Tales of a servant is a story I am currently writing So I am hoping you all enjoy it. I can only claim right to my OC character Celeste Haynes. Everything else I do not own and it the property of whoever owns the Tales of Game series (Namco)

Tales of a Servant

A Tales of the Abyss Story...

I woke up early that morning, before the sun rose. As my eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness around me, I looked over towards the open window where a warm breeze wafted in. The moon was setting lazily; it wouldn't be long until the sun showed its face. Quietly slipping into my servant clothes I silently crept out of the Fabre servant quarters. The guards were asleep as always, by the time I'd come back, they'd think I was running errands. My true destination was the bridge that leads to the road to the next town. There I could see the entire city of Batticul. It was a marvelous sight to see especially in the multicolored sunlight. I had finally gotten to my destination when I heard a voice behind me:

"Well, Well, Look who snuck out..."

I turned quickly to see it was only Guy Cecil, a friend and fellow servant in the Fabre household. He was already dressed in his white tunic and golden yellow vest. He had black leggings on with brown boots. His smile reflected mischief.

"Oh! It's you Guy!" He laughed at the shocked look on my face,

"You have to get better at sneaking out, and you know, sooner or later those soldiers will find that you just aren't on your errands."

"I know, but don't forget! I have some connections..." I grumbled.

"So," Guy began sinking down on the ground a distance away from me, "You watching the sunrise?"

"Yeah, it's pretty, I love it... It reminds me of back home in-"I stopped, and looked down. I almost told him I thought panicked.

"Back where?" Guy asked with a smile.

"Heh, It's gone now... that was the past... you- you, wouldn't understand Guy..." I smiled bitterly. Guy raised his eyebrows,

"Now, now, you Celeste out of all people should never assume what others know or not. Who knows, I may be able to understand more than you know." His voice dropped at the end.

"... I'm just not ready to tell anyone..." I said softly

"That's okay, you take your time." Guy said to me with a nod, "I'm sure you'll be okay." He looked at me, his blue eyes meeting my dark brown ones. He then flashed me his unforgettable smile and winked. Then silence...

A warm summer breeze wafted through the air, carrying some golden dust and the fading flower petals signaling the end of spring. I turned to look at Guy, but he was engrossed in the swirling colors of the sunrise, the sun glinted off the many structures of Batticul. I sighed as I looked towards the glowing city, little did I know, that Guy and I were soon going to embark on an adventure. With unforgettable friends, a destiny would unfold, and hidden pasts would come to reveal themselves. This is not only my story, but our story... a story that I will tell to the best of my abilities...

Tales of a Servant

By: Celeste Haynes