Prompt given by DelMarch. Shuuhei, Yumichika, twin.

This is the result.

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Sixteen minutes into a perfectly good conversation and someone dropped the Z-bomb. If you asked, Yumichika would immediately tell you it had been an accident and leave it at that, but the embarrassed look on Hisagi's face would be a dead giveaway.

Shuuhei had been the one to ask. Kazeshini was a considered a twin-zanpakuto, wasn't he?

Yumichika's eyes had narrowed little in thought before he quietly mentioned that weren't only Captains Ukitake and Kyoraku supposed to have the fortune of two blades?

That made the tattooed man stop for a second, but he recovered quickly enough. Well, then Kazeshini must just be a two-piece zanpakuto instead.

No, the pretty man shook his head. It was too complex to be considered two pieces. What with the blade looking like that and the chain and everything. No, it obviously wasn't a two-piece weapon.

Then what was it?

Yumichika was not one to admit he wasn't sure. It was obviously only something another zanpakuto could answer!

Hisagi brought forth Kazeshini and Kujaku begrudgingly bristled to life and the four spirit beings sat in near silent contemplation for some time.

Ruri-iro brushed some non-existent dirt from his clothing and leaned forward, voicing his own opinion that no, Kazeshini was neither a twin nor two-piece zanpakuto. Kazeshini wasn't a zanpakuto at all!

Kazeshini gave a slight frown and giving the conceited zanpakuto distasteful look sighed. Did twin zanpakuto have twin spirits as well? They were so rare that no one really knew much about them and Katen Kyokotsu and Sogyo no Kotowari—the jerks—wouldn't talk to any besides each other. He didn't know of any other object that had spirits. He couldn't be anything but a zanpakuto.

Maybe he was born of some kind of demon magic? Yumichika's suggestion was far-fetched and the bob-haired pretty boy knew it.

Perhaps Kazeshini was just the lost soul of a destroyed zanpakuto, moving from sword to sword as each shinigami died. Ruri-iro smirked slightly at the idea of a rogue zanpakuto parasite.

Yumichika told the zanpakuto to please shut up to which the zanpakuto gave him a beautifully hateful smile and the two glared at each other until Hisagi broke in.

Why couldn't Kazeshini just be a plain old zanpakuto with a weird looking shikai like everyone else's?

Yumichika and Ruri-iro both hackled at the thought. Weird looking shikai? The nerve!

Hisagi tried to assure them he meant nothing by it. Kazeshini gave a slight chuckle. It was true that very few zanpakutos were lucky enough to have exceptional looking first releases.

Except Katen Kyokotsu and Sogyo no Kotowari, Yumichika pointed out.

The bastards, Ruri-iro Kujaku and Kazeshini snarled.