A/N: This was written for DI's SV. I had S9, pg-13, Memories. This is for Jade.

Yesterday's Plans

Prologue- Foolish ways

Clark Kent had been a fool.

It was a commonly known fact, one that he no longer tried to reason away with flimsy excuses. After all, how could he fight the simple truth of what everyone already knew?

Most of his young life had been wasted pining for something that never truly existed and when anyone had tried to reason with him, all they received for their trouble was a resentful teenager lecturing them about what true love really was.

Thinking back on his behavior, his audacity was cringe worthy; a teenager thinking his one experience with love outweighed the rest of the world's wisdom.

Oh yeah, he had been a fool alright- even more so when it came to his reluctance of moving forward. Afraid of the uncertainties that lay ahead, Clark had chained himself to a life- and future- that no longer suited him, all the while steadfastly refusing to see what was right in front of his eyes. Friends, family, and enemies alike had all known he was meant for great things, but his desperation to be normal had superseded their opinions.

Needless to say, it had been a hard transition into adulthood, but once he had let go of his adolescent fantasies, the change had occurred with such ease that it was impossible to overlook.

Armed with maturity from years of experience and a wisdom born of regret, he had vowed never again to make the same errors of his youth. So, he had accepted his failures, carried them with him as a reminder of everything he had needlessly lost- and everything he hoped would be his one day.

In his newfound eagerness to embrace the future, Clark had never expected that his past mistakes would come back to bite him on the ass- with his track record though, it probably shouldn't have been such a surprise.