Mac Taylor stood watching the scene in front of him. Stella was lying on her front, propped up on her elbows, smiling down at the baby in front of her, laughing as the little boy giggled and gurgled, his tiny little feet kicking in the air, nearly missing her face as she tickled his stomach.

He thought about getting the camera , capturing the smiles on their faces but for the moment he just wanted to watch them, Stella laughing as the boy clapped his little hands, taking her finger between his small hands, allowing his mother to wiggle her finger about while he tried to hold onto it. It caused the boy to laugh even more. The sight before him was almost hard to believe. He and Claire had failed to have children and when Claire had been killed n 9/11 he had thought that he would never have a family, but Stella had stood by him, through Clarie's death, Peyton and everything else that had happened to him. Now they were married with a 6 month old son. To Mac it was almost a dream, but the cries of his young son in the middle of the night told him that it was real.

"You look just like Daddy don't you, just like him with big blue eyes and floppy brown hair, yes, yes you do." Mac's smile broadened as Thomas Taylor rolled over onto his front and began to crawl away from his mother across the multi-coloured carpet.

"I don't think he's interested." Stella raised an eyebrow as her husband sat down on the blanket, allowing Tom to crawl into his lap, sitting in between his father's legs as though he was in some sort of fort and challenging his mother to come and get him. Stella had the inkling that her son could possibly grow up being a cocky little thing. But she smiled at the boy anyway as he sat there, holding onto his father's trouser legs as Mac tried to get comfortable.

The evening passed, the small family smiling and laughing, two parents playing with their son like any other family in New York, enjoying their free time while they had it and another night passed in New York city.