On the way to the monorail that would take them back to the hotel they passed by the sword in the stone exhibit. The boys jumped up on the platform and made a show of pulling back nonexistent sleeves. The sword was meant to wiggle somewhat in the large rock, but not budge because in the story only the true king would be able to pull the sword from the stone.

Jasper held the hilt of the sword between his thumb and forefinger…then he pulled it from the stone. Only it wasn't a full sword as expected but a prop that was about half the length expected. "Woops." Was all he had to say in defense.

"Now you've done it your majesty." Edward said as they attempted to place the sword back so you wouldn't notice. Let the next kid who pulls on it get the credit.

Alice took a picture for posterity, and then started looking through all the digital images they had taken on the trip. "Look at Jasper drooling over the Little Mermaid! That's priceless. These are going to make a fabulous picture album for Esme."

"I'm going to make it home before my postcards do." Commented Bella. She was just dropping one off to Renee and one for Jacob. "This will probably still be on my mom's fridge in 10 years."

A monorail ride back to the hotel, a limo ride to LAX, a plane ride to Seattle, and our group were in transit back to Forks. This time Rosalie drove Alice and Jasper, and Emmett picked up Bella and Edward. There was a small disagreement on who should drive.

"It's my car, I drive." Edward debated.

"I didn't bring the Jeep because I thought this would be more comfortable, but if you're going to be a smart ass…" quipped Emmett.

"Maybe I should drive." Bella spoke up interrupting the argument. They both looked at her like she was demented. She got in the passenger side and waited for the decision.

Emmett handed his brother the keys and got into the back. Once on the freeway Bella started telling Emmett about the park. The sights, the rides, the food, even about the bridal veil Edward chose for her. "We have some great pictures too." She added.

"Maybe you guys should get married there, you know, Cinderella's coach and all that. A honeymoon in the happiest place on Earth, wouldn't that be a kick?" Emmett laughed.

Bella looked at Edward watching the road. "No, I don't think so. I'd rather it be someplace more romantic…..more private." Edward agreed. Emmett just started cracking up in the backseat.

"What's so funny?" Edward asked not sure he wanted to know. Emmett kept rolling in the back out of control.

"How about the VIRGIN Islands…get it?" He roared.

Bella was getting used to his teasing by now, she just rolled her eyes and said, "I really missed you Emmett you're such a dork, but it's sure good to be home.