Stars of my phantasy
by Billie lith

Based on the game Phantasy Star 1

Chapter 1 – Palma


Nero woke up, Suelo's arm still around him. He kissed her hand tenderly then sat up on the side of the bed, ready to get up for a day like all others. Looking back for a moment, he gently stroke her silky blond hair spread all over the pillow. She had been so good to him all these years, he thought. He didn't know what he'd do without her.

He was the lousiest outlaw when he first met her. For his early years, he lived from thievery to feed his kid sister Alis. One day a nurse passing by found the both of them in an alley, nearly frozen and starving. She took the both of them to her house, took care of them, fed them, let them sleep in warm clean sheets, real beds. She was just a few years older than Nero, and it didn't take long before the two came to feel something for each other. She's been very close to him since.

Always there for him, ready to help and listen to anything. There was no end to her generosity and kindness, and she was so beautiful and passionate. Life was sweet. He felt lucky. He was going to live like this for a long time still.

He wanted to eventually move out of Camineet with her, maybe in one of the colonies. He heard life was nice on Dezoris. High pays and lots of possibilities. It was cold, but they had all the latest modern equipments to face the weather, so it wasn't a worry. And it can be so good to cuddle during a snow storm.

As he got up, he thought he should verify where he was at with his research on King Lassic. He had gathered a lot of information here and there from all kinds of people, it was a while he was onto that. Things had started to take a weird turn since a certain time, and along with Nekise and another friend of his in Scion, he wanted to clarify what was going on.

Nero was strong and courageous, but more than anything he was counting on his wits and quickness to escape in case of danger. As he knew it wasn't well seen to be too curious, he always kept his short sword with him, just in case.

It was known by all that the Governor was against Lassic's actions, and today Nero would meet his secretary at the pub. The woman had vital informations for him, apparently, and he couldn't wait to see what it was about.

As he was about to go out, he turned and wondered for a moment if he should kiss Suelo one last time before leaving. He felt so much sincere love for her. He would have kissed her forever just now. But she was sleeping so peacefully. He'd do that when he's back.

Unfortunately, as we all know, it never happened. He had left that day to never return. That meeting was a trap, the girl showed up, but some well-informed guards did too. And they got him while his attention was on the secretary's speech. That was it for Nero. As Alis came back from school the same day, she found him dying on the street!

What's this?? What happened?? Why??