Three little words could change you life forever

Three little words could change you life forever. Once you say them, there is no taking them back. It's like at the moment they slip through your lips, they are permanently put into stone and are there forever. It had started off simple enough, simple enough for high school kids, that is. It had started with sneaking around and slowly finding their way to each other. But once they did, once they lay together and let those little words escape, it was a mental image was taken and there was no forgetting it. They would be together forever. They had both said these words to different people and different times but only truly meant them when they said them to each other.

I love you.

And then time when by. It seemed that love didn't conquer all. It seemed that the mental image they took their first night together did as all photographs did. It faded. It was packed away deep into a cardboard box marked rainy day in the back of both of their minds. Just because of one question. A sentence put together that should have brought her great happiness to hear from this man that she loved, but instead, brought her pain and despair. She would always regret that day, in their story that she had uttered those three words and ruined everything.

I'm not ready.

Peyton knew it was the wrong decision. In her mind, she didn't say no. She wanted him to wait. If only for a little bit. Wait until she had a career, wait until they both lived in the same area again, just wait. If she had known that it would have been taken from her just like that, her answer would have been completely different. She would have loved to be his wife. She knew that one day; they would have their chance again. But by the time that the little bit of time she wanted him to wait for her had passed, by the time she had returned to Tree Hill, he had another three words for her that shook her to her core.

I'm getting married.

She recognized the look on Lindsey's face. She knew that look. It was the look when you are in love. When you believe that you have found that person. And the only reason that Peyton knew that look was from looking herself in the mirror, back in the days that they were happy. She shook her head in sadness and tried her best to suck up, smile and look pretty while watching the man of her dreams marry a beautiful woman. Especially after what all their friends had said. Especially after reading his new book, which was filled with underline symbols that screamed his love her. Was she really just going to sit here and watch? She sighed, defeated as she heard him say it 'I do'. After Lindsey had run out in a final flourish, Peyton didn't know what to do. Should she just leave him alone? Who did he really love? It wasn't long until she heard three more words that changed her life all over again.

Come with me.

She just couldn't believe it, as she lay in a bed with him. She was back into bed with the only man she had really loved. And he loved her. He wanted to marry her. And now, she was ready for that. She wanted nothing more. She kissed his neck and promised that she would do that everyday for the rest of her life. But planning a wedding was more complicated that either really realized, with the death of a raven and both having jobs that kept them quite busy, they were trying to find time for each other. The wedding was set for a little over a month away. It was going to be small, intimate. Only their family and closest friends were to be there, to help them celebrate their love that they had found in each other. But it was simply three words that would threaten everything again. Three words that scared Peyton to death, for simple fear of losing what she had fought so hard for.

I am pregnant.