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Unforrgiven-Chapter One

Mitsuki awoke to the annoying beep of her alarm clock and groaned heavilty. Dammit. She silently cursed her having to go to school, and slowly stretched out of her bed, turning off the clock. Mitsuki sighed and walked to the bathroom, to get ready for school. When she looked into the mirror she looked at herself noticing her swollen cheek and shuddered. Damn her, I didn't want Izumi I was just being friendly is all. She took out her toothbrush and started to clean her teeth.

"Mitsuki! Mitsuki, where are you dear?" Her mother called from downstairs, obviously searching for her daughter. Mitsuki rinsed out her mouth and shouted back to her mother.

"I'm in the bathroom, Mother!" She yelled back before stroking her hairbrush through the tangles in her shoulder-length raven-colored hair quickly. Mitsuki turned to go to her room to change clothes and go to school. "Yeah, mom?" She asked looking up to her mother who wasn't much taller than herself. Mitsuki waited for the akward silence to deminish away and for her mother to speak.

"What is that on your face? Takuto called last night not long after you got home and went to bed. He said that you got into a fight with Meroko over Izumi." Mitsuki stood there shocked that Takuto would say such a thing to her mother, especially her mother. Hazuki placed gentle, loving hands on Mitsuki's shoulder's and made eye contact with her daughter. "Mitsuki, you two have been best friends since kindergarden, don't let some boy come between you two so easily, it'll ruin your relationship with Meroko. He's not worth the trouble." Mitsuki gently placed her hands onto her mother's and made her look into her deep, chocolate brown eyes never looking away.

"Mother, do you honestly think that I would betray Meroko for a boy? Seriously, you must not know me that well." Hazuki still wore a neverending look of concern on her pale face and shrugged.

"Okay, Mitsuki. Whatever you say goes. Now go get ready for school." With that Hazuki swiftly turned on her heel and accidentally ran into Mitsuki's father, Aoi Koyama from Japan famous,Route.L and giggled. "Sorry, Aoi. I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going." She looked at her father with her mother and instantly forgot about what Takuto said, and what went down with Meroko when she saw her mother's eys glitter with joy and love. True love. Mitsuki's father leaned down to her mother's face his eyes filling up deep into hers and placed his lips onto hers kissing her right there. Mitsuki quietly started backing away to let them have their privacy as she noticed them advancing toward their bedroom door and held back giggles. They'll never tire of each other. They love each other too much.. Mitsuki snapped out of her trance and stormed to her room shutting and locking the door behind her. She had to put on her shcool uniform for Tokyo High School A/N: Just so you guys want to know, Mitsuki's uniform is like Kagome Higarashi's, only instead of Green, the main color is black and the secondary color is white. and scoffed because the outfit wasn't very modest at all. But she had to deal with it like all of the other girls.

"Stupid hair." Mitsuki mumbled as she decided to leave her hair hanging loose for the day. Mitsuki froze when she barely, just barely heard the sound of her mother's voice and blushed. "Okay, now I really need to get outta here! I shouldn't be hearing this kind of crap!" She grabbed her black backpack and ran downstairs, and out of the door and ran straight into Eichi Sakurai, her current boyfriend.

"Hello, Mitsuki. How are you my dear?" He asked rubbing her shoulders gently. The cold morning wind blew past them as if telling them to hurry and get along. Mitsuki reached up and stroked one of Eichi's cheeks sighing.

"I'm fine, now that you're here with me." She replied as he leaned his head down and kissed her gently, but gruffer than usual. I wonder what's been going on with Eichi latelty.


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