Carlisle sat at his desk in the room he used as his office at the Cullen home

Carlisle sat at his desk in the room he used as his office at the Cullen home. Periodically he would go through the financial situation of the family, go over important documents check on accounts, statements, holdings, etc. It was a vast undertaking and took several hours, which is why it was put off to only a few select times per year.

Esme floated into the room silently and looked over his shoulder. A lovely sight to behold in her new Paris frock, her hands resting on her husband's shoulders she exclaimed, "Oh, I remember this." She reached over Carlisle and pointed at the document in question. "Who would've thought those orange groves would be such a good investment. We haven't been there since 1966, you remember when it's a Small World opened up and I wanted to see it? I wonder if it's still there."

"I really doubt it dear, from what I understand the park has changed several times over, but this gives me an idea." He rose from his seat and started pacing the room. "As an original shareholder we have a standing VIP invitation to attend the park and use of its best accommodations. What if we make arrangements for Alice, Edward, Jasper, and of course Bella to take a trip out to California for a graduation gift?" He looked to Esme for approval.

"I love it! They've never been. It would be an adventure for them to do something together. They'll have to take lots of pictures, Oh, let me spring it on them." She said with a huge smile.

A week later, in the bright yet sparse living room the kids were gathered and told of their surprise trip. Alice jumped up from the sofa and squeaked, "You're kidding, what fun! When do we leave? We'll have to make a quick trip to Seattle for summer things. I've never been to an amusement park, Bella, have you been….!?

Edward, leaning back on the sofa, his fingers laced behind his head commented, "Take it easy, what are you, five?"

Bella, balancing precariously on the sofa arm said, "Be nice, and no, I've never been to Disneyland, though mom and I almost went once. Come on Edward, this is going to be great. Thanks so much for inviting me along too Carlisle, Esme. You guys are too much." She moved over to the Cullen "parents" and gave them each a hug.

Jasper who had been watching this touching scene from the ottoman leaned towards his brother and said with a smirk on his face, "You will go and you will have fun."

"Well, actually I think you will", Carlisle stated, his arm around Bella's shoulders. "You kids are getting the royal treatment on this trip. You'll all be staying in the Mickey Mouse Penthouse for 3 nights."

Both Alice and Bellas mouths hung open. "What on Earth is that?" Edward asked, wary.

"It's a new large suite located somewhere in the park itself. I'm not quite sure how I managed it, but when I explained who I was, well, I guess I have some clout I didn't know about. There are also reservations for you all at some special club, at least Bella will like that, she has to eat sometime. I've made arrangements on Alaska Airlines for the four of you in first class, and you'll be met by a Cary limousine driver at the ground services area of the airport, Oh, you're flying into LAX."

"Your flight should arrive after sundown", added Esme.

"Of course with the smog Los Angeles should be about as overcast as Forks." Edward mumbled. The girls glared at him. "Alright, alright." He said in mock surrender. "I'm looking forward to the trip, seriously, the rides, the mouse house, or whatever. What could be more enjoyable? Bring it on."