute present wrapping after a day of helping his mother and nana finish up cooking for the dinner. They were having the dinner pretty early so that everyone could mingle for a while before heading home to get to bed early. His parents had invited the entire church and some local family and friends. Naruto, Jiraiya, Gaara and Neji were all supposed to come as well.

"Adrian, people are starting to arrive." His father said as he opened his door a bit more.

Adrian nodded from his spot on the floor and quickly pushed everything back under his bed.

"Finishing up some wrapping?" Edward asked with a smile on his lips.

Adrian nodded once again as he got to his feet. He straightened his clothing and fixed his hair a bit more. Edward looked his son over, still not completely approving of his clothing style but would never voice it. He already almost lost his son; he wouldn't go through that again.

"You look handsome." He told his son, looking him over. He did, in fact. He looked better than he did when he arrived home only a little while ago. He could already see the light back in his eyes.

Adrian smiled softly at his father's compliment and walked up to him. He nudged him with his elbow before giggling softly and walking past him, down the hallway. He hadn't completely forgiven his father for what happened. But he knew, with time, everything would be okay.

He made his way downstairs with his father following behind him. He smiled when he saw Gaara there with Neji, removing their coats. He hurried down the stairs and nearly tackled the redhead. Gaara gasped in surprise but hugged the boy back.

"Hey! Missed you too." Gaara said with a chuckle, pulling back from the hug. "Naruto here yet?"

Adrian shook his head and moved to hug Neji as well. The long haired brunette was a bit surprised but hugged him back willingly. He was used to Adrian being distance from him but it was nice to hug him, to know he accepted him.

Adrian pulled back and took their coats, moving to hang them up like a good host. He was excited to have his friends in his home again without having to worry about anything. It was like what happened after last Christmas just didn't happen. He led them into the large dining area and noticed his parents had put name plates down.

"So fancy." Gaara said with a soft chuckle, glancing at his boyfriend. "Just like your house."

Neji chuckled as well, nodding. "Yes, sorry that we're rich love." He placed a hand on the boy's head, ruffling his hair.

"Ah! Not the hair." Gaara grumbled, rubbing his hair to fix it. Adrian giggled as he watched them. It made him happy to see his best friend so happy with someone like Neji.

"He's just like you." Nana Val said, coming up behind them.

Adrian blinked before grinning at her. He grabbed her hand and brought her closer to them. Gaara smiled at her, already knowing who she was.

"I'm Gaara." He introduced himself with a smile. "And this is my boyfriend, Neji." He slipped his arm through Neji's and brought him beside him.

Val smiled at the two of them. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard or rather read a lot about you."

Gaara nodded, smiling at her. "It's great to finally meet you."

Adrian smiled but blinked when he heard Akamaru suddenly start barking loudly from the entrance way. He quickly left them and hurried into the entrance way only to find Akamaru on top of someone. Adrian gasped and hurried over to his dog, grabbing him around the collar and tried to pull him off.

It took a moment, but Adrian finally noticed whose face Akamaru was licking. He froze for a second before letting go of the dog's collar and letting him attack Kiba with licks. A faint smirk rested on his lips as he watched.

"Um, Adrian?" Pastor Chuck came up beside him. "Shouldn't you, well, call your dog off?"

Adrian just shrugged and watched. Kiba has his hands pressed against Akamaru's shoulders, trying to push the dog off him. "Aka! Jeeze, get off me. I missed you too." He finally got the dog off him and he was able to get to his feet. His tan cheeks flushed when he saw Adrian standing there with a smirk on his lips. "He's gotten big." Kiba said with a soft smile, his hand on Akamaru's head. The white dog reached Kiba's hips and it was a bit surprising.

Adrian nodded and smiled softly at him. Pastor Chuck just watched them with wide eyes for a moment before he felt someone tug on his shirt sleeve. "Oh, Adrian." The boy blinked and turned to his Pastor. "This is Sebastian, my husband."

Adrian was a bit surprised at the tall man that stood beside his pastor. Sebastian was pale, with semi-long black hair and looked to be a bit younger than Chuck. But still, the boy smiled and bowed his head a bit. This man was Kiba's other father and for some reason, he thought it fit well.

"It's nice to meet you, Adrian." Sebastian's voice was smooth like silk and it made Adrian blush faintly. He bowed his head a bit, his way of saying hello. Apparently, Sebastian knew the boy didn't talk much so he said nothing about it.

Kiba wiped the slobber from his face and smiled at his adoptive father's. "This is Akamaru." He tugged the dog forward. "He's the one I told you about."

Chuck grinned and pets the dog's head. "He's huge. I wonder what type of dog he is."

Kiba only shrugged. "We have no idea."

Sebastian smiled faintly as he moved to stand beside Adrian. "He's well taken care of." He said softly, still causing Adrian to blush. "Kiba's missed him a lot."

The brunette nodded as he pet the dog's head. "I sure have." He looked up and smiled at Adrian. "I'm really glad he's been taken care of so well. Not that I doubted you or anything."

Adrian nodded and glanced at the door when the bell rang once again. Since he was the closest he moved to answer it. A smile came to his lips when he saw Naruto and Jiraiya on the other side. He noticed it was snowing once again and moved from the door to let them in.

Naruto and Kiba met eyes for a moment before they both looked away, tempted to glare at one another. Naruto smiled at Adrian and hugged him tightly. "How are you doing?" The boy smiled up at him and gently kissed his flushed cheek. The blonde's smile grew and he returned the soft kiss. "I'm glad."

Adrian moved away from Naruto to jump on Jiraiya, giving him a big hug. The older man chuckled and hugged him back. "It's great to see you too, Adrian."

He pulled back, grinning at them all. He motioned for them to follow him and he led them into the dining area. Akamaru ran over to Mimi who was under the table. Gaara and Neji joined them and everyone began to look for their seats.

Adrian wasn't too surprised when his parents sat him between Kiba and Naruto. Gaara and Neji were placed across the table from them and everyone else was around them. The dinner went by quickly with small talk and things like that. Adrian kept silent, feeling a little uncomfortable sitting between Kiba and Naruto. He just ate his dinner and tried to avoid eye contact with either of them. It just felt awkward.

The snow fell softly and silently in the dark, coating the large back yard in a thick blanket. Adrian smiled softly as he stepped out onto the back porch. He closed the sliding glass door behind him and watched as Akamaru took off running in the snow. He giggled softly and pulled his black coat tighter around him.

He glanced up at the sky but all he saw was darkness. The porch light lit up most of the back yard and made the snow glisten. It was beautiful. A soft smile lay on his lips as he moved to the railing of the porch. Everyone was still inside, mingling and such. But Adrian decided to get some fresh air and take Akamaru out to the bathroom as well.

Snow coated around his black shoes as he shuffled to the railing. He brushed off some of the snow so he could lean forward on his elbows and watch Akamaru run around. The dog loved the snow. It was obvious and Adrian couldn't help but giggle as he watched him. Akamaru's barking kept him from hearing the sliding glass door open. So, when a hand touched his shoulder, he jumped in surprise and slipped on some ice on the porch and fell back onto his bum.

"Oh shit." Kiba said with wide eyes, bending down to Adrian. "Are you alright? I didn't mean to surprise you." He held his hand out to the boy, a soft playful smile on his lips. Adrian took his hand and let the other pull him back up onto his feet. He brushed the snow of his bum, a light blush on his cheeks.

They stared at each other for a moment before both looked away with a slight blush on their cheeks. Their hands were still connected before Adrian realized it and pulled away. Kiba bit his lower lip and turned to look at Akamaru. Adrian played with the inside of his lip piercing before doing the same. They were silent for a long time; neither really knowing what to say. Akamaru continued to run around, barking and biting at the softly falling snow.

"Why?" Adrian said softly, his voice cracking a bit. He knew Kiba heard him though and he also knew Kiba would know exactly what he was talking about.

The brunette sighed faintly and leaned onto the railing on his elbows. "For you. I did it for you." He explained softly. "I know it may not make any sense at all… But, if I had never left, Adrian… You and your parents would have no relationship. And you know it. I know I was mean… But I thought if you thought I hated you… or didn't really love you that…" He closed his eyes tightly and hung his head. "That it would be easier on you… To let me go." He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, raising them to the dark sky. "I did it for you…"

Adrian was silent for a moment, taking in what Kiba had said. It makes sense. It did. But at the same time, it didn't. "Did you ever consider what I wanted…?"

"I did… But I witnessed your family falling apart. Because of me."

"It wasn't because of you, Kiba. I was tearing my family apart. Not you." It was the most he had spoken in over a year and he wondered why he bothered to talk now. Perhaps because now, he had important things to say. "You should have talked to me about it first. Before just running off." He growled softly, averting his eyes to Akamaru.

Kiba's chocolate eyes lowered to the snow and he nodded softly. "You're right. But I also know you wouldn't have let me go if I did talk to you about it."

Adrian sighed, knowing the other was right. Was the pain he suffered the last year worth having his family? He wanted to believe it was… But was having his family worth losing Kiba? He truly believed that at some point his parents would have come around. After all, he had Nana Val on his side.

"We could have worked something out…" Adrian closed his eyes tightly and moved to turn around to leave.

"I'm sorry." Kiba's words stopped Adrian in his tracks. "I know how much I hurt you, Adrian… Believe me… Because it hurt me just as bad to leave you. I thought I was doing the right thing… This past year has been… miserable. For both of us. So… I'm sorry I put you through that." He stood up straight and turned to meet the boy's eyes. He froze when he saw the pain in those green orbs. The pain that had been concealed for so long to everyone else. Kiba winced at that pain but he swallowed hard and didn't look away.

Adrian's eyes searched those chocolate eyes he had fallen so hard for and bit his lip, holding back tears. "I-I already forgave you…" He didn't believe the words until he spoke them. He felt it in his heart. He had forgiven Kiba long ago.

The brunette's eyes widened slightly and without thinking, he suddenly grabbed Adrian's wrist and brought him closer, pressing his lips against the raven haired boy's. Adrian tensed his eyes wide as he felt those soft, warm lips against him. His heart soared in his chest but his mind brought it crashing back down.

After a moment, Kiba pulled back, searching green for some type of sign. Adrian's breath hitched his mind and heart swirling and confusing the hell out of him. He closed his eyes tightly and quickly turned around, walking back into the house.

He wasn't able to get far when he bumped into Naruto. The blonde looked at him concerned and the only thing Adrian could do was take off running to his room. The blonde stood there, dumbfounded and looked around. Blue eyes narrowed when they noticed Kiba coming in from outside with Akamaru. Naruto moved to confront the brunette but was quickly cut off by his redheaded friend.

"What happened?" Gaara asked the brunette, his aquamarine eyes narrowed slightly.

Kiba looked away, a shameful look on his face. "We… talked."


He sighed softly. "I kissed him."

Gaara's eyes widened before narrowing intensely. It was the first time Kiba had been given the Subaku glare. "I'm very tempted to punch your face in right now."

"I wouldn't blame you…" Kiba muttered softly.

"Do you have any idea what you put that boy through?" The redhead hissed.

Something inside Kiba seemed to snap. "Why does everyone think he's the only one who suffered?" He growled, surprising Gaara and Naruto who was standing nearby. "I fucked up! I know that! I know I hurt him badly but you know it fucking killed me to leave him like that. I did it for him. And as his friend you should understand that better than anyone." He hissed at Gaara before moving past him and disappearing out the front door.

Gaara stood there a moment longer before sighing and moving to the staircase, with Naruto following after him. The double doors were shut and Gaara didn't even bother knocking. He just opened the door and went right inside to find Adrian lying in his bed, his head buried in a pillow.

The redhead silently walked over and sat on the bed beside him. Without warning, Adrian sat up and wrapped his arms around the redhead's neck, clinging to him, the tears he'd been holding back finally falling. Gaara wrapped his arms around his best friend and held him tightly, letting him cry on his shoulder.

Naruto silently closed the bedroom door and leaned back against it, watching his two best friends. After a few minutes, Adrian calmed down enough to pull back. His hand gripped Gaara's shoulders tightly, his head hanging and Naruto slowly walked over.

"I… I'm… I'm still so in love with him…" The raven haired boy mumbled faintly.

The words came as no shock to either of the other two boys. They glanced at each other, nodding before Gaara passed Adrian over to Naruto. The boy's eyes closed tightly as the blonde wrapped his arms around him.

"Its okay, Adrian. We kinda knew that already anyway…" He said with a bit of humor in his voice.

"I-I don't k-know what to do…" He buried his head in Naruto's neck while the blonde rubbing his back soothingly.

"Follow your heart. Do what you feel is the best thing."

"That's the problem… I don't know what is best… I… I don't know if I can trust Kiba…"

Blue met aquamarine for a moment. "He had his reasons for what he did Adrian." Gaara said softly, reaching forward and petting his head softly. "But was there any doubt about his love for you? I don't think so…"

Adrian nodded but stayed silent, clinging to Naruto. The other two smiled softly at each other before continuing to try and comfort their best friend. Out of everything that had happened, they were just glad Adrian was speaking again.

Christmas morning came early for Adrian. The night before had been long. He barely slept at all because he spent the whole night thinking. And because of that, he made a decision. So when his alarm went off, he beat it to death because he had only gotten atleast two hours of sleep.

He sat up in his best, rubbing his eyes and stretching. He smiled at Akamaru at the end of his bed. Even though he hadn't gotten much sleep he was still in a good mood. It was Christmas after all. He smirked softly and quickly got out of bed. He ran to his bathroom and did his business before coming back into his room and throwing a shirt on.

"Come on boy." He grinned at Akamaru who barked and jumped off the bed. Adrian opened the door and giggled as the dog took off running down the hallway. Adrian wasn't far behind except he wasn't running. Just walking very quickly. He hurried down the stairs and into the living room, almost slipping on the hardwood floor in the hallway.

Lights were already on in the living room when Adrian approached it. He smiled softly and saw his parents and Nana Val already in there with Akamaru. Adrian walked in and gained everyone's attention.

"Ah, he's finally awake." Edward said with a smile, sitting in his recliner.

"Presents!" His mother said with a soft giggle, motioning him over.

Adrian grinned and ran over to them, feeling like he was five all over again. Nana Val gave him a kiss as he sat on the floor beside her. He had a mountain of presents which made him grin. His parents were rich after all.

Soon, everyone dug into their presents and laughter filled the air. Soft Christmas music was playing in the background as Adrian went through present after present. The majority of it was clothes. Clothes that were his style. Necklaces, chokers, skinny jeans, tight black band t-shirts, all of it. He had to give both of his parents huge hugs for giving him clothes he knew he'd actually wear. Even if they didn't approve of his clothing style, they still loved him and wanted him to be happy.

Adrian also received a new camera, ipod, a new cell phone and other electronics he didn't really expect. He was spoiled and he knew it. But what mattered was he knew the value of a dollar. He was only ever spoiled like this at Christmas. When he was younger, the whole year he worked hard to get anything he wanted from his parents. Christmas was their excuse to finally spoil him.

After all the present were unwrapped, Nana Val and his mother got up to go make breakfast. Adrian stayed on the floor, trying to figure his new cell phone out. It was more complicated then his last one but atleast he had the same number. He was going through all the apps and things it did when his father sat down on the couch behind him. Adrian blinked and looked up at his father with a smile.

"Are you happy?"

"I am. Thank you."

Edward's smile grew at his son's words. "You're welcome." He reached over and ruffled his son's choppy black hair. Adrian squeaked softly and moved to fix it with a soft glare at his father. The man chuckled, shaking his head at his effeminate son, finally starting to accept him for who he was.

"Come on, let's go help the ladies." Adrian grinned and got to his feet, leaving his phone on the floor and following after his father to the kitchen.

Breakfast was delicious as to be expected. After eating, Adrian grabbed some of his new clothes and went back to his room with Akamaru. He showered and got dressed, getting ready to go to church. Naruto was supposed to come pick him up soon. They had agreed the night before that the blonde would still come get him.

He dressed in his new clothes and pulled on a black spiked collar that he quickly became fond of. He fixed his slightly long hair, not really able to do much with it. Not like he used to. But it moved across his face in a way he liked, so he let it be. He smiled at his reflection, spinning around and loving how he looked. His cheeks were flushed a bit with life and it made him feel better.

He moved back into his room and grabbed his wallet, slipping it into his back pocket. He moved over to his dresser and stared at a small wooden jewelry box for a moment. His bit his lower lip and reached forward, opening it up. Sitting comfortably inside was the ring Kiba had given him a year ago. After Kiba left, he put it in there and never thought of it again. He didn't feel right wearing it.

But now… He reached forward and took the delicate ring between his fingers. He smiled softly and found a silver chain that he slipped through the ring. He put the chain around his neck and clasped it. The ring hung level with his heart and he smiled at it, brushing his finger tips over it. He jumped, startled when a knock sounded at his door.

Adrian grabbed his keys and walked to the door, opening it up to see Naruto standing there, looking quite handsome himself. The blonde beamed at him, looking him over.

"You look gorgeous as always." Adrian blushed faintly at Naruto's words and moved forward, kissing the blonde on his cheek. Naruto grinned and gathered the boy up in a hug. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas."

They pulled apart and Naruto was still grinning at him. His blinked though, his eyes landing on the ring around his neck. He tilted his head. "Where did that come from?"

Adrian's hand moved to the ring, twirling it a bit. "Kiba"

Naruto's smile faded for a bit before it regained luster. He knew exactly what that meant and he was okay with it. "Ready to go?"

Adrian nodded and blushed faintly when the boy grabbed his hand, starting to lead him down the hallway. He smiled faintly and let Naruto do as he wanted, not really minding. Adrian knew Naruto would understand. That's why he did love the blonde. Just not like he thought he did. He loved Naruto. As his best and cherished friend.

The church was packed full of people which Adrian had expected. It was Christmas after all. Naruto and him had taken his car and met their parents at the church. There were so many people that Adrian couldn't find Kiba. He intended to talk to the brunette when he saw him, but he just couldn't find him.

Before he had time to really search, everyone was asked to sit down. Adrian sighed and moved to sit down next to Naruto and his nana. The sermon was obviously the story of Christmas and things of that sort. A very happy and uplifting hour. Pastor Chuck invited everyone to stay for treats and to mingle. Most everyone did.

Adrian smiled at Naruto when they stood and squeezed his hand before going off in search for Kiba. He found Pastor Chuck instead and asked the man if he knew where the brunette was. He didn't, so Adrian moved on. He blinked when he noticed Sebastian leaning against a wall by himself so Adrian walked up to him.

"Um, excuse me, have you seen Kiba?" He asked softly, a light blush on his cheeks.

The taller male pushed off the wall, shaking his head bit. "Not since the sermon ended. He was standing in the back. I believe he disappeared outside." He explained with a soft smile.

"Thank you." Adrian bowed a bit to the man before turning around and trying to navigate through the crowd of people to the exit. It took him a few minutes but he finally found the double doors. He slipped out one, without being noticed and breathed in the cold winter air.

He tugged his coat around him a bit more and glanced around. He sighed softly, seeing no one. His heart dropped a bit and assumed Kiba had left. He must have really hurt him the night before when he ran after he kissed him. But Adrian was scared… He couldn't help it. But he also knew he shouldn't have run off like that.

Snow crunched under his feet as he stepped onto the snow covered sidewalk. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his coat as he walked around the side of the church. He glanced up and stopped in his tracks, noticing a rather large tree behind the church. But what made him stop was not the tree, but the person leaning against it.

Adrian heart began to pound in his chest as his eyes locked on Kiba. The brunette was focused on the sky so he didn't seem to notice Adrian yet. He felt that familiar feeling. Nervousness, excitement, happiness. All wrapped up in one. Just like when he used to meet Kiba at the tree after feeding the homeless.

Slowly, he started to make his way over to him, his feet crunching a bit in the snow. Kiba's eyes shifted to him when he heard him approach. He blinked in surprise before pushing off the tree and standing there, putting his hands in his pockets and waiting for Adrian to reach him.

"Um, Hi." The raven haired boy spoke first, stopping in front of him.

Kiba smiled softly at him. "Hey."

"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." Kiba returned, his eyes landing on the ring around Adrian's neck. For some reason, a sense of warmth filled the brunette at seeing that ring handing there.

They were silent, neither knowing what to say or just waiting for the other to speak first again. But their eyes stayed locked on one another until Kiba finally broke the silence.

"I'm sorry. About last night… I…" He sighed softly. "I don't know what I was thinking. I just… I've really missed you and to hear that you'd already forgiven me…" He shook his head. "I just… acted without thinking and I-"

Kiba felt bark press into his back as he was suddenly pressed against the tree, Adrian's arms around his neck tightly and the boy's body flush against him. Tanned cheeks flushed but his arms slipped around his waist, holding him tightly.

"Just… just shush." Adrian mumbled softly, pulling back enough so their eyes could meet. "I'm sorry I ran off. But I was scared… so scared…" Kiba opened his mouth to speak but Adrian pressed a finger to his lips. "Just let me talk." The brunette nodded, searching those green eyes he still loved.

"You left me." Adrian started softly. "You left me and destroyed me. You did the one thing you promised you would never do." He saw the guilt and pain in Kiba's eyes but didn't stop. "But I understand why you did it. So I forgive you. Because, no matter what I did this past year… I just couldn't forget you. I learned a lot about myself because of you. I tried my hardest to forget you. I really did because I honestly thought I would never see you again. So… I got with Naruto. We both knew I didn't love him but I thought that maybe I could… With time. It was a hopeless dream… He's my best friend and that's all he'll ever be. I think that's all either of us really want." He paused, collecting himself for a moment.

"I never stopped thinking about you." He continued. "For the longest time I hated you. You lied to me, used me… Or so you led me to believe. But I snapped into reality after a very stupid… well after I did something stupid." He shook his head. "I realized a lot about myself and about us." His voice remained firm. "We are meant to be together, Kiba. We saved each other even when we weren't together." He smiled softly. "I love you… I've always loved you and I always will." He leaned forward, pressing their foreheads together. "But… You left me… So it's a bit hard to trust you… But…" He took a deep breath, his cheeks flushing. "I want you back."

It was the most Adrian had said in over a year. And every word came from his heart. Kiba was speechless for a few moments. The more the silence drew out, the more nervous Adrian became but he held his ground and didn't let go of the brunette.

"I'll earn that trust back." Kiba said softly before quickly capturing Adrian's lips with his own. The raven haired boy gasped in delight and tightened his arms around the other's neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

Everyone experiences pain in their lives. Though some more than others. Levels of pain are never judged by others. The level of pain one suffers through is of their own judgment. But what counts is how that person deals with the pain. If one were to give up, than everything the suffered through would be worth nothing.

But if one were to keep fighting for their happiness they would be rewarded for their hard work. It was how life worked. Atleast, that's what most believed. Adrian and Kiba included.

The pain they had caused one another and suffered through their entire lives was cause for their extreme happiness. With each other. Everyone makes mistakes. We're all only human after all. No one is perfect but what counts is admitting to those mistakes, apologizing for them, and making up for them. When one does that, then they are truly worthy of happiness.

Over a year ago, when Adrian agreed to go feed the homeless to get his parents off his back, he never would have expected it to turn out this way. Sure, he had suffered some, but in order to gain what you truly want, you need to fight for it. And Adrian did. He had his family on his side, his best friends and the one person he would love until the day he died… Maybe even after that.

One day changed the lives of both of these boys for the better. Everything happens for a reason. Remember that.

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