Here it is folks. The trilling conclusion to this two-part special. Enjoy!

Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon) vs the Huntsman (American Dragon: Jake Long)

(After the whole crisis with the Huntsclan attack, the village was a complete mess. All of the Vikings helped to free each other from the nets they were trapped in. Fortunately, the fires were put out before they could do any serious damage to the village. Gobber brought Stoick back outside after tending to his injury looking at all the destruction.)

Stoick: Curse that dratted Huntsclan. Where did they run off to? We'll find them and destroy them where they live!

Gobber: Forget it Stoick. Those guys are long gone by now.

Stoick: Then what can we do? We can't just let those barbarians get away with this!

(At that moment, the teenage Vikings, Ruff, Tuff, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Astrid ran up to Stoick.)

Astrid: Hiccup is gone! We can't find him anywhere!

Stoick: What? Where?

Snotlout: I don't know! He just disappeared! No one's seen him since his dragon got captured and he tried to run and save it.

(The Vikings all paused in thought already putting the pieces together.)

Tuffnut: You don't think. . .

Ruffnut: He did something stupid.

(That did it for Stoick. He rushes right into his cottage and started rummaging around.)

Gobber: Now Stoick. Let's not try anything irrational.

Stoick: It's not enough that they kidnap our dragons and destroy our village! But now they endanger my own son? I WILL NOT LET THIS GO!

(Stoick ran back out carrying a large Viking axe and hammer.)


(However, the Viking leader stumbled as the pain in his ribs was still there.)

Gobber: Ya can't go out there in this condition.

Astrid: I hope Hiccup is doing alright out there.

Snotlout: Well how are we going to save him? All of our dragons have been captured.

Gobber: Heh-heh. Not all the dragons.

(Everyone seemed confused as to what Gobber meant.)

(Meanwhile, out on a deserted island, the Huntsclan's ship was docked on the beach. The island was made up of hundreds of sharp rocks and one massive tower which could possibly be their headquarters. The Huntsman stepped off first dragging Hiccup with him.)

Hiccup: Let go! What you're doing is wrong! What did our dragons do to you anyway?

Huntsman: Nothing. They just annoy me.

(As Hiccup was forced down the hall, he could see all of the dragons locked away in cages. There were some Deadly Nadder's, Gronckle's, Hideous Zippleback's, and Monstrous Nightmare's. But Toothless was nowhere to be seen. The Huntsman eventually stopped, opened up an empty cell and tossed Hiccup inside locking him up.)

Huntsman: I didn't set up this phony treaty signing between our two clans just for it all to go to waste.

Hiccup: I don't care what it takes! I won't let you slay our dragons!

(The Huntsman laughed at Hiccups statement.)

Huntsman: Foolish boy! You think I'm going to slay all of them? No, no. You are not seeing the full extent of the idea.

Hiccup: Well, if you're not going to kill them, then what are you going to do?

Huntsman: Unless you weren't paying attention, it's not the dragons that are my problem. It is your people. You and all of your idiotic Viking friends for letting these savages roam free across their village when a surprise ambush could happen at any minute!

Hiccup: Yeah, there was a surprise ambush. From YOU!

Huntsman: YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! I'm doing you all a favor. I am going to open their eyes. I am going to make those Vikings see how vicious and blood-thirsty all dragons are even if it kills them.

Hiccup: Good luck with that. Our dragons won't hurt us.

Huntsman: By defending these creatures, you're only proving my point. We'll see how you really feel about your pets after this.

(The Huntsman reached around his belt and pulled out a pouch full of magical dust. Except this dust was red instead of blue.)

Huntsman: This magical powder, when it comes into contact with a dragon will make them go into a blind rage. Their temper will be uncontrollable. They will destroy everything in their wake. And they will not be trained.

Hiccup: You're crazy our dragons will never turn against us.

(The Huntsman sneered as he motioned toward the Monstrous Nightmare sleeping in the cell across from him. He took a handful of the red powder and sprinkled it on the dragons face. The beast sneezed a few times. And then suddenly, his eyes turned red, his body became engulfed in flames, and he let out a deafening roar. Hiccup watched as the dragon rampaged and went berserk inside its cell to the point where it almost broke down the door.)

Huntsman: Still feel like defending them boy?

(Before the dragon could break out, the Huntsman pointed his staff at him and shot an energy blast at his face knocking it out.)

Hiccup: This. . .this is just cruel!

Huntsman: They're just useless creatures! What do you care?

Hiccup: Not just me! Everyone in Berk cares! You might not like dragons. But we Viking's, we will defend our dragons no matter what!

Huntsman: Really? Do you think they will defend all of them once they come back and burn they village to cinders?

Hiccup: That's not going to happen!

Huntsman: It can and it will. This red powder I sprinkled will unleash the dragons primal instincts reverting them into the filthy monsters they should be seen as.

Hiccup: You're the only real monster!

Huntsman: You cannot imagine how often I have gotten that retort. Be that as it may, once I release all of the infected dragons back to Berk, their primal instincts will kick in, burn down the village, and everyone will learn their lesson about putting their faith in the hands of deadly monsters.

Hiccup: They are not DEADLY!

(Having lost his patience, the Huntsman points his staff at Hiccup's face.)

Huntsman: If you are the only one who can tell them otherwise, then this plan is foolproof.

(The Huntsman left the prison leaving Hiccup alone in his cell. As soon as he left, another Huntsclan guard walked in to make sure he wouldn't escape. But as he left, Hiccup pulled something right from behind his back. It was a small pouch full of the blue sleeping powder.)

Hiccup: So much for his plan being foolproof.

(Taking the blue dust, Hiccup tossed it right into the guards face making him faint. With him out of it, Hiccup grabbed his keys and unlocked his cell door. The young boy looked at the hurt dragon in the cage across from him.)

Hiccup: Hang on.

(Using the key, he unlocked the dragons cage. The dragon tried to burst out, but Hiccup stopped him.)

Hiccup: Not yet. If you get out, you'll alert the whole Huntsclan. Now, stay! Stay.

(The dragon was reluctant at first, but did as Hiccup said.)

Hiccup: I promise, once you hear a signal, I'll let you out.

(Hiccup ran down the hall to find the other dragons.)

Hiccup: As soon as I figure out what that signal is.

(As he was running, he heard a conversation going on in another room. Hiccup peeked in and saw a small squadron of Huntsclan soldiers watching over a large containment field of dragons. All of which are unconscious. As the soldiers were talking, Hiccup tried to see if Toothless was in the cage.)

Hiccup: C'mon Toothless. Where are you?

(As soon as a soldier walked by the door, Hiccup ran back and almost tripped over the guard he knocked out.)

Hiccup: Ugh. I need to get closer to that cage somehow.

(Looking at the unconscious soldier gave Hiccup an idea of how to go about this. In the other room, Huntsboys #88 and #89 walked up to the guards.)

88: Hey c'mon man! Give us another chance.

89: Yeah. I know we totally goofed up before. But in my defense it was mostly his fault.

88: It was YOUR fault and YOU KNOW IT!

89: Shows how much you know. Which is ZILCH!

88: Who even says zilch anymore?

(Right then, a massive stream of fire flew right past them almost hitting the two boys. Azula walked up to them annoyed by their appearance.)

Azula: What are you two even doing here? Haven't you done enough damage for one day?

89: You were talking about 88, right?

(The two boys shook with fear as Azula's fingertips sparked with lightning.)

Azula: If you're looking for something to do, go watch over that prisoner and make sure he's not trying to escape.

88 and 89: Uh, yes sir! MAM!

(88 and 89 walked down the hall to where Hiccup's cage was at. But as they were about to look inside, a scrawny Huntsclan soldier who was actually Hiccup in disguise stood in their way.)

88: Hey man. Out of our way. We've been sent to watch over that imprisoned dude.

Hiccup: Uh. . .um, actually, there's been a change of plans. You, uh, you need to. . .um. . .go down to the ship and uh prepare for its second invasion to Berk.

89: We're going back to that place? I thought we were just going to back to our original world and that's that.

Hiccup: It's for the Huntsman. He said he'd like to uh, observe this burning down the village up close so he can savor his victory.

88: Man, are you sure that's what he said.

Hiccup: Are you questioning the Huntsmaster? You wouldn't want to fail him again, do you?

(The two boys gulped in fear knowing they wouldn't want to make another mistake.)

89: Uh, right away mam! SIR!

Hiccup: Oh, and before you leave, I'm sort of new to this whole Huntsclan thing. Tell me, I'm kinda looking for a particular dragon the Huntsman wants me to guard. A Nightfury. Would any of you know where he'd keep him?

88: Don't you mean that black dragon without the teeth but suddenly he does have teeth?

89: I hear the Huntsman is going to be using the dragon to sprinkle that powder on it that makes it go crazy.

Hiccup: WHAT? WHERE. . .I mean, where would he be?

88: Down in the basement, duh!

(The two boys ran away down the corridor and down to the dock giving Hiccup the opportunity to get a closer look at the dragons without the other suspecting him. Grabbing the key, he quietly unlocked the cage without the dragons realizing it.)

Hiccup: Now to find Toothless.

(With the soldier not suspecting him, Hiccup navigated the fortress until he finally reached a door that was locked. Using the keys he stole, he unlocked the door and made it inside. As he looked around the room, he could see his dragon, Toothless sleeping in the corner.)

Hiccup: Toothless. Hey, wake up.

(The dragon shifted a little as Hiccup made his way closer to him.)

Hiccup: Toothless. I'm here to set you free.

(But as Hiccup tried to touch his dragon, he noticed something different about him. As he opened his eyes, they were bright red. The black dragon immediately pounced on the Viking boy with a vicious snarl.)

Hiccup: Oh-no! I'm too late! Toothless! Down!

(Hiccup was able to push the dragon off of him as they both were at a stand off.)

Hiccup: Toothless. I don't want to hurt you. We're friends, remember?

(As soon as Toothless opened his mouth, hiccup knew exactly what was happening.)

Hiccup: Toothless, NO!

(The young Viking jumped out of the way just in time to avoid the blistering fireball which hit the door resulting in a loud explosion. The noise alerted the Huntsclan and startled the dragons causing them to panic and go flying right out of their unlocked cells.)

Hiccup: Aw, great. Now you've done it.

(Toothless growled as he prepared to pounce on his friend. Knowing his cover was blown anyway, Hiccup ran down the corridor with Toothless chasing him. As he went further up in the fortress, he saw the many members of the Huntsclan desperately trying to keep the berserk dragons under control. The young boy was careful to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. But he wasn't careful enough to avoid running into the Huntsman himself.)

Huntsman: YOU!

Hiccup: Uh, I'll just be going now.

(Hiccup tried to run, but the Huntsman grabbed him.)

Huntsman: You caused all of this! And now you will. . .

(Fortunately for Hiccup, the Huntsman was struck by a large fireball and knocked out. Not so fortunately, Toothless finally caught up with him.)

Hiccup: Toothless! DON'T!

(But the dragon didn't listen as he pounced some more. As Hiccup looked around for something to defend himself with, he saw once of the Huntsclan soldiers drop one of their staves. As Hiccup picked it up, Toothless came running as him again.)

Hiccup: I'm sorry buddy.

(Right when Toothless jumped into the air ready to maul his owner, Hiccup swung the staff around and smacked Toothless across the face with it. Hiccup was careful to make sure he didn't hit his dragon with the sharp end. But the force of the swing was so powerful, Toothless was sent flying and hit his head straight into a stone wall. Hiccup gasped as he ran over to Toothless who didn't seem to be moving.)

Hiccup: Oh-no! What have I done? Toothless, I'm so sorry, I. . .

(But Hiccup didn't have time to grieve as a stream of blue flames flew right past him. Hiccup stood up and saw Azula walking up to him with her hands ablaze.)

Azula: Aw, grieving over the creature who almost tried to kill you? Allow me to get your mind off of these things.

(Azula fired another burst of flames from her fist. Hiccup was able to block the attack thanks to the staff he had acquired. But another fire blast was enough to knock him over. Hiccup grabbed the staff and ran for his life down the hall with Azula following him.)

Azula: Don't run away. I thought you could use some warm comfort!

(Azula blasted another fireball right in front of Hiccup before he could reach the door. With him trapped, Azula made her way closer to the Viking.)

Hiccup: Look, I've already had a bad enough day. I don't need you to make it worse.

Azula: I'm not here to make your day worse. I'm here to make it END!

(Before Azula could throw another fireball however, another fireball hit her right in the backside sending her flying right through the door busting it open. Hiccup saw that Toothless was walking in.)

Hiccup: Toothless! You're okay! But. . .are you still you?

(The dragon growled mercilessly at the Viking boy.)

Hiccup: Okay, if this is about me hitting you on the head. . .

(The Viking couldn't finish as Toothless pounced on Hiccup, pinned him to the ground and then. . .licked his face.)

Hiccup: Okay, okay. You're back to normal, now get off.

(The dragon did as obeyed as Hiccup stood up and brushed himself off.)

Hiccup: I guess I really did knock some sense into you, didn't I?

(The two didn't have much time to get reacquainted as the big dragon riot was still apparent.)

Hiccup: C'mon buddy! We've got to get out of this mad house!

(Hiccup climbed on top of Toothless' backside and they sprang off down the hall. As they reached the main chamber, the Huntsclan was already duking it out with the escaped dragons who are flying all about the island setting it ablaze.)

Hiccup: Come on buddy. We've got to get their attention somehow.

(Right next to them, the Huntsman just came to and saw Hiccup on Toothless.)

Huntsman: You little brat! I won't let leave here alive!

Hiccup: Toothless! Run!

(The Huntsman's staff fired an energy blast which Toothless dodged just in time. The dragon ran swiftly down the hall until the Huntsman could keep up anymore. He yelled out in frustration as soon as Azula walked up to him.)

Huntsman: Huntsgirl! Alert the other soldiers and tell them to board the vessel! This hunt is not over yet!

(Outside, all of the dragons lay waste to the entire island. The entire fortress was on fire and most of the Huntsclan was running out. The escaped dragons set the docks and the ship ablaze as well. 88 and 89 who were on the ship were panicking as they saw the monsters flying above them.)


88: Me first!

(The two boys jumped right into the water just as their ship was sinking.)

88: Okay, when the Huntsman asks "What happened to my ship?" you are so taking the fall for it.

89: What? No way! It was you who. . .

88: Oh, you want some of this? Huh?

(The two boys began fighting in the water as the dragons flew above them. Toothless and Hiccup jumped out of the window and flew above the flaming island as well looking at the chaos around them.)

Hiccup: Wow. I've never seen them this angry. Well, the Huntsclan is defeated. I guess that means we can all go home now, right?

(Just then, they heard a loud rumbling coming from the island almost as though an earthquake was happening. Hiccup watched in amazement as the island crumbled into and avalanche of rocks sinking into the sea.)

Hiccup: Okay. So maybe I was wrong.

(But right then, something unbelievable happened. Rising right out of the ocean was something not of Hiccup's world. It looked like a gigantic air carrier, except it was almost two mile long.)

Hiccup: Wha-what in the world is that thing?

(It was a sight to behold. And standing right on top of the carrier was the Huntsman himself.)


(The dragons roared as they attacked the strange ship. However, their fire wasn't doing much at all. They didn't even make a dent in the aircraft. From inside, the Huntsclan was armed with cannons and turrets began firing at the dragons left and right. It seems like nothing can stop this flying war machine.)

Hiccup: We can't let that thing reach Berk! There's got to be a weak spot!

(Hiccup motioned for Toothless to fly toward the front of the ship. The Huntsman spotted the however and got inside one of the ships turrets.)

Huntsman: You've hindered my plans for the last time boy.

(As Toothless flew closer to the ship, the Huntsman fired the turret releasing a massive energy blast at them. Hiccup barely had enough time to avoid it hitting Toothless on the wing and sending him falling toward the ship. Hiccup couldn't even hold on and fell down towards the ocean while Toothless crash landed onto the air carrier. As Hiccup was about to meet his demise, he was grabbed by a friend of his. When he looked up, he saw exactly who it was.)

Hiccup: Astrid?

Astrid: Looks like you could use some help.

(But it wasn't just her. Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Gobber, and Stoick were all riding on the back of a large dragon that looked like a flying skeleton.)

Hiccup: A Boneknapper? But how. . .

Gobber: DAHahahahaha! The Huntsclan didn't even know about these. I've been keeping them in hiding in case of such an occasion.

(Right behind them were even more Boneknappers each of them being rode by a group of Vikings who look thirsty for battle. But their moods changed a little when they saw the massive flying airship before them.)

Stoick: Either the trickster god, Loki is deceiving us, or we are in for the fight of our lives.

Hiccup: I've got to get back on there! Toothless is still on that ship!

Gobber: Don't you worry there. We'll get ya back up there!

(The Boneknapper up to the ship much to the Huntsman's surprise and anger.)


(The Huntsclan soldiers came outside onto the ship and went to battle with the Vikings who also dropped down.)

Stoick: Be careful son.

Astrid: I'm coming too. You can't do this alone.

Hiccup: At just the right moment, Hiccup and Astrid jumped down on the carrier and ran into the fray. Hiccup immediately saw Toothless being surrounded by Huntsclan soldiers.)

Hiccup: Toothless! I'm coming!

(Hiccup ran over to his best friend. Astrid tried to follow, but the Huntsgirl, Azula stepped in her way.)

Astrid: You! I've been waiting for a rematch!

Azula: So have I!

(Astrid unsheathed a large battle axe while Azula brought out two long swords. The two girls weapons clashed. Astrid was quick to defend herself, but Azula's fire-bending did make things a little difficult. Despite the disadvantage, Astrid stood firm and kept swinging her axe around making sure not to get burned. While the two girls were going at it, Hiccup ran over to Toothless and embraced him.)

Hiccup: I'm here buddy.

(As soon as one soldier ran up to them, Toothless used his wing to smack him away forcing him to drop his staff. Hiccup saw this opportunity and picked it up for his own use. But neither of them had time to relax as the Huntsman came plowing through running up to them.)

Huntsman: You. . .YOU. . .BARBARIANS! I know now that I cannot change your mind about these insignificant, useless, foul-smelling. . .

(Suddenly, Hiccup just snapped and started twirling his staff around smacking the Huntsman all across his body.)

Hiccup: I'm the one who should be mad at you! You invade our village, threaten to destroy it, kidnap our dragons, try to manipulate them into attacking us, hurt my dad, and you call US barbarians? I. . .HAVE. . .HAD IT WITH YOU!

(Hiccup raised the staff up and slammed it right on top of the Huntsman's skull helmet breaking it and revealing his deranged face.)

Huntsman: Child, you've just sealed your fate!

(The Huntsman bellowed and he prepared another energy blast from his staff, but Toothless countered that with a powerful fireball. The explosion knocked the Huntsman back a little but he was still determined to get back in the fight. Right between them, Azula was knocked back with her outfit torn up. Astrid ran up feeling victorious swinging her axe in the air.)

Astrid: Nobody pulls a sneak attack on me and gets away with it!

(As Azula was about to stand back up, Hiccup finally remembered the sleeping powder he pocketed earlier.)

Azula: I'm not through with you yet! I am going to. . .going to. . . .going. . . .tooooo. . . .

(Azula fell asleep as soon as Hiccup sprinkled that powder on her.)

Astrid: Wow. Thanks.

Hiccup: Anytime.

(Hiccup and Astrid turned their attention to the fuming Huntsman who was preparing to make another charge. Toothless and Astrid were ready for him, but Hiccup simply threw the remaining sleeping dust into his face hoping to knocking him out. After struggling to stay up, the Huntsman finally succumbed and fell into unconsciousness.)

Astrid: What do we do now?

Hiccup: We got to find out who to bring this thing down before it reaches Berk.

Astrid: Well if it's moving forward, there must be something propelling it to go in that direction. Like how the wind moves our ships through the water with the help of our sails.

Hiccup: But the wind couldn't possibly move this thing.

Astrid: Maybe it's not the wind.

Hiccup: Maybe. But what? We better search around to see what we can find.

(Hiccup and Astrid both hopped on Toothless' back and flew back up into the sky. As they flew, they could see the full scale of the battle between the Huntsclan and the Vikings of Berk. The dragons were still flying around breathing fire on the carrier with no success in damaging it. And the turrets kept on firing shots they all had to avoid. As soon as they reached the end of the airship, Hiccup and Astrid saw what was pushing the ship forward. Large bursts of fire were spewing out from behind the airship.)

Astrid: What kind of a ship is this? It's incredible.

Hiccup: Well now we know how it's moving. The only question is how do we destroy it?

(It was then that Toothless prepared to do the unthinkable. He suddenly dove forward head right into the direction of the back of the airship.)

Hiccup: WAH! Toothless? What are you doing?

(Toothless had his eyes narrowed as he flew speeding over to the airship.)

Astrid: He better not be doing what I think he is! HICCUP?

Hiccup: Toothless! Pull up! PULL. . .

(Finally, Hiccup realized what Toothless was trying to do.)

Hiccup: Actually, keep doing what you're doing buddy!



Astrid: I DO! BUT I DON'T TRUST. . .

(Hiccup couldn't even hear her as they were coming in closer to the roaring engine. The intense heat was enough to make anyone back away. But not Toothless.)


Astrid: Dear Odin, I'm going to die!

Hiccup: NOW!

(As they were at the tip of the ships spewing flames, Toothless unleashed one little fireball and hurled it into the engine. At first, it seemed like nothing happened. But then, Hiccup and Astrid noticed a small glimmer of light from in the flames.)

Hiccup: BACK UP!

(At the last split second, Toothless backed up as the airships engine exploded into tremendous flames. The entire airship shook sending everybody off balance. As soon as word got out that the engines exploded, everyone panicked. The Vikings ran jumping off the airship with the good fortune that their dragons were there to assist them. The Huntsclan soldiers on the other hand made a dive into the ocean. All of the Vikings watched as the airship made a crash landing into the ocean.)

Stoick: By Odin's beard!

Gobber: Aye. You don't see that everyday.

(Still on the airship, the Huntsman finally came to and saw his airship sinking into the sea. In a last ditch effort, he ran up to the highest point of the ship and aimed his staff from up there pointing ready to blast whatever dragon comes within his line of fire. But instead, he got a swift kick in the back of the head from Hiccup's fake leg. He and Astrid laughed as Toothless flew them up to the others. The Viking's and dragons flew away leaving the Huntsman stranded in the middle of the ocean on top of the sunken airship.)


(Around the airship, the Huntsclan soldiers popped out of the water including Azula, 88, and 89.)

89: Woo! Let's do that again! HAHAHAHAHA!

88: (sigh)

89: Oh, c'mon, what? Every defeat has to be depressing?

88: Too soon man. Too soon.

(Back in Berk, all of the Viking's celebrated getting their dragons back. Stoick watched with satisfaction as everything was back to as it should be. Right beside him was his friend, Gobber.)

Gobber: Well?

Stoick: Well what?

Gobber: Don't you have something to say?

Stoick: I don't know what you're talking about.

Gobber: I'm pretty sure ya do.

(Stoick sighed as he had to fess up to his friend.)

Stoick: Fine. You were right and I was wrong. I shouldn't have trusted those guys, especially with a name like the Huntsclan.

Gobber: Hey, we can all make mistakes.

Stoick: At least things are back to normal. I don't know what the Huntsclan's problem was with our dragons.

Gobber: Eh, it's nothing to get suspicious over. I'm pretty sure they learned their lesson about messing with us.

Stoick: I hope you're right.

Gobber: Have I ever been wrong before?

Stoick: Well, you were wrong about the Boneknapper, so. . .

Gobber: Ack! Thanks for the support!

(Stoick and Gobber laughed as the dragons flew up into the sky. Hiccup and Toothless raced up into the air with their friends, Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruff, and Tuff.)

Snotlout: Hey Hiccup! What do you say we finish what we started? Dragon tag! Sudden death!

Hiccup: You're on! This time, I am so going to beat you!

Astrid: Don't get your hopes up too high boys!

(The kids laughed as they flew with their dragons to play some more.)

Well that's it. My second two-part episode complete (unless you count Peter vs Eggman and Jenny vs Ernie), and my first time using How To Train Your Dragon characters in Ultima. I hope you've enjoyed this, and please leave positive reviews. Thank you.