Song of the Fang

Song of the Fang

Kiba truly loved her. There was no questioning that. He couldn't stand to see her with that sick person. He wanted to be with her. He deserved her! It was sick the way she put that fake smile on as she was dragged around like a prize by that Uchiha. It couldn't be real.

Sing to the sky,

Live to be free,

Cry out in pain,

But truly love me,

She was miserable. She hated him. The entire thing was his fault. Why did she have to be married to this sick man she had once loved. She wanted to be with Kiba. Sakura would cry at night for him.

Be there for me,

Don't cry for me,

Let me be,

So sad and true,

On his way home Kiba hear a cry and he turned around. He looked at the house he heard it from and ran inside. It was Sakura and Sasuke's house. He ran up the stairs and followed the noise. He kicked open the door to their bedroom.

Live for me,

Dance with me,

Share these moments in time,


Inside was Sakura laying on the ground bleeding and Sasuke above her with a sharp knife, covered din Sakura's blood.

"What the hell do you want Dog?" he said

"Sasuke what the hell do you think you are doing." Kiba replied with a growl. He could feel his anger building up.

As I lay here,

Can you come and hold me,

Let the moon rise,

But stay by my side,

"You see dog, its your fault. If this damn bitch hadn't cried for you every night she wouldn't be in this mess." Sasuke said with a sickening grin. He stabbed the knife into her shoulder. Sakura screamed out in pain.

"Kiba…….Run…" she whispered.

Because if I die,

I just want to see you,

One last time,

For now,

Kiba ran forward and slammed his fist into Sasuke's jaw. Sasuke fell back into the wall and hit his head. The fight continued. Both of them refusing to give up, but Kiba had a reason to fight. Sakura was dying, and he couldn't let her die. He finally killed Sauske.

Blood is pouring,

Let me be here,

There is nothing,

Left but you,

Kiba ran and pulled Sakura into his lap. His bloodied shoulder and gash on his chest mixed with her blood.

"Sakura…...I'm so sorry. I love you." He said crying into her chest.

It red mixes with pink,

Making white,

As the wolf crys,

Into the night,

"I…….you…Kiba." She whispered and died.

"No!" Kiba cried out and held her closer. He kissed her lips and turned to the moon. He howled out his song. The wind sang with him. He changed. From that day onward, There was a huge brown and white wolf that lived in the woods behind that house. For anyone who dared come near his lost love he fought off.

My song is to moon,

My notes are the wind,

My fangs are yours,

Saving you,

I cannot go back,

But I will always stay,

Into your heart,

White till the end.