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Chapter 1 ~Ooh La~

I was slurping my thick shake when I first felt it. It felt like an electric jolt. I flinched but didn't feel anything else so I bit my nail and went back to remembering what the hell I was doing in a store like this. Oh yeah, Jimmy. Buy a present for Jimmy. I hated shopping in general but shopping for someone else, on your lunch break, was torture. This shop had too many clothes, too many guys shirts, what colour did Jimmy even like? I couldn't remember and I barely cared. Stupid friend's birthday.

There it was again, a jolt of electricity…no…it was a persistent tapping on my shoulder. I sighed loudly; it wasn't even ten minutes since I'd left the shop. I cursed myself fro forgetting to wear a jacket over my uniform. Creepy people always ended up asking me questions about the shop when I didn't even work there. I remembered a lady attacking me in the supermarket once because the store had placed something out of her reach, I'd been there to pick up some groceries and she started screaming at me in the pasta isle. Of course I had blushed before I had helped her get it down, only then did I tell her I didn't actually work there. In a huff, she had stormed off, not even bothering to apologise. This person however, was consistent. The tapping continued and shuffling my bag up over my shoulder, I turned around. I blinked my eyes slowly, registering what I was seeing. I couldn't put him into words. He was tall, over six feet. Though he was not as bulky as the guy next to him, this guy was musclier in his own right. He was talking, well I could see his lips moving but I didn't hear any words. He was holding a shirt. This was good Bella, register what he is doing. The shirt was fairly nice actually, something Jimmy would like. Wonder if they- focus Swan, you have this gorgeous guy in front of you talking and you're what, standing there ogling him?

My face flushed red. I should really listen to what he was saying….But I didn't care, my eyes were too busy roaming his face to listen to words. My fingers tingled. It took me a second to realise why, ahhh I clenched them into fists. How embarrassing, I had the urge to run my fingers through his hair. The light of the shop caught its different colours, capturing the weird way it flopped into a dishevelled look. Rose, my room mate would claim it was sex hair. I laughed at myself but then inherently I swore, what did he want? I tried to focus. He was gesturing the shirt. Yes I see a shirt, what the hell was he saying? Snap out of it Bella. Perhaps it was because of his eyes. Something about his eyes was hypnotising. I took a deep breathe and tore my eyes away from his now furrowed expression. But I didn't get past his lips. While my mind mentally recorded them, that bloody shirt was thrust into my face, but I still had no clue what was happening. Shit, I think he was talking to me? Why? Did he want to know if I liked it? My mind snapped back, don't be ridiculous Bella. Why would he want to know that? I realised suddenly this internal monologue had been flowing for a few minutes. My god, he probably thinks I have some sort of brain damage. I bit my lip nervously. SPEAK my head shouted.

"I'm sorry what?" it came out slightly strangled but I didn't care at least it was coherent words.

"Finally she responds!" the sound of his voice actually caused goose bumps up my arm. What the hell? Was I serious? Bella, I reminded myself, he is still talking, focus. "Do you have this in a different size, out the back somewhere?" Huh? He thought I worked here? Could he not see the ladies behind the counter were wearing black shirts and mine was a royal blue? I didn't get a chance to respond however because the friend stepped in, allowing me to give him the once over. My jaw dropped. Were insanely good looking people only allowed to hang out with their own kind? I managed to close my jaw and listen. Focusing on the shirts these boys were holding.

"Yeah," the other guy snorted, "She keeps stock out the back just to piss you off Edward." I knew a huge grin had reached my face when I saw this, Edward, grimace at his friend. They both turned back to me expecting reasonable answer.

"Sorry, I am on my lunch break…"

"Can't you just check or something though? I mean it would take what, like five seconds?" My head rolled back in disgust, what an arrogant jerk. He had the looks sure, but that would only take him so far with an attitude like that, pfft. I scrutinised him again, expecting the blatant starring I had done earlier to be wrong, perhaps he wasn't that attractive. Dam, I hadn't been wrong.

"I'm sorry?" I didn't allow the bitterness to dilute at all.

"Please?"His voice dropped low, pleading with me before his face split open in a crooked grin. I felt my knees click together, somehow I managed to stabilise myself. His grin widened when he noticed my reaction, stupid egotistical male. I frowned. I wanted to teach this guy, a lesson. I looked blindly around the shop before I noticed a pile of the same shirts on display. What an idiot, I bet he hadn't even looked through the pile.

The big guys hand pulled Edward away. "Edward, clearly she doesn't want to help." I battered my eyes in their general direction before storming over to the display.

"What size are you?" I snapped. I tried juggling the cup, my bag and the pile of clothes in my two hands. The guy next to Edward laughed. What the hell was he laughing at? I turned towards him, my face scrunched up, "here, hold this." I threw my thick shake at him. Bewildered, he caught it at the last second. I turned back to Edward, expecting him to give me an answer. Nothing. He was starring at me, probably trying to work out why I had just thrown a thick shake into his friend's hands.

"Give me your size pretty boy." Shit, shit. What had I just called him? My face flushed bright red. The friend let out the loudest and most contagious laugh I had ever heard. The corners of Edwards's lips rose, attempting to muffle a smile. I didn't even bother trying, my laugh was quiet though compare to this guys.

Edward, looking amused simply said. "Medium." I rummaged around. Good, that was the same size as Jimmy; it snapped though my head then. Like a light bulb. And just my luck, there was only one medium left. I pulled it out, held it up against his torso, as though I was measuring. I pulsed my lips.

"Last one!" I held it up in triumph.

He put his hand out to reach it but snatching my drink from his friend; I turned around and walked to the counter. He followed. I turned back to face him. Did he really think I was taking this to the counter for him? What had his last slave died of? Uncontrollably my eyebrows rose, I was angry now. Stupid, rich, good looking god like guys, think they can get us mere mortals to do anything for them. Ha. I would show him.

"Thanks." He almost sounded sincere. I smiled politely; this was going to be too easy.

"Just this one, please." The lady at the counter gave her obligatory customer smile.

"Sure thing, Darl." I cringed; I hated people who referred to me as darl. It was so colloquial and something you called an old lady or a close friend. I had never seen this lady before in my life and I was 19 years old. Did I look like a darl? The lady was in her mid thirties but I watched as she took in the full appearance of Edward. Amusingly she dropped the pen she was holding and gestured for the lady behind her to look. This ladies expression was even more amusing. Her jaw literally dropped in surprise. They both straightened their postures and leaned their boobs in. I noticed one of the ladies had a wedding ring on and I stifled a laugh. Despite not knowing Edward, in the face of these ladies, when he stood at my elbow, I felt empowered.

"Thanks again….do I know you?" he raised his eyebrows suggestively. I laughed and shook my head. No. focusing back on my plan, I stood awkwardly, waiting for it to tick over in his arrogant brain. He stood, completely dumb until I pulled out my credit card and handed it over to the lady.

"Whoa, what are you doing?"He sounded furious though almost confused. I thought it was fairly obvious. I smiled despite myself.

"I am buying this shirt." I decided to continue this game, see how long it would take for him to realise. The grin permanently plastered on my face.

"You don't have to do that; I can afford it you know." What nerve? Did he seriously think I would buy this shirt for him? Again I thought politeness was the best response. He after all had been a total jerk to me.

"That's nice." No sarcasm came out when I spoke. For a moment it startled even me. I sounded so sincere.

"Are you sure? This feels a little weird."

"Why?" my question seemed innocent enough. I bit back a laugh. God he was so clueless. He shrugged in response. Having paid, the lady gave us another obligatory smile before putting the shirt in a bag. Presuming he had worked it out now, I smiled back at the lady "cheers." My hand found the handle and I started to walk towards the door.

Unfortunately I was wrong, he was not as quick witted as I had presumed. We got to outside the store when he turned to me. I staggered back, he had distracted me. How embarrassing, I had been so 'taken' by his proximity I had literally forgotten how to balance myself. Laughing it off, I pretended it was from my balance, even muttering something as I continued to stumble. Reality caused my face to blush red. He stood a little to the side, smirking awkwardly at me. Stupid jerk.

"I can carry it myself, thank you." he tried to pull it from my grasp. The thick shake sloshed slightly in its cup. I pulled back harder, mentally preparing myself, before I looked back at his face. Confusion was slowly setting in. Recovering from my blushing, I realised the grin had not left my face, though I had continued to act innocently.

"Huh?" I was over this now. Despite the almost adrenaline rush I got from being around this Edward, I had to get back to work. I glanced up at the clock, great only ten minutes break left.

"I can carry it for myself." He tugged at the bag again, I held firm.

"But it's not for you. So why would you carry it? I mean if you would like to carry it for me then you can, I wont try to stop you but as you said it will be a little bit wei-"

"What?" he interrupted me and I smiled up at him. He tried to clarify what I had said. "It's not for me?"

I burst out laughing now, unable to contain it any longer. Between gulping for air and leaning on Edward for support while I lost control, I managed to re-gain my composure. "Why would I buy shirt for you? I just met you." I over exaggerated my head tilting, making it look like he seemed incredibly stupid. I heard the unmistakable laughter of Edwards's friend from behind us. I hid another laugh by taking a sip from my drink.

Edward turned towards the noise, I watched fascinated by the way his hair seemed to rise in anger. "Shut up Emmett." He then turned back to me, unleashing the full potential of his eyes. "You have got to be joking?" his tone told me, he was pissed off.

I couldn't quite get words out when he stared at me so intently. "Umm, No."

"I said I wanted that shirt." Finally, he looked back towards the store, allowing me to regain my composure.

"No, you asked me for my help to find your size. I didn't hear anything about wanting the shirt." As I said each word, it dawned on his face and his look grew darker. His hair rose even more abruptly, my fingers twitched. I tightened them on my thick shake.

"It was insinuated." I glanced back at the clock. Shit 7 minutes.

"Hmm, I suppose it was. Sorry. I have to get back to the shop."

"What are you talking about? It's not like you have to go far!" he gestured towards the entrance. Had he not seen the way the lady at the counter had acknowledged me?

"It's actually on the side of the centre. So sorry but I have to go." I started walking in the direction of my work; it was a little accessory shop, called "Angela's." I felt his arm grab my shoulder; I turned back ever so slightly.

"You don't work here." It was not a question, merely a statement. Sarcastically I laughed geez this Edward guy was really clued in.

"I never said I did."

"Again, it was insinuated."

"No. you arrogantly presumed. "Realisation hit his face. I heard Emmett mutter something about Edward being cocky and again Edward told him to shut up. As entertaining as their exchanges were, the clock loomed in my face. 4 minutes. I knew what I was about to say before I said it and I was surprised by how confident I felt. This was not usually like me. Second guessing myself, was only natural in the land of Bella. The two boys were arguing about something, I wasn't really paying attention. I presume it was to do with the shirt I had just brought Jimmy. Shit, 3 minutes.

"I really have to go, thanks for helping me choose a shirt….goodbye Edward…Emmett, nice to meet you." and with my heart thumping wildly, I half ran towards my work. Jimmy better be grateful.