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She sat in her office, listening to demo cds, looking for that perfect band. She loved her job, she really did. Owning her own label was one of the best decisions she ever made. The thought of being able to make a name for bands that she thought had potential was one of the best feelings in the world. It was the best feeling in the world. Until she walked into the door of her home and see her husband sitting on the couch, looking up and smiling at her. At that moment, nothing else was important.

She had woke up this morning with a feeling that she was forgetting something. The feeling bugged her all day. So she threw herself into her work, too worried to realize what that thing could have been. She loved her life. So why couldn't she get rid of this feeling?

It wasn't long until she stood in front of her desk, hands on her hips. Her curiosity had had the best of her, she thought as she looked through everything she owned. There had to be a clue to what it was. Somewhere. And she wasn't going to stop until she found it. She looked through her mail, her desk and her purse. And still nothing. Peyton sat down at her desk and let out a sigh. She ran her hand over her desk calander. She gasped as she saw what she had forgotten. But it wasn't exactly what she had forgotten. It was what was missing.

Her period.

She was three days late. Without thinking of what she was going to do next, she grabbed her keys and went for a drive. This was what she had daydreamed about since Lucas had proposed to her. She couldn't find the fact that it excited her. But was now really the right time to bring another Scott baby into the picture? Lindsey was already four months pregnant. And Lucas was no Dan Scott.

It wasn't fair, really. She was supposed to be estatic while wondering if she was going to have his baby. Not worried about the timing. She knew that Lucas would be happy, if it was true. If she was pregnant. But there was that thought in the back of her mind. What if he already had his hands full with one pregnant woman. What if he had wanted to wait to have a child with Peyton? But the most important, what if he wasn't happy?

Peyton just drove. She really had no idea where she was going. But she knew she had some things to figure out in her own mind. And when she figured them out, she would go get a test. A test that would decide the rest of her life for her. It was just too bad the test couldn't tell her what her husband and his baby's mama would think about the whole thing.

Things had finally started to calm down, in a sense. Lucas had gone to Lindsey's doctors appointment. He had come home with this smile on his face that was infectious. Peyton and Lucas had stood in their kitchen, holding each other as he had put the first picture of his baby on the fridge. It was a moment that she had enjoyed for Lucas. Because she knew that he was happy. And she didn't want to ruin that by being jealous. The way he had held her that night was unlike any night before.

She had ended up at her best friends house. She would admit that she hadn't been spending a whole lot of time with Brooke since she got married. It was just too easy to get wrapped up in living her life with her husband and working, it was easy for other relationships to fall into the backround. She knew Brooke understood this, but she felt bad for coming to her now when she desperately needed to talk to someone.

She walked up to the door and opened it casually. Living her before meant that she had free reign to walk in. Brooke knew she wasn't a stalker. She walk around the house, searching for her friend. She ended up in her room. Brooke was laying on her bed, a mess of blankets around her. She closed the door quietly behind her and laid next to her. Brooke's eyes fluttered open with the movement in her bed.

"Hey." Brooke said, and Peyton could see the sleep in her eyes. She realized that it was still on the early side of the morning but she never thought Brooke would be sleeping. "What's wrong?" That was the thing about a best friend. She always knew.

Peyton didn't know how to put this particular problem. She knew the three words that Brooke would completely know. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She couldn't say it outloud until she knew for sure. Instead, she reached into her bag and searched for the item she was looking for. She held up the box. Brooke sat up in the bed instantly.

"P. Scott." Brooke said compasionatly. If it was any other time, any other ocassion, Peyton would laugh at the changed nickname. But this wasn't a time to laugh.

"I know." She put the box on the bed between us. Peyton and Brooke both just stared at it. How could one little box hold which way her future went? She knew she couldn't keep stalling with this test. She needed to know. So she would know what to tell Lucas. That is, if there was anything to tell Lucas.

"Go ahead. I'll be right here when you're done." Brooke spoke, putting the box back into Peyton's hand.

She didn't speak a word as she got off of the bed. The door to the bathroom seemed so far. But in reality, she was walking really slow. When she was behind the door, all could be heard was the uneasy sound of her breath.

She felt surreal as she put the stick on the counter and looked at herself in the mirror. It really wasn't that bad. So she could be pregnant. It wasn't the end of the world. She was happily married. That was all the really mattered, right? She put her back to the wall and slid down, unable to face the reality in front of her. The box had said 3 minutes. But it had seemed like it was hours already. She felt herself trembling, but did nothing to stop it. She could hear Brooke knocking on the door, but did nothing to reach for the handle. She heard her own thoughts telling her to reach for the stick on the counter, but her shaking fingers stopped her.

It was negative. But it was only when she saw the little minus symbol that she realized that she wanted it to be positive. She felt lost. Like she lost something. But the thing was, she never had it.