Part One

It all started right before Bianca called Kendall considering the actions of Greenlee and Maggie was trying like hell to get back with Bianca. As she hung up, she walked into the fund-raiser that Cambius industry was throwing and she went into the patio. "God, I hate these." Bianca hears a voice of a small blonde and Reese added, "I wish to God there wasn't a thing as kissing ass." Bianca liked that and said, "Right now being at Pine Valley would be better." "Is that home?" Reese asked and Bianca shook her head. So they talked and they introduced themselves. "I'm an architect and everyone wants my services…Wow that sounded bad." Reese said and Bianca responded, "No, it didn't."

It was one month later; Bianca believed that Reese was bi, gay or undecided. Maggie was breathing down her neck and Bianca was ready to rip her up really bad. Bianca answered the door a little angry and there was Reese again. "I'm sorry." Bianca said and added, "My ex is driving me nuts." "I could see." Reese said and added, "Do you want me to tell her to fuck off?" "Reese! Hold that thought." Bianca said and so they hung out again. Bianca then asked the question, "Are you…Wow…Are you…" "Oh yeah, I'm super-gay woman." Reese said and gave Bianca a kiss.

Maggie came by again and she knocked on the door, she opened the door to see Reese there and she said, "You must be Maggie, she's not coming back to you." Reese then slammed the door and Bianca walked in, "Feel better now."