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Science Assassin: Chapter twenty-two

The day the Doctor first arrived in modern day London was a grey rainy day. The day he left modern day London was also a grey, rainy day. Wanda stood solemnly under her black umbrella, watching the Doctor and Donna enter the TARDIS. Behind her, Arthur Dales, Fred Colle, Mr Prumble, Mr Mckenzie and Hue Hew stood at the hotel doors, also gathered to say goodbye.

The Doctor pulled out his TARDIS key and carefully unlocked the door. His faced displayed no emotion as he turned around.

"Well, good bye all. I'm glad everything turned out right in the end."

"Good bye Doctor." Wanda looked calm as usual. "Hope we meet again one day."

The Doctor gave a cheery wave to the scientists, and then disappeared into the interior of the TARDIS. He waited for Donna to say her goodbyes. She soon entered the glowing control room of the TARDIS, looking slightly sad as she closed the door behind her.

"Well?" the Doctor asked. "How did you like our most recent adventure?"

"Not a bit." Donna frowned. "Meeting myself was the worst part. Especially seeing my own death."

The Doctor also frowned thoughtfully. "Yes. For some reason, you are not meant to remember yourself in the future. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Remembering caused your death."

A tear dripped down Donna's cheek. "Doctor, how long until I forget? How long until I leave?"

The Doctor was unable to answer that question. They were interrupted by a polite knock on the door. "Come in!" called the Doctor.

Wanda entered, carrying a miniature model of the Hotel Noble. It was carved elegantly from marble. She held it out to Donna. "Here. This is for you. For a souvenir. I almost forgot to give it to you."

Donna took the little model gratefully, examining every detail of the building she was to build in the future. "Well, I hope this will inspire me one day when I decide to build a hotel!" she commented, trying to sound happy. The Doctor grinned. "So, back to business are we?" he asked Wanda.

Wanda didn't reply. She was busy looking in awe at the control room of the TARDIS, with all its glowing lights and buttons. "This is amazing!" she exclaimed. Donna laughed. "Everyone who comes in here says that."

Wanda suddenly remembered where she was, and stood up straight. "Yes," she said, answering the Doctor's question. "Ever since Mr Andrews was discovered motroid in disguise, I was automatically put in charge of the hotel. I'm in charge of running it now."

Donna whooped in delight. "Good! I can't think of a better person to put in charge. I still can't believe that old man was such a sneaky criminal! Letting that motroid you told him to watch go off loose. But then again, he was part of the motroid plan. Are the scientists going to stay for a little longer?"

"No." Wanda shook her head. "Ever since the Doctor sent all the motroids off to that planet, what was it called, Gerbolina?, the scientists no longer need to plan the planet for the motroids. They're heading home today. Hopefully we never need to see those hideous motroid creatures again." She shuddered.

"Brilliant actors, weren't they?" The Doctor remembered how they had been fooled by the motroid sweeper in the clock tower. "Can put on any voice or emotion."

"Yes." Wanda turned to go. "I'm glad they're gone. That was a smart idea of your Doctors, getting a motroid hair and putting it in your alien detector machine, before joining it up to a giant teleportation device of Prumble's. You know, he still has no idea how you got it to work so wonderfully. You've completely stumped him!"

The Doctor smiled. "Well, teleportation had to be invented someday. I'll leave the rest to Prumble. I only adjusted a few things so he could see the connection between air temperature, atoms and air particles as you lower the frequency and introduce a bit of harmless radiation as well as some electronic magnetivity from any convenient source such as..."

"There he goes again." Donna opened the door for Wanda, and the two friends hugged before Wanda stepped out into the heavy rain. "Bye Wanda!" Donna called as the Doctor began setting the TARDIS controls for their next destination, still going on about teleportation fields and atoms. "Take good care of my hotel for me!"

"Bye!" Wanda called. "Write soon!"

Slowly, the TARDIS faded and disappeared into the damp air. Wanda watched it disappear before turning around and slowly heading back into the hotel building, whistling softly to herself, and reflecting on the surprising adventures she had just experienced.

And the Doctor Who theme music and credits whirls onto the screen....

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