A/N: This is actually something I wrote along time ago, and it was originally going to be a love story b/t Harry and Myrtle, but it changed and I sort of left it alone. This is very AU, and if there's one thing I like to do, it's to write in a way that expresses color. Or write in a way that you feel the emotions associated with certain colors. This is my try at 'red', and I really like Myrtle and I thought this could show an expansion of her character. So, please Read and Review! Maybe I can expand it, because it is very short... Any comments you have are most welcome! Thanx a billion! ;)


Written By: Toni America

The room is red, much like the fervor that lies beneath her skin. Red like her anger at being denied the very chance to try.

This grand red ballroom, a room fit for Spanish kings and queens maybe, is adorned with tables and couples who murmur and whisper to themselves and each other. Each as red and beautiful as her ballroom. A ballroom full of things she never had. Things she never got to experience and touch as living, breathing flesh.

Every night she dreams of this place, and this place alone. How can fate be so cruel? She seethes, bitter tears rolling down her cheeks. How can people be so petty and heartless?

Selfish and insecure. Wretched and plain. Envious and anxious. All words used to describe her. All the things they are not in this room she names her purgatory. They say that there are some things worse than death. But she can't think of a single one as she sits and faces her blameless red ball room.