Chapter 1- And So it Begins...

"Everything has changed so much Haji, and I didn't even sleep as long as I usually do…" murmured a girl as she walked through the woods with the person she addressed as 'Haji'.

The man next to her nodded silently.

"What are we going to do?" the girl asked him. "There are no more chiropterans, there's really no reason for me to of awoken." she noticed sadly. The man didn't say anything.

They walked through the forest like that in comfortable silence. Neither said a word, they merely enjoyed each others company as best they could as they explored the tree filled terrain.

They listened to the sounds of the forest together.

Birds were settling down for the night, the owls taking their place in the trees. Rabbits and other small game rushed to there burrows or foraged along the ground in search of a meal.

They watched as one of the owls near them swooped down from the branches flying off with a mouse that it had caught.

The two continued walking deeper into the forest merely listening.

Both of them slowed considerably when they heard a sound that they both new, and hated. The girl growled fiercely. And the man narrowed his eyes.

It was the sound of human flesh being ripped from bone.

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