If you haven't read my long story, Blue Moon Over Manka's, please take a look at it. It's kind of a prequel to this one shot.

It takes place between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and it covers a long weekend where Edward and Bella finally have those intimate conversations that were missing in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. They also practice getting closer physically, as a way to make sure the wedding night goes smoothly.

Blue Moon Over Manka's: Edward whisks Bella away for three days alone in a ROMANTIC mountain cabin. But wherever Bella goes, danger follows and complications ensue. We get romantic Edward and insecure Bella. They finally talk about all their issues HONESTLY, including Jacob. Can they handle the truth? Totally in cannon, follows the characters and plots, set the week after Eclipse. (Not about the wedding and changing; lots of romantic moments to take you from Eclipse to Breaking Dawn).

Thanks again.