Part Eight

The floodgates opened….

"Miranda, what do you mean…." Erica stopped and said, "You have been hiding Reese." "Ms. Kane, there's a long story to this." Reese said and added, "Zoe and her didn't hit it off, Maggie has bee a pain and …." "I didn't know what I want and Reese has been patient. I wanted it to be us without any advice or anything. I wanted it to be us being together." Bianca said and Kendall responded, "We could have used the good news Binks." "Kendall you were going through Spike, Aiden and then your marriage with Greenlee in-between, if you knew about me and Reese. You would have been up my ass." Bianca said and Erica responded, "That's not…." "Amen!" Zach and Ryan yelled…Greenlee laughed. "So, Reese, did you tell her to hide her relationship?" Erica asked and Reese, it was her time. "Bianca does what she wants, when she wants. She wanted to take this slow. It had nothing to do with anyone around this table." Reese said and Kendall responded, "All right, let's changes the subject, do you have family Reese?" "Well, I have two…" Reese said and Kendall responded, "What do you have on my sister?" "Ex fucking cuse me…" Reese said….

Miranda was taken out the room, this would be kung-fu fighting…."First off, Bianca wanted me all on her own and secondly Kendall, Bianca loves you and you. She thought that maybe just maybe…" Reese said and Bianca added, "You could not interfere." "We don't interfere!" Erica and Kendall said at the same time. Greenlee, Ryan and Zach laughed out loud.

"I love your daughter, your sister and in-law. Maggie killed her in so many ways none of you know. None of you, I'm going to be with Bianca and none of you are going to stop that." Reese said and Bianca smiled because Reese was a warrior and saw was so turned on. "It's just that Bianca was there when I lost Leo and I blackmailed her, I stole her sister's baby. I see things and I know you love her." Greenlee said and Kendall responded, "Wow, brown nose…..Look, Reese, we're Kane women we don't think like other people, it's just I don't get why she didn't tell us." The rest of the night it was pleasant and so they all went to their homes. Reese and Bianca enjoyed the rest of the night but Kendall was on the internet about Reese.